Light Strike Assault Striker DCR 012 Red Rifle

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Light Strike Assault Striker DCR 012 Red Rifle features

Light Strike Assault Striker D.C.R. is the rifle sized Striker.Light Strike brings video-game action into the real worldlive and in color. Assault Strikers are customizable with built-in weapon features and add-on attachments that give players a tactical advantage. Play one-on-one tournaments or create up to 4 teams of unlimited players for free-for-all and capture-the-flag battles. It's action at the speed of light"! Read user reviews before you buy light strike assault striker dcr 012 red rifle.

  • Activate shield to take less damage from enemies
  • Unlimited ammo with reload
  • Health meter tracks remaining life
  • Respawn when health hits zero
  • Interactive lights and sounds that put you on the battlefield
  • Perfect your aim with included Strike Target
  • Age 8+
  • Batteries: 4 x AA (Assault Striker) and 3 X AAA (Strike Target). Batteries not included
  • light strike assault striker dcr 012 red rifle
  • UPC# 077117113412

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