Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak

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Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak features

Adjustable, practical and stylish, this is the baby gate that actually dresses up your home. Designed to protect your little one while preserving the beauty of your home, this clever gate keeps baby safe while fitting in with most decors. Read user reviews before you buy evenflo home decor swing gate harvest oak.

  • Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate in Harvest Oak
  • Protects children from 6 months to 24 months
  • Made from quality hardwood for strength and durability
  • Stained in Harvest Oak color, to easily fit in with your stylish decor
  • One-hand latch release for convenience
  • Taller than most, it stands 32" high and expands to up to 52" wide
  • Harware mounted for added security
  • Enhanced walk-through feature
  • Constructed with simple, attractive, traditional lines to blend with many decors
  • Unit measures 32"H x 2.5"D x 31 to 52"W
  • Model #1555
  • Not available in Wal-Mart stores
  • evenflo home decor swing gate harvest oak
  • UPC# 004826701555
Evenflo is a company that knows how to help parents take care of a baby. For nearly 90 years, they have been in the business of making products for babies and toddlers as they grow up to be happy productive children. At one time, they only carried items such as baby feeding bottles and breastfeeding basics. Now, they have a generous selection of high-quality breastfeeding products. Evenflo also carries are jumpers, playards, and travel systems suitable for baby and toddler needs. Little ones love these because they are safe and durable.


Once your baby starts crawling around, it will be harder to keep him out of harm's way. You still have to do your best to ensure his safety, though, which is why baby gates are a big help. We offer baby gates in different lengths and heights to suit your needs. These baby gates can be installed at the top of staircases so your baby doesn't fall down or in doorways to keep your baby inside the nursery. They can also be joined with baby fences or gate extensions to create an enclosure in the living room where your baby can safely play. We offer black and white baby gates that are all made of sturdy, high quality materials. Most can be easily opened to let you through but not that easily so as to let baby out. Some of the gates swing and have an instant lock feature while others slide to open.

Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak reviews

Mixed Feelings on this Product
3 stars
06/29/2010 by ChrisInValpo, Valparaiso,IN

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
We have ordered a total of 3 of these gates. The first two arrived in great condition, look terrific, and work perfectly. The third gate that we ordered arrived with manufacturers defects in the finish. BOTH of the replacements that they sent us had the same defect. We finally gave up and got our money back. We love the first two, but can't seem to get a third one of the same quality. Very disappointing!

Good, but not perfect
4 stars
04/12/2010 by DealFinder327, ,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
It's a nice product, but it isn't perfect. The price from Walmart was the best we found, but the free site-to-store shipping took FOREVER.

Good Product
5 stars
02/02/2010 by pardh, Jackson,TN

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
Good workmanship, not sure how durable the plastic hinges and latch will prove to be. Instructions are worthless. If you are an accomplished do-it-yourselfer, you will have no problems. If not, better get some help.

Great Product
5 stars
11/18/2009 by RECav21, DE,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
Very easy to setup.

Kinda pricey
3 stars
08/27/2009 by JaydensMommyPA, Pa,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
I really like the look of this gate. I like that it installs to the wall and is safe to have at the top of the staircase. It is nice and high and fits wide doorways. It was fairly easy to install. I do think it was a bit expensive though, compared to other gates... the quality is decent... but it's not hardwood or anything. I like that the whole gate swings... but i don't like that it only swings one way. Plus it doesn't swing all the way. If you swing it too far it looks like it will break from the mount. I'm worried about my son swinging it/pushing it open too far!

Great product!
5 stars
06/28/2009 by kdfarr, Tecumseh,MI

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
This is a beautiful gate and a nice change from the old plastic gates we have been using. We have a very steep stairway that leads to our basement. The mounting supplies provide a secure attachment to assure the security needed. We had 2 problems with the installation. First, several of the screws broke. I would recommend buying brass screws before installing. Second, the instructions were terrible and it took my husband several hours and tries to get it right. I am very pleased with the outcome and wish I had found this product sooner.

Beautiful Gate!
5 stars
06/20/2009 by Lkin4Deals, Denver,CO

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
This gate is very sturdy, easy to remove, and has a beautiful finish. My husband said the gate was easy to put together. His only complaint was that the instructions could have been a little better. The gate is easy to use and seems durable. The only problem I could see is that the opening mechanism is on the side of the gate (between the gate and the wall), so it could be difficult to open if you have really big oversized fingers. This gate replaces a less expensive gate that broke. I think this gate is well worth the money. Looks much nicer and is much sturdier!

