Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike

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Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike features

Ride in style on this classic Hyper Jolt Shimano 26" Men's Mountain Bike. The Shimano-equipped bike features a durable, aluminum suspension frame with suspension fork and 21-speed twist grip shifting. Authentic Hyper graphics and a 3-piece high-performance crank add to the look and performance.

Read user reviews before you buy hyper jolt shimano 26inch mens mountain bike.

  • Shimano equipped
  • Aluminum frame with suspension fork
  • Alloy fork crown
  • 21-speed twist grip shifting
  • Authentic Hyper graphics
  • Front disc brake
  • 3-piece high performance crank
  • Model: WMA-92613
  • hyper jolt shimano 26inch mens mountain bike
  • UPC# 068064000888
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Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike reviews

Stay away!!!!
1 stars
08/09/2010 by BrewTullyHonest, New York,NY

Comments about Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike:
When I bought this product, there was only one review! It basically said what I'm gonna say, but in fewer words! I consulted a friend who is an avid bicyclist. He has expensive taste, so his choice of bikes is way beyond my price range, but he also stressed that something with SHIMANO parts was could be a better choice. That's all well an good, I guess, until you put said parts on a HYPER JOLT!!! What a cruddy attempt at being a mountain bike!! When the bike arrived, I put it together and I immediately notice that the front wheel was bent. Whoever packaged the bike, tie-wrapped the wheel way too tight to the frame and the cheap rim bent in 2 places. I called walmart and they promised to send another bike and they efficiently did so! The 2nd bike arrived, I put it 2gether and thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. It looked like the wheel was slightly bent because the idiot who probably packaged the 1st bike and bent the wheel did the same to the 2nd!!! Tryin to make the best of the situation I decided that I'd bite the bullet and ride to a nearby bike shop to see if they can straighten the wheel out! On my way, I stopped at a gas station for a little air. Upon leaving the gas station, I tried to pedal off and that's what literally happened!!!!! THE LEFT PEDAL POPPED OFF!! The threads were stripped on the pedal arm. REALLY!?!?! I couldnt help but laugh!! I guess you get what you pay for! Cheap bike, for cheap!!! I brought both poor excuses for bikes back and ask for store credit!!! This is not a farse!! I'm telling the gods honest truth!! Spend the extra 50-75$ and get the mongoose XR200!! It saved my life. I love it!!!

1 stars
08/07/2010 by SCOOTERGEE, ,

Comments about Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike:
I know this is an inexpensive bike but why waste my time. Front rim was bent when received. The disc brake was engineered poorly with almost no adjustment - unbelievably poor design. I thought since it had Shimano shifting the bike would work out okay. I was wrong.

do not ride this bike!!!!
1 stars
08/02/2010 by mntbiker4, nashville,in

Comments about Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike:
i just recently bought this bike for my birthday and now less than 20 days later the bolts on my handle bars r striped out the shifter cables r breaking and coming out and the peadle has broke i would not recomend this bike it is not a good bye for the money!!

good for the price
4 stars
08/01/2010 by letsrace2, OH,

Comments about Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike:
Im not unhappy with the bike. works well . comfortable and had everything i wanted for a low price.
what im unhappy with is whoever put it together. First it came with a hole in the front tube. fixed it.
chain must be really cheap because it pop and broke quite easily . fixed that too
The gears were in bad shape. meaning i had to totally start from scratch and tune the bike so i could use all the gears and make it smooth shifting. good thing it came with directions on how to do this.
after I fixed all that it is much better now and i can actually ride it. This and other bike i bought for my wife had alot of work to be done before it was ridable in anyway.

waste of money
1 stars
07/29/2010 by David1997, ,

Comments about Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike:
i suggest to NOT buy this bike, it is an absolute waste of 114.00... im on my second one... the little black seal in the shock under the seat always comes out there for the shock will eventually b ruined... if your lookiing for a high performance bike or any bike and come acrossed this bike do not buy it its a complete waste i wouldnt recomend this bicycle.

Look for better options
1 stars
07/19/2010 by sphobo, Connecticut,

Comments about Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike:
This bike has major quality issues. The first one that was ordered had a torn seat and a bent front rim. I returned the bike to my local Walmart and ordered a replacement, my son had his heart set on this particular model. The second bike that was delivered had parts sticking through the box which tells me that the packaging design is inadequate and does not protect it during shipping. The bike went together easy, however, it needed numerous adjustments to make it usable. The front disc brake rubbed annoyingly and is not easy to adjust. The steering column was extremely stiff due to over torquing at the factory. Unfortunately, I don't expect this bike to last for very long. I am a Mechanical Engineer and have been designing products for close to thirty years. It frustrates me when I see such poor design and manufacturing being executed. There are other bikes at this price level that achieve an acceptable level of quality.

Do not buy this bike!
1 stars
07/03/2010 by nosuchluck, New Hampshire,

Comments about Hyper Jolt Shimano 26inch Mens Mountain Bike:
We had nothing but problems with this bike! We actually returned it twice before we decided to go with a completely different bike! The first bike we purchased (via site to store so it was right out of the box) had a warped front tire rim. The second bike that we exchanged had problems with the disc brakes, and were not adjustable. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra 15 bucks on a mongoose.

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