Disney Cinderella When it comes to classic Disney princess movies, Cinderella is one of the most unforgettable film that is admired by both children and adults. Shown in 1950, the story is about a princess named Ella. After losing her mother, her father re-married to Lady Tremaine. The unexpected death of her father revealed the truth about her stepmother’s personality and character. She ultimately became a scullery maid. Despite abuse she constantly receives, Ella remained humble and kind. She even befriended animals. She wanted to attend the royal family’s ball. Unfortunately, she wasn’t allowed. With the help of her great Fairy Godmother, she was able to attend the glamorous event. Unfortunately, there was a catch – she needed to return home before the clock strikes 12 midnight. Leaving in a hurry, she left one of her glass slippers. Prince Charming then scoured the entire town to find the mysterious girl that she met. She ultimately found Ella and the rest is experience. If your kid is a fan of this fairytale story, you will need the products from the brand Disney Cinderella. The items feature Disney Cinderella inspired designs so that your one little can have an exciting fairytale experience at the comfort of your home.