Not sure yet
4 stars
03/30/2009 by luvbugsmom, MN,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
My husband set this up and said all the warnings we had read about putting it together were true...he still needs to tweak a few things, although it's up and working. Our son doesn't realize we have it yet, so not sure how it will hold up. It's beautiful and easy to use, so sure hope it does it's job, too. I gave this 3 stars or less on the things I don't know about yet. As of right now it works great. One thing- we are able to just lift the gate to open it instead of using the push-in button to open it. That is what my husband will be tweaking and fixing. Don't know if out little one would figure that out, but just in case, we don't want it to have have the option. But so far, we love it. well, my husband just likes it. I would have liked it to look more finished....our area is 45 inches across so the wood isn't complete. don't know how to describe it.

Nice Gate Horrible Instructions
4 stars
01/31/2009 by EvaandBob, Illinois,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
Instructions to install the gate were very poor and hard to understand. Once the gate was installed, it functions very well and looks great.

Love this Baby Gate...
5 stars
01/27/2009 by GEORGIAMOM1111, Columbus,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
I looked everywhere to find a baby gate that wasn't plastic or a natural wood color and was thrilled when I found this one. We needed a gate to go at the top of our stairs leading to the basement that didn't scream baby gate because the stairs are seen from our front door and foyer. I am SO happy that I found this one. It is a wonderful color wood and a perfect match to our hardwood floors, I was nervous that it would be too light but it is a perfect match. I had our handyman install it for me because I had read mixed reviews online about the difficulty of the installation, complaints about the durability of the screws, etc. and he had no problem at all. It really looks very nice and have recommended it to several friends already. It also opens and closes with ease! Could not be happier with our selection!!!

Set aside a couple of hours....
4 stars
03/18/2008 by MJWinSTL, O'Fallon,MO

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
I opened the package and thought, oh, what a beautiful gate! So much nicer than those ugly metal ones! Should have known something would go wrong...
Our set up is that of a wall (dry wall) on one side and a spindled bannister/railing on the other. Be sure to hit a home improvement store BEFORE you try and put this thing up if you have a similar set up. You will need a board about as long as your post, stain to make it all matchy-matchy, wall anchors and some sanity (which our store was currently out of). Attach the board to your post before trying to assemble the gate. Take it out, read the directions and you will see what I am talking about.
Once installed (literally 6 hours later due to the extra trip, staining, drying, etc...) the gate looks and functions beautifully. Exactly what we wanted - minus the headache of the installation.

Blends great with home stairway
4 stars
03/08/2008 by SatisfiedClient, ,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
The Evenflo Wood Swing Gate was a little hard to assembly. I advise to have a handy person to do it, since the instructions are not totally clear.
If you want a product that blends well with wood stairways, this is the one. It is also easy to use, it is sturdy and provides the necessary safety to the children.

Nice gate, directions are awful
4 stars
03/08/2008 by an anonymous customer, Apalachin,NY

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
I love the gate and it works great now that it is set up, but the instructions are poorly written. Overall, I love the product, evenflow should rework their instructions.

Looks great!
4 stars
02/29/2008 by Shallina, Springfield,Mo

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
The gate looks great and matches our floors very well. I am very pleased with this product and would buy again. I rated an overall 4 because the directions were not correct, and if it were not for my very handy husband, would have been a nightmare to install.

Openings made easy!!!
5 stars
02/09/2008 by Rhetts9, Shiloh,IL

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
The gate is great. It works very well and has a very nice appearance. It matches the trim in my home and the wood on my staircase. The gate looks so much nicer that the plastic gates and you can totally and easily remove it when not in use.It opens and closes easily. The only drawback is the instructions for installation are not user friendly and left a few things out. But go slow, think it through and you'll make it. Highly Recommend this product.

Exceeds expectations
5 stars
02/09/2008 by daycareladee, Minneapolis,MN

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
I'm a Licensed Home Daycare Provider, so this gate gets a lot of use everyday. It has held up so well that I just ordered another one for another part of my home. I also love the way this gate looks. It's worth every penny.

A must have as style meets function!
5 stars
01/22/2008 by mom2girls1boy, O'fallon MO,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
I purchased 3 of these gates and love them. We couldn't function without them. We put them up on all the stairway openings and they match perfectly with our existing woodwork we had to purchase longer stakes to mount them but it was worth it they are very durable and look fantastic we use them many times everyday and they are so much better than any of their cheaper counterparts! Go ahead and spend the extra money for these gates they are worth every penny!

Just What we needed!
5 stars
12/30/2007 by ILovePercy, ,

Comments about Evenflo Home Decor Swing Gate Harvest Oak:
We needed a gate for our puppy to help keep him in the kitchen until he was potty trained. The product kept him in AND is a very nice compliment to our home decor.

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