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Graco Lovin Hug Swing Morgan features

Cuddle and comfort your baby with the innovative swing that "hugs" baby like you do. The ergonomic design of the Graco Lovin' Hug swing's hammock-style seat mimics the curve of your arms, giving your baby a sense of security. At the same time, the plush mobile, classical songs and nature sounds keep them soothed and amused in this musical swing.

Read user reviews before you buy graco lovin hug swing morgan.

  • Single-hand, 4-position reclining seat makes positioning baby easy
  • 6 swing speeds
  • 15 songs and sounds
  • Single-hand flip-up tray makes getting baby in and out easy
  • Removable, plush infant head support
  • Removable bead bar can be attached to the tray for engagement
  • Mobile with plush toys provides visual stimulation
  • 30-minute timer with 3 settings helps extend battery life
  • Machine-washable cloth seat pad
  • Care: wipe swing with soap and water
  • Dimensions: 44"H x 27"W x 34.5"L
  • Product weight: 16 lbs.
  • Musical swing requires 3 D cell batteries (not included)
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 30 lbs.
  • Graco Lovin' Hug swing requires some assembly
  • graco lovin hug swing morgan
  • UPC# 004740610774
Since 1955, Graco has been a leader in high-quality baby products. They designed the first wind-up indoor swing, the Swyngomatic®, after discovering that motion of a backyard swing could provide a calming effect on babies. This invention would go on to sell millions of units over the years, as a practical and popular way to entertain small children. Graco also created the Pack N’ Play® Portable Playards, which come in a number of designs and colors. For more than 25 years, baby products and furnishings are designed with safety in mind while they help keep little ones busy and out of trouble. They also introduced the Travel System, which allows parents to transport child from stroller to car seat without disturbing child during sleep time. The TurboBooster SafeSeat, strollers, and other accessories are built with durability and make life easier for parents and children. They also strive to stay ahead of the curve by continuing to create exciting products for today’s busy parent. Today, Graco has a solid reputation of manufacturing excellent juvenile products across the world.


Babies like it when you gently swing them back and forth in your arms. In fact, this can easily put them to sleep or soothe them when they are being fussy. This, however, can be tiring for you, so buying a baby swing may be in order. We offer a wide selection of baby swings for you to choose from. All of these swing on their own to spare you the effort. They are also easy to assemble and have sturdy metal frames so you won't have to worry about your baby falling down and hurting himself. They are comfortable enough for your baby to sleep in, as well, and some even have timers so they can stop swinging after a certain time, while others play music to help baby sleep.

Graco Lovin Hug Swing Morgan reviews

parents love this
5 stars
12/22/2011 by Canedive, Cornelius,OR

Comments about Graco Lovin Hug Swing Morgan:
My grandson loved this item. It was a gift.

Save your money for a better swing!
3 stars
09/16/2011 by AleynasMommy, Missouri,

Comments about Graco Lovin Hug Swing Morgan:
For how much this swing costs, I would expect it to work perfectly... It assembled very quickly, I am 38 weeks pregnant and got it together pretty fast, but that is the only part I give 5 starts to. I don't like that the mobile doesn't spin, which I guess I shouldn't have expected that since it didn't specify that it would, I guess I just automatically assumed so... but the matching pack-n-play is the same way there. I got the Batteries in it and turned it on to see how it goes, it makes a very loud noise when swinging, which tells me, once there is weight in it, it will probably only get louder and the only way to drown it out is probably by the music. I say music because the music works great but the nature sounds are HORRIBLE. They sound all static and loud, I think one setting sounds right and it is the water sound. Other than that everything out sounds the same, like a loud static waterfall. I am very very disappointed in that big our family is big on the nature/outdoor stuff but this swing doesn't make the noises it is suppose to and makes all the noises I don't want it to. If it was maybe half it's price then I wouldn't complain but for it's price, I would expect to get something I am for the most part satisfied with!!!!

A life saver!!
5 stars
08/12/2011 by LatoyaInGreenville, Greenville,NC

Comments about Graco Lovin Hug Swing Morgan:
I absolutely love this swing! I wish I had it right when I brought my son home. I got it shortly after and have used it daily ever since. I love the classical music that it plays and it always helps my son to sleep. He naps in it almost everyday. Some of the cons are the nature sounds, they don't really sound like anything in nature (other than the birds chirping). Also the swing makes a clicking sound when in use, but I actually find it lulling when its quiet. Overall a great purchase in my opinion, no problems here. Also for as much as we use it, I haven't had to change the batteries yet. I had contemplated getting one that plugged into the wall but it was a little more expensive than a battery operated one. Thanks Graco :)

Does it's Main Job
3 stars
06/22/2011 by kcmarshall, ,

Comments about Graco Lovin Hug Swing Morgan:
Bought this swing for my newborn daughter hoping all the features on it would work well to help her relax and for her to enjoy. However half the features don't work. It was fairly easy to set up, had no problems with the pieces aside from the seat cover being really tight and difficult to stretch around the bar in the back. Went to turn it on for the first time and it made a loud noise and didn't move, had to push the rotaters in more to get it to start. The on button doesn't work very well, it turns on but is difficult to turn off. The motor is very loud but it doesn't seem to bother my daughter much. The music and volume control work well but the nature sounds don't work at all! Haven't tried the timer feature yet. All in all it does what it's meant to do, it looks great, and it works. Aside from the minor function errors it is a good swing for the price. If you want something cheap that gets the job done I would definitely recommend it.

Really Great Swing!
5 stars
03/18/2011 by Blessedwith2sweetboys, mississippi,

Comments about Graco Lovin Hug Swing Morgan:
Purchased a swing made by another company with all the bells & whistles & it stopped working in probably less than a month. Plus my son didn't seem to enjoy it but he loves this one, and he rests really well in it. When tray is attached, doesn't seem to have alot of leg room but I looked at another one in wal-mart and it pretty much looked the same, so I guess that's just how they all are. (oh, and husband put it together, seemed to go smoothly)

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