Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike

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Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike features

Ride in style on this classic Hyper Meadow 26" Women's Mountain Bike. This Shimano-equipped bike features a durable, aluminum frame with suspension fork and 21-speed twist-grip shifting. Authentic Hyper graphics and a 3-piece high-performance crank add to the look and performance.

Read user reviews before you buy hyper meadow 26inch womens mountain bike.

  • Shimano equipped
  • Aluminum frame with suspension fork
  • 21-speed twist grip shifting
  • Authentic Hyper graphics
  • Front and rear linear-pull brakes
  • 3-piece high-performance crank
  • Model: WMA-92610
  • hyper meadow 26inch womens mountain bike
  • UPC# 068067400885
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Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike reviews

Not great
3 stars
10/26/2010 by KitKat17, NC,

Comments about Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike:
The bike isn't terrible but I wasn't happy with it. The gears kept skipping - I'd be riding it in a higher gear, and it would just skip down to a (much) lower gear on its own. It might be fine if you plan to ride on flat surfaces without changing gears much. It's definitely pretty and fairly comfortable, but I'd spend a little more and get something better. This is the second bike I've bought at Walmart that I've had a problem with so I'm just going to save up and buy a nicer one.

A great deal on a good bike
5 stars
07/06/2010 by ebony2053, Willowbrook,Ill

Comments about Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike:
I purchased this bike and it's more than what I was expecting. The bike provides for a smooth ride and the seat is very comfortable. The colors are very beautiful and the bike is easy to ride, guide and the breaks are good and tight. I would recommend this bike to any woman wanting to start riding again.

Cheap Product - No quality
1 stars
06/28/2010 by RickSoccer, Minneapolis,MN

Comments about Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike:
I bought this bike for my wife, and although it is pretty neat and beautiful (with Shimano shift) it presented some problems. The chain came with a locked link, so every 3 to four pedals it jumps. The wheels came misaligned by a lot. The real derailleur came bent inside which makes it hard to align the shifts.
I wouldn't recommend it. I bought the same Men's model to myself and also presented a lot of problems.

Poor choice for Quality
2 stars
06/26/2010 by Soon2Wed, Los Angeles,Ca

Comments about Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike:
Just got this bike, the brakes on display one in the store were a bit odd which should have been a flag. We put this together at home, I rode it for 3 blocks and Im returning it as soon as I can tomorrow!!!! Its AWFUL, the gears shift when you are coasting and the seat made my butt hurt. I ended up walking the bike 3 blocks since I couldn't stand riding it anymore. It feels poorly designed and the ride was not enjoyable. Save your money and definitely get something better!

So far , so good but
5 stars
06/17/2010 by tdya, Los Angeles,Ca

Comments about Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike:
...I really haven't had enough time with this bike to really know. It LOOKS good. It arrived sooner than I expected. The box was supposed to always be upright and obviously had been laid on it's side due to a small hole where pressure poked through. I hope it didn't damage anything.

Nice Bike - Lightweight
3 stars
06/10/2010 by Changinglives, O'fallon IL,

Comments about Hyper Meadow 26inch Womens Mountain Bike:
Me and my husband decided to get new bikes. He got the men's version and I the lady's. I strongly suggest you test the brakes and gears @ the store or in the parking lot before going home. He's was great and smooth mine did not work right. We returned my 1st one and got a 2nd one exactly the same. It is a smooth ride, not so bad on the comfort on the seat but truely a nice quiet riding bike.

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