For comfortable and alternative seating solution for the entire family, Comfort Research is a great choice for you. The story of the brand is interesting. Co-founders Matt Jung and Chip George found themselves wanting a more comfortable beanbag that wouldn’t make their tailbones hurt. In one afternoon, they have decided to add a heap of mattress pads. They shredded the pads and stuffed them to the bean bag. After a couple of hours stuffing the worn down beanbag, the friends has successfully made it look new and feel comfy to sit on. Thus, the Fuf was born. Initially, they struggled to market their invention but with a lot of convincing, they were able to have a local Meijer store carry the Fuf. In just 8 days, the initial 50 Fufs were sold in just 8 days. The next batch was all bought in 12 days. Due to the demand, Meijer ordered 1,200 more!