Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike

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Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike features

Mongoose Paver 700C Men's Bike Read user reviews before you buy mongoose paver 700c mens bike.

  • Bike
  • Full aluminum frame light weight ride
  • New design rigid fork provides precise steering
  • Sram twist shifters change gears easily
  • 7 Speed with Shimano rear derailleur
  • Linear pull brakes wide alloy rims for light weight durability
  • Assembly required
  • mongoose paver 700c mens bike
  • UPC# 003867548748
A child’s first bike should be one of great quality that rides smooth and can be enjoyed or hours. Mongoose is one of the leaders in manufacturing BMX bikes and has a great selection for boys and girls. The Pizzazz bike for girls comes in bright shades of purple and pink with a cool handlebar bag. The Showtime bicycle for boys has a number plate and comes in orange and white colors. Both models have training wheels that are easy to remove, coaster brakes, and mag wheels. Mongoose also carries bike accessories and safety equipment such as boys and girls helmets, gloves, elbow and knee pads for a safe riding experience!

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Children, especially those aged three and up, love to move around on wheels since this allows them to feel more grown-up and independent while allowing them to explore their surroundings in a more fun way, which is why bikes, scooters and skates are popular gift items. Bikes, scooters and scates can provide them with exercise, too, so they can start being fit from an early age, and help them develop a good sense of balance, muscle coordination and fast reflexes. We offer bikes, scooters and skates for both boys and girls and in various sizes to fit your child just right, all of which are made by trusted manufacturers that put a premium on safety and performance.

Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike reviews

blows tubes
3 stars
10/22/2011 by gourdjess, Dallas,or

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
got to be careful inflating the tires on this bike. the tire itself doesn't grab the rim unless lined up perfectly and the tube will get between the rim and tire if you don't watch it closely. air up tires slowly and watch the rim for any bubbles. don't put more than 50 lbs of air in. the tire says it will hold up to 75 psi but don't believe it. i know one thing, when the tires blow on this baby they sound like m-80's going off.

good bike
4 stars
10/15/2011 by gymcorridor, orlando,

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
when my bike was stole, my two college aged sons chipped in and got me a Mongoose Paver for Christmas; very special. The Paver is a great bike for around town with seven speeds. Solid ride and has been dependable. I like to ride for distance and the Paver is good for this but not as sophisticated as many of my friends bikes so I cannot maintain the speed at which they ride; but their bikes cost $1000 or more. So get yourself a Paver and enjoy it for what it is; s really good cruiser.

lemonly lemony
1 stars
03/24/2011 by jonessss, north bergen,nj

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
Not cool 1st day i received the bike the front rim is busted some pieces are already broken. thought becuase it was a mongoose everything was all gravy but it aint nothin but a lemon in my eyes looks pretty but rides gritty

Below average
2 stars
02/21/2011 by thunder69, ,

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
On my second mongoose paver. Had a lot of issueswith tires so took it back and got another one. Worked very well for a while. Have to be very careful mounting tires onthe rims, have to be exact or else bead comes off and tube bursts. Happen three times to me until I figured it out. Even had a bike shop mount a tire for me and same thing happened. Also have had spokes just snap on two separate occasions. Have only ridden on asphalt roads. Talked to an associate at walmart and he said the rims have had issues.

great starter bike
4 stars
04/15/2010 by an anonymous customer, ,

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
bought this bike for a couple of reasons, to get in shape and to spend time with my family. living in kentucky i have a lot of hills around me to ride up and down and this bike has done very well on them pulling an instep trailer with my 2 year old in it. i have 2 of them so me and my wife can switch and each can pull the trailer and this bike does it great, the gearing is great and not complicated like a 21 speed. good for anyone wanting a cheap bike and i havent had the same problems with the innertubes that other people have

Great Buy
5 stars
04/09/2010 by KaroS, Cumming,GA

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
This is the perfect bike if you have long legs (tires are 27"). It is very light and fast enough. I bought it because it felt good the first time I sat on it at the store and since it was recommended by another customer. Already took it for a spin. Walmart did the installation. My husband tweaked it so it would fit perfectly. The price is amazing.

stay away
1 stars
04/02/2010 by disneygramps, Az,

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
This bike is so flawed! The breaks fail and all the reviews about blowing tires are true! The rest of my family went with cheeper Huffy bikes and love them...

Big bike for below average height
3 stars
03/31/2010 by jeffotography, Pompano Beach,

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
We bought bicycle for my wife to commute to and fro work. She is 5'7" so the bikes geometry is perfect for her. Assembled the bike with metric allen wrenches. Handlebar very inadequate for moderate distance riding, so we bought a straight handlebar and fitted that to the bike. Inner tubes are very hard to find. 7 speed is fine for typical Florida terrain. Excellent stopping ability with strong brakes. 700c size provides a very smooth ride. Nice and light aluminum frame and wheels. Great bike for the price, even after spending $10 for the new handlebar.

Great Bike
4 stars
02/18/2010 by TulipWonder, Los Angeles,CA

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
I bought this bike as an alternative to driving around town. So far so good I would suggest to anyone who buys the bike to change to seat ASAP!!! I thought it was because I am a woman (and I bought a males bike) that I found the seat uncomfortable but that's not the case. I let a few of my male friends ride the bike and they were uncomfortable as well.

practical and worth the price
4 stars
02/17/2010 by nosenseyet, Long Beach,CA

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
The Mongoose 700c is a nice commuter bike. Walmart shipped it to my son quickly. After a few inner tube issues due to incorrect installation, the bike ran well.

4 stars
02/09/2010 by Michelleonthefly, Garland,TX

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
The bike is great for what it was intended for. A plastic part on the back, used for changing gears, broke within the first week. Walmart had no problem fixing it and it's worked ever since.

mongoose paver
5 stars
02/08/2010 by bobweiss, morgans point texas,

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
ithis is a good bike for the money ! im going to replace the freewheel with a Shimano freewheel the bike has alot of potential !the derailure is cheap im going to replace it with a 9 speed sram. the bike will be great after that

Inadequate for Daily Commuting
2 stars
02/05/2010 by LeftOfCentre, Tucson,AZ

Comments about Mongoose Paver 700C Mens Bike:
I ride about 10 minutes each way to and from school in Tucson, AZ, and while this bike does get me from A to B, I am still disappointed with how this bike fails to work properly. Firstly, the transmission has a mind of its own: it shifts up or down with slightly extra pedaling force, and over very small bumps. And when I want to shift, it doesn't. Also, after the first rain, the right-hand-side handlebar grip came off, loosening the gear shifter in the process. This is around the same time my transmission grew a brain of its own.

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