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Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams features

The Chicco DJ walker offers hours of fun for toddlers beginning to explore the world. The walker folds compactly for easy storage and features three adjustable height settings and a removable and washable seat pad. Six friction strips at the bottom help the walker stop as soon as steps or stairs are encountered. The electronic play tray contributes to sensory development and can be removed for use separately from the walker. From 6 months up to 26.5 lbs. Little DJ play tray included. Read user reviews before you buy chicco dj walker sea dreams.

  • chicco dj walker sea dreams
  • UPC# 49796603118
For more than 50 years, Chicco is one of the leading manufacturers of baby products. They carry baby gear such as car seats, high chairs, and strollers. Parents respect their commitment to making quality products that are also safe. This safety also applies to popular toys like Goodnight Stars, Talking Mechanic, and Teddy Count-With-Me, Chicco’s reputation for excellence starts at the Happiness Laboratory where in-house research takes place to understand how babies live. This allows them to design products based on the needs of parent and baby. Chicco wide selection includes toys and accessories for newborns, toddlers, and preschool age children.

Playstations and Walkers

Most babies learn to take their first steps between 11 to 18 months, but even before then, they are eager to explore their surroundings, which is why some parents buy walkers. Around this time, it is also a good idea to buy playstations so your baby can have lots of things to play and learn with even when staying in just one place. We offer plenty of playstations and walkers for you to choose from, all of which are safe for your baby and provide him with plenty of fun and learning activities. Indeed, many of our playstations and walkers have lights and sounds and come in colorful, fun designs.

Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams reviews

She loves it!
5 stars
02/17/2010 by New Mama, Lebanon,NJ

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
My 3 month old loves the "DJ Activity Center" all the lights and sounds really keep her attention. She's starting to figure out that pushing the buttons makes the lights and sounds appear. In another month or so she should be long enough to start walking it around.

it's great
5 stars
01/24/2010 by first time mommy, new york,ny

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
I love that is not bulky and it fits anywhere. also the colors are great and he's never bored.

Our baby loves it!
4 stars
01/13/2010 by Mummy Victoria, Las Vegas,NV

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
Our 6 month old son was first introduced to his walker for Christmas, within minutes he had figured out how to move. He is teething really badly at the moment and everything I do with him has him grumpy within a few minutes, EXCEPT his walker, he can run around in it for hours if I would let him, which I don't. Once he figures out how to get out of a corner, he will be good to go. The down sides for us, is it does not work on carpet of any kind, so if you don't have a lot of open tile or wood, DO NOT by this. It is also a little difficult to turn, so if you don't have a lot of space, again, I wouldn't buy it.

Love this Walker!
5 stars
01/07/2010 by Grandma and Grandpa to Dylan, Redding,CA

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
I bought this walker for our Grandson for Christmas and ordered online as Toys R Us are no longer in Redding, CA. When we put Dylan in the walker he just loved it and all the music and lights entertains him!!! He is only 6 months old but after 4 days he must have grown because he could push himself and not have to be push by an adult!!! He will be able to use this for a long time as he grows you can adjust the height of the seat.

Great product
5 stars
12/30/2009 by Kellbell, Pittsburgh,PA

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
We got this as a Christmas gift and my son LOVES it. He is too small to use it as a walker but he really enjoys the DJ table :) Very nice colors - very gender neutral.

brilliant and entertaining
5 stars
10/27/2009 by always on the go, altofts,normanton

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
this walker is perfect for my 6mth olg daughter, she gets joy and amazment from it, loves the colours and music, its brilliant.

love it, bought at perfect time- 5 month
5 stars
10/13/2009 by Beth, East Hampton NY,

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
perfect age

nice, durable, and travels well
5 stars
10/06/2009 by tysmommy, vancouver,wa

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
I Love this walker, it folds flat to store or to travel with. I take it to my moms and my grandmas house twice a week every week and it fits in the trunk of my acura sedan along with my chicco stroller. We didnt put the breaks on because we do not have any stairs and that way it also goes moves on carpet. We have had it for a month and we have had no problems and are very happy with it. It is cute and keeps our 6 month old entertained for quite a while

Fantastic Walker!
5 stars
10/06/2009 by proud mama, Redwood City,CA

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
I put my 9 month old in this walker everyday. He loves running into stuff and following my husband and I around. The DJ station keeps him entertained when he wants to take a break from scooting around. No cons for this walker!

Love It
5 stars
09/20/2009 by Noah's Mom, Greenville,SC

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
I love this walker. It was very easy for me to put together without having to call in the husband for assistance. I think it took around ten minutes, tops. My son loved it instantly! He was able to glide across our hardwood and got the hang of mobility right away. I also have carpet and it took him a few days to learn how to navigate but he speeds right along with no problem. He loves the toy portion too. It holds his attention. Overall I think this is a good product, worth the money, and most importantly my son enjoys it! Totally recommend!

removerable musical tray breaks to easy!
2 stars
09/16/2009 by not happy mom, new jersey,

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
love the walker..the only bad thing is the removeable musical tray, is not strong enough or durable enough for our 7 month old to play with and the lights when the music plays goes off to easy...and when we took the musical part off cause it does not work..Our 7 month old was not interested with the walker any longer,he got bored with nothing to motive him to play or walk.

5 stars
07/03/2009 by mommy, NJ,

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
I was weary about getting a walker because I've heard they actually delay walking. However, my 8 month old drags me all over the house and never wants to sit anymore, so I needed something.

He just loves this walker. It's very easy to assemble, bright cheery colors, and in my opinion, isn't as bulky as some of the other walkers out there. It folds flat for easy storage or transportation. There are also 3 different height settings. My son is on the 2nd one and I know there is still room for him to grow into it over the next few months. Others out there that are a bit cheaper, just didn't have this luxury. I plan on taking it with us this weekend. It rolls easily and my son is continually amuzed by all the songs, flashing lights, and noises he can make with the "DJ" area. There are different settings too so he can just make different sounds or play music.

I just love this walker. I don't keep him in it for long periods of time, and I still walk with him to continue to let him practice his balance, but the walker definitely helps keep my sanity now. I'd highly recommend it!

Well made and entertaining walker
5 stars
06/15/2009 by JJ, Boston,MA

Comments about Chicco DJ Walker Sea Dreams:
Our son loves this walker, he has so much fun with the DJ tray. The animal sounds are great! This walker unfortunately wasn't available at BRU when we purchased it so we got it from another online source, but we are very pleased. We are very happy with Chicco products thus far. Great and fun walker!

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