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Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing features

The Ocean Wonders Aquarium Take Along Swing has all the features of a full size swing in a compact, portable design. It brings the aquarium theme to life with two water tanks on the side arms that work with the motion of the swing to deliver a soothing, mesmerizing rolling wave effect. Inside the tanks are colorful little sea animals that swim with the waves, adding to the fun. Plays classical music and soothing aquatic sound effects with volume control feature. Eight speeds for baby's comfort. In addition to a soft toy attached in a convenient pocket on the restraint, there are also two hanging sea creature toys with which baby can activate the music and lights. Mom can also activate music only or music and lights. The extra tall handle makes it easy to take baby in an out of the swing. Designed for birth to 25 lbs. Machine-washable seat pad. Requires 4 "C" alkaline batteries (not included). Read user reviews before you buy fisher price aquarium take along swing.

  • Two water tanks on the side arms work with motion of swing
  • Delivers a mesmerizing rolling wave effect
  • Tanks are filled with colorful sea animals that swim with the waves
  • Soft toy is attached to a convenient pocket
  • 2 Hanging sea animal toys which baby can activate with music
  • fisher price aquarium take along swing
  • UPC# 027084288797
Fisher Price
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Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing reviews

Not too bad
3 stars
01/28/2010 by Ric, CA,

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
This swing is at grandma and grandpa's house because of the size and easy storage. The lights keep my son entertained but the fish on the sides are out of his reach. My son also prefers to sit up more than the laying position that this swing puts him in. I would rather have spent the money on a different swing. It might work better for different babies.

Not for newborns and infants
4 stars
01/23/2010 by Mikka, Los Angeles,CA

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
This swing is colorful and has plenty of fun toys for a baby to look at but it's not for newborns! The seat is almost has 90degree angel so the baby's back would be crooked while sitting in it. Good for babies who can sit already

My favorite item
5 stars
01/14/2010 by Julian's Mommy, Pittsburgh,PA

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
I had to have this swing simply because it folds up for storage as I do not have much room and you can carry it from room to room by the handle.

When we first used this we made the joke that he was at a Disco with all the lights etc. It is so cute and the baby loves staring at the lights and dangly fishes.

I saw that this was discontinued at the store and was panicked that I wouldnt get it online but someone managed to snatch it up! Love this swing!!

awesome swing!
5 stars
12/31/2009 by HappyHousewife2007, Newberry,SC

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
My daughter loved this swing! We took it everywhere with us when she was a baby. Other family members would actually use this swing when we came to visit. The lights kept her entertained and the swing was still soothing enough to help her sleep, even in a strange environment. I loved it so much that I actually sewed new straps onto it when she had an unfortunate diaper accident in it. We also got this second hand so we know it holds up and is good for more than one child!

Best Swing you could own
5 stars
12/29/2009 by Monica, chicago,

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
Better than a full size swing...
can take it everywhere in the house, and outside of the house... Works very well, last a long time.. My third child is using it now. Plus no 4 hour installation like with a full size swing

5 stars

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:

Take it all over the house. Love it!
5 stars
12/19/2009 by Raleighmom, Raleigh,NC

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
We used this swing for months and it's easily portable around the house and wonderful for visiting.

Love this swing!
5 stars
12/08/2009 by traveling mom, OK,

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
This swing was great! I could easily take it to family and friends home when we went to visit and if I was alone and wanted a shower my son could come with so I could keep and eye and ear on him. I loved this swing. Definatley the best and easiest. Very simple and does not take up amuch space. I did not use the full size swing I had, only this one

Portable is The Way to GO
5 stars
12/08/2009 by BJ mom to 2, Clearwater,FL

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
My son loved this swing. I will be using it for my daughter as well. Need to shower? Move the swing into the bathroom. Need to do dishes? Move the swing into the kitchen. Fussy baby to rock to sleep? This swing takes care of it. The lights and music are perfect and keep baby distracted long enough to fall asleep or for you to have your hands free for daily chores. Great buy!

