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BebePod Sit Eat and Play Tray features

The Sit, Eat & Play TRAY is the perfect accessory for the award-winning bebePOD Infant Seat! bebePOD Play Tray has 3 adjustable settings and stays securely in place. Play Tray is perfect for snack time and play time. Bonus reusable placemat included. This is only compatible with the bebePod with removable pommel. Read user reviews before you buy bebepod sit eat and play tray.

  • bebepod sit eat and play tray
  • UPC# 49345071207
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BebePod Sit Eat and Play Tray reviews

Great for feeding 3-6 month old
5 stars
07/13/2010 by Star Mom, Oklahoma,

Comments about BebePod Sit Eat and Play Tray:
I use the chair/tray in place of a traditional high chair. My baby is 24wks and can't sit up independently for a feeding.

It allows him to build his sit muscles while eating. Small enough to be moved and used anywhere. We even take it to restaurants.

We can use the cover when he is eating. Remove it for cleaning and replace it with a toy for him to play with.

Great product!

Love it!!
5 stars
02/11/2010 by MotoMama, Camp Pendleton,Ca

Comments about BebePod Sit Eat and Play Tray:
We have used the BebePod at least a few times a day since our daughter was 3-4months old. It is definately getting her closer to sitting up and the snap-on tray makes it super easy to put her toys close by. We use the pod+tray as a highchair which is very easy to use, portable and doesn't take up much space at all! I just place her in the pod, put it on the table next to me and feed her while we're eating dinner. Personally, I love how easy to mat it to remove for easy cleaning.

Tray is good to have but....
3 stars
02/12/2009 by MomOnTheMove, Oak Harbor,WA

Comments about BebePod Sit Eat and Play Tray:
I love the bebe pod seat and the tray is a great accessory. We have used it for our dd since she was 3 months old. We have taken this everywhere, even out to eat! What I don't like is the mat that comes with the tray. It does not stay put if there is a baby anywhere near it! I applied velcro circles to the bottom to secure it which helps a lot. But baby food gets into the velcro sometimes and that's no fun to clean.

Play Tray is fine
5 stars
11/07/2008 by mom of 2, saint louis,mo

Comments about BebePod Sit Eat and Play Tray:
The tray is a lifesaver. I use it instead of the knobby thing. It is PERFECT for beginning cereals when the little ones are still a bit wobbly for the highchair. The tray placemat is a basic placemat and will get worn by the end of the usefulness of the Pod. But hey, don't all placemats. I recommed using it exclusively for feeding and NOT for playing. By the time little ones are snacking, they should be placed more in a highchair anyway.

2 stars
09/15/2008 by hudsmom, Birmingham Alabama,

Comments about BebePod Sit Eat and Play Tray:
I have no complaints with the tray itself. It is sturdy, stays on well and easy to attach. The placemat stinks! It doesn't stay attached or stay in place and didn't from the beginning. My son quickly figured out that he could grab the placemat and chew on it. NOT made for that at all and now its ruined. The tray is pointless without the mat. Notice in the picture of the tray you can see the orange components of the attachment device. Without the mat you can see/touch the components of the tray attachment. It just a good place for food/grime to get stuck in without the mat. I would not recommend. My mother got the bumbo and I would go for that instead.

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