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Fisher Price Turtle Days Bouncer features

The Fisher-Price Turtle Days bouncer is a comfy baby bouncer in an adorable theme with a head huggie and soft fabric. The bouncer features a very sweet yet contemporary fashion, and a soft removeable toybar with 3 character friends. Two turtles with bright spots on the shell catch baby's eye and ears with rattle beads. The froggy toy plays an upbeat tune with a pull on his ring. Read user reviews before you buy fisher price turtle days bouncer.

  • Features soothing vibrations to lull baby to sleep
  • Machine-washable seat is cradled with a 3-point restraint
  • Includes non-skid feet to keep it in one place
  • Assembly required
  • Requires 1 D battery (not included)
  • fisher price turtle days bouncer
  • UPC# 002708488451
Fisher Price
Baby toys are not just things to play with. Rather, they are tools that can help with your baby's development - and should - so you should choose them carefully. Thankfully, the choice is not too difficult since there are companies that are well-known for making quality toys for babies, one of which is Fisher-Price. Since the 1930s, Fisher Price has been making toys which are not only completely safe for babies but are also designed to aid in baby's motor, sensory and cognitive development. The designated age group of these toys are clearly marked so you can easily narrow down your choices, and the features of each are explained in detail, too. We offer a wide selection of Fisher Price toys for babies from 0 to 36 months, including musical mobiles, colorful play gyms, musical toys, ride-on toys and stuffed toys that can talk and sing. Aside from the toys, we also have Fisher Price high chairs, bath tubs, potty chairs, bouncers and swings, which are known for their quality construction and fun designs.

Bouncers and Jumpers

Babies love to bounce and jump up and down, which will often elicit wide smiles and giggles from them. Their legs are not yet developed enough for them to do these on their own, though, so buying bouncers and jumpers is a good idea. We offer a wide range of bouncers and jumpers for you to choose from, which are made by trusted baby companies so they are all safe and comfortable for your baby. Some of them even come with toys attached so baby can play while you attend to some chores, though of course, you should never leave your baby all alone in his bouncer or jumper for long periods of time. Some of our bouncers can even be easily folded away so that you can pack them in the trunk of your car and bring them along when traveling.

Fisher Price Turtle Days Bouncer reviews

Our Little Guy LOVES it
5 stars
10/09/2010 by lrosie21, ,

Comments about Fisher Price Turtle Days Bouncer:
I got a recommendation to buy one of these bouncers from another mama. I bought it thinking it would be nice down the road a bit, but we used it from the very first day our little guy came home! He naps in it, and it is awesome for those times when he's *almost* asleep but needs to be put over the edge to get to sleep. He's only 3 weeks old, so I'm not worried about establishing sleep habits yet (he won't be napping in a bouncer as he ages).
It has the gentle vibration which is the best! We took the toys off for now so we can easily get him in and out, but he'll enjoy the toys eventually. I highly recommend this product.

Good Bouncer
4 stars
09/06/2010 by ManhattanMaven, New York,NY

Comments about Fisher Price Turtle Days Bouncer:
My two month old likes this bouncer a lot. The vibration function really seems to calm him down. When he's up for some play, he likes batting at the hanging items, though he hasn't figured out how to pull on the ring that activates the music. I wish there were an option to make the music play continuously. I also wish it played more tunes...the one tune gets really old after a while. All in all though, he loves it, and it keeps him entertained and safe while I'm busy with something else. I usually carry it to whatever room I'm in and I'm able to have my hands free for a few minutes while he is entertained. It usually buys me about 10 minutes free time.

Nice Bouncer
4 stars
06/26/2010 by Oksana, ,

Comments about Fisher Price Turtle Days Bouncer:
Easy to put together and functions well. Doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but does the job. I do wish it layed the baby back a bit more. It is a bit upright for a newborn. But, all babies grow, so your baby will grow into this. Good product for the money.

Great choice
5 stars
02/11/2010 by colrei, New Jersey,

Comments about Fisher Price Turtle Days Bouncer:
I recently had my second child and he would not sleep anywhere but his car seat. I tried my older sons bouncy chair and he hated the style and vibration of it. I purchased this chair because my sister had the same one in a different pattern and her daughter loved it. My son absolutely loved it and now sleeps in this instead of the car seat. I'm glad I got this chair, it is soft and very comfortable. The only thing I wish it had was a musical option that you could play similar to how the vibration works but other than that, this is the perfect chair for infants and a very good price.

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