Wouldn't put my son it ever again
1 stars
12/05/2009 by Benji's Mama, USA,

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
I bought this swing because our family was going to go visit relatives in New York. He absolutely loved it for the first few times he was in there. While I was getting ready I looked back just in time to see my beautiful little boy's head drop to the floor. The back part of the swing, the part that supports the head, broke. My son weighs 17lbs and the swing was new. Even though he is very bouncy and active this swing shouldn't have a problem holding a six month old. Don't buy this swing, save yourself the pain of having your baby cry in shock while you try to comfort them.

Great swing!
5 stars
10/31/2009 by Ima mommy to Delainey Faith ♥, Kansas,

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
Ima 17 year old mom to a 3 week old baby girl named Delainey. This swing is great! She loves to take naps in it, watch the lights, look at the toys. I like how small the swing is because you can take it from room to room with out having to take it apart. Its also great to take to grandmas or a friends house. The different swinging levels are good too. Its nice to have somewhere to put Delainey down when I need to do homework, clean the house, take a shower. We might have to bring this with her when she starts going to day care in 2 weeks lol

2 stars
10/31/2009 by Mommie Nurse, SAN FRANCISCO,CA

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
I've never had the experience of trying this product. The first one I received for my shower was defective and now, the second one is defective also; the exact same way.

I'm shipping this swing back first thing on Monday and heading to buy another swing. This is very disappointing b/c this swing seems to come with pretty high remarks from other owners.

I won't be recommending this product for any new mommies.

The best swing ever
5 stars
10/30/2009 by szp, Mt. Pleasant,SC

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
I didn't like the idea of a big swing and so I turned to the travel swings. I was going to go with the rainforest but this was also at the store so I bought it. My son LOVED it!! He loved the lights and the music and would sleep in it and hang in there for half an hour. I took it everywhere with me too. He used it for a long time too. I would purchase this for everyone I know having a baby.

Can't wait til baby swings in it!
5 stars
10/12/2009 by Elle the city mom, Philadelphia,PA

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
I just received this off my baby registry! It was so easy to assemble, just clicks together and has four little screws. I also put batteries in it and it works great. The music is SO cute I love it. And the lights are great too. I am sure my baby will love this swing. I folded it up and put it in the closet for safe keeping. I got it mainly because it folds and we have a small place.

Love It!
5 stars
09/28/2009 by Dee, Idaho,

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
Use this all of the time. Can take it anywhere. Nice and compact.

Great Swing!
4 stars
09/23/2009 by Rach, Kent,WA

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
Comfortable and cute! Love the lights and music. It has adjustable volume. Positional Seat. Works fantastic. My daughter uses two swings. This one is at her Grandmother's house and she prefers it. She tends to sleep longer and better in it. I think it is worth the extra money for this one.

5 stars
09/23/2009 by Mom of Twins, Brooklyn,NY

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
My babies love this swing. All the bright colors attract them. The best part for me is that it folds up !!

Perfect for Grandma's House!
5 stars
09/20/2009 by Sean's Mommy, Middle Island,NY

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
My son loves this! We bought this with the intention of leaving it at Grandma's since we visit a lot and it is very inconvenient to lug all baby's gear with us. It is easy for anyone to assemble, light weight which makes moving it a piece of cake and best of all baby loves it. It is a bit pricey, and you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere (we did!) so either shop around or add it to your baby registry. You will not regret this purchase.

5 stars
09/20/2009 by gillians mom, sac ca,

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
very easy to use set up and clean. very useful love the settings you can have light with music and just only swing. perfect ground level and speed control of swing. the fishies on sides are a neat addition so it can be active play when baby pulls on it. we bring this swing EVERYWHERE

It's about time......
5 stars
09/11/2009 by Father and child, Keeping you safe Overseas,

Comments about Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along Swing:
Design is futuristic in appearance, easily accusable. Good music and swing settings

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