Buckle Pals Cling and Go Seatbelt Strap Holders

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Buckle Pals Cling and Go Seatbelt Strap Holders features

Make buckling up baby easier and more comfortable for both of you with the Cling 'n Go. Read user reviews before you buy buckle pals cling and go seatbelt strap holders.

  • Universal-fit design for infant carrier car seats
  • Three-piece system includes two seatbelt strap wraps and one seat liner
  • Soft, quilted, lightweight fabric construction
  • buckle pals cling and go seatbelt strap holders
  • UPC# 895413001023
Dookz Buckle Pals
Our Dookz! brand Buckle-Pals Collection of car seat accessories, stroller accessories, and highchair accessories offers parents a simple solution to a common parenting challenge. So often when you go to seat your baby or toddler into the car seat, he sits upon the seatbelt straps that are laying in the bottom of the seat. Paired with a not-so cooperative toddler or a sleeping baby, and you have a hassle that any parent would prefer to avoid.


A car seat is essential for keeping your baby safe while in the car. Sometimes, however, just buying a car seat alone is not enough. Rather, you need some car seat accessories to make things more fun and convenient in the backseat. We offer a wide range of car seat accessories to go with your baby's car seat. We have seat covers and liners so you won't have to wash the entire car seat in case of spills and also to catch crumbs as well as baskets and organizers for all your baby essentials. We have removable trays, as well, that your baby can eat and play on.

Buckle Pals Cling and Go Seatbelt Strap Holders reviews

just ok
3 stars
01/18/2009 by 2walmartcustomers, FL,

Comments about Buckle Pals Cling and Go Seatbelt Strap Holders:
The product concept is great, but unfortunately it did not meet my expectations. the side straps are not wide enough for the seat belt to fit in, so you have to fold the seat belt in half. I stopped using it.

Greatest gift for my new son!
5 stars
11/23/2008 by KDLYNNE, New Hampshire,

Comments about Buckle Pals Cling and Go Seatbelt Strap Holders:
I just received this gift as a gift from a friend. I have a 7 week old baby and this was such a thoughtful gift to give us. We are first time parents and maybe wouldn't have known how useful something like this would be.

You can't see in the online picture very well, but there are elastic cords on the sides of the Cling N Go that loop around the carry handle on the car seat on the left and right sides. So that is how it stays on. And it is a cinch to do. The material is a soft sueded feel and the color is pretty true to what you see on line...a sleek gray color - so pretty neutral. The material isn't at all bulky so I feel safe knowing it doesn't interfere at all with the buckles and the safety of the car seat. It is the easiest thing to use - effortless and one-handed. My son weighs 9 lbs 10 oz so the seatbelt harness straps aren't all that long. so they don't "fling" off to the seat sides to stay out of the way when I am trying to seat him in the seat. This product totally does the trick and the seatbelt straps cling to the sides and out of the way. I never could have appreciated this until I had a baby! It says it is machine washable which is helpful too. I haven't had it long enough to need to wash it yet, but it is good to know I can. This says it is for newborn to 1 year; looking at it in my son's car seat (with him in the seat), I am thinking it will be most useful in the first 6 months or so. We'll see after that. Great value for the ease and comfort it gives me and my son both! Great idea for a shower gift, too.

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