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About Pretend Play, Arts and Crafts

Creative activities nurture children’s cognitive learning, imagination and creativity. It also fuels them to think outside the box, explore something new and even innovate. We carry a diverse selection of toys that helps your little one embrace his creativeness. If you kid loves to draw, you will find colorful drawing boards in our Arts and Crafts collection. You can also get a variety of coloring materials and even a sewing machine. In our Kitchens, Playfood & Housekeeping, you will be excited to get your little girl a miniature kitchen set. We also have adorable shopping carts in color combination of pink, white, violet and more! As for our Playhouses & Furniture, you can shop for a mini saucer chair with an exciting cartoon design. The chairs are made from durable materials so you don’t need to worry if it would easily break down when your kid sits on it. You can also get exciting slides, cottages and even a playhouse. There are also storage solutions in vibrant color designs to place your child’s toys.Exciting costumes for kids are also available in our Dress-Up collection!