Wham-O is a toy company founded by Richard Knerr in 1948. They are recognized for their marketing efforts of classic toys like the Frisbee and Hula Hoop. By 1957, Wham-O bought the rights from Fred Morrison to sell the Flyin-Saucer or most commonly referred to as Frisbee. After a year, they marketed the famous Hula Hoop. By 1958, the Hula Hoop craze started. The following years were fruitful for Wham-O as the sales on the Frisbee improved. They also managed to produce other product such as the Slip ā€˜Nā€™ Slide and Super Ball. By 1982, however, Kransco Group Companies bought Wham-O. After 12 years, Mattel acquired the brand. In 1997, a group of investors bought back Wham-O from Mattel. Unfortunately, it was short-lived as by January 2006 Cornerstone Overseas Investment Limited bought the brand. Today, The Aguilar Group owns Wham-O.