Delta Baby celebrates the life your precious one by offering you practical and affordable products that truly satisfies and exceeds you and your baby’s expectations and needs. The brand’s history started in 1990. During that time, the Belgian family-owned company Delta Diffusion had a limited product line which was only available in Benelux. Today, more than ten years after its creation, the company has expanded to two ranges – the Delta Baby and doomoo.

Delta Baby specializes in baby products. The product range of the Delta Baby includes bedtime, bath and travel solutions. Domo, on the other hand, offers product solutions for the whole family. Their products, in either Delta Baby or doomoo, underwent extensive research and development to ensure that each item can meet your baby’s needs. As a matter of fact, TUV (Germany) and ICE (UK) are just among the international safety control institutions that have tested their extensive line of baby products.