Philips is one of the largest companies worldwide. With more than a century in providing products, they are a testament of innovation and entrepreneurship. The brand started in 1891 when Frederik Philips bought a factory in Eindhoven. They started producing carbon-filaments lamps. They quickly rose to one of the top products in Europe. Due to development on lighting, Philips created the world-renowned NatLab in 1914. A medical X-ray tube was introduced by Philips in 1918. By 1927, the company included electric shavers, radios and televisions to their line-up. Philips, together with Sony, made another milestone with the Compact Disk. In 1997, the two technology giants partnered again to develop the DVD. Into the new century, Philips continues their legacy of innovation and entrepreneurship by introducing state-of-the-art products for the home.