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Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier features

The Ultimate Baby Mei Tai is an Asian-inspired baby carrier which helps you stay close with your baby as you go about your life. This Mei Tai carrier has wide straps that make it comfortable to wear all day long in any of the 4 positions including tummy-to-tummy, hip, forward-facing, and back. It promotes bonding through physical closeness with your child. The carrier is reversible, offering a simple sleek black or a fun, funky pattern. A bonus carrier blanket is also included as well as an instructional booklet that includes excellent resources for moms and dads. Read user reviews before you buy parents of invention mei tai baby carrier.

  • Carrier: 100% cotton
  • Blanket: 100% polyester fleece
  • parents of invention mei tai baby carrier
  • UPC# 85973200060
Parents Of Invention
Parents of Invention was founded in 2002 by a stay-at-home mom who, in raising her two kids, was finding again and again that obvious parenting aids were missing from the market place. Where was the toiled handle that congratulated them when they flushed or the band-aid that came with its own lollipop after rough-housing took a turn for the nasty? She began to fill in the gaps in the juvenile product market. Soon, other parents came into the picture, saying there were things missing for them too, and Parents of Invention grew into a company fueled by the ideas of many creative parents in the trenches. Today, as the company grows into a compelling force in the market, it continues to welcome ideas from parents for products that make child-rearing more manageable and growing up even more fun.


Babies love to be kept close to their mothers all the time, sometimes even craving for skin-on-skin contact. Carrying them all the time, however, can be tiring for moms, and can also prevent you from doing other chores, which is why carriers are very helpful. Carriers are designed to provide a second set of arms so you can carry your baby and still have your arms free to do other things, like wash the dishes, do the laundry or clean the house. They are also handy outside the house and are easier to bring than strollers. We offer a wide selection of carriers for you to choose from. We have infant carriers and carriers which allow older babies to face the front or be carried on the back. We also have baby slings which are more stylish and provide more comfort and security.

Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier reviews

Love it
5 stars
03/13/2010 by JDmom2Fi, Bronx,NY

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
I love it! It took some time to get used to but once getting the hang of it I love it. We first started using it at 4 months old. It took about 3 days to get the hang of it 100%.
If you're having problems then you may be doing it wrong. Watch videos on YouTube & make sure you pull the legs/knees up when they're in it so the butt is what they are sitting on & their weight isn't on their thighs...that was my problem at 1st. Then retie if needed after they're adjusted good. Once you really learn how to use it you will love it

scared to use
2 stars
02/28/2010 by new mom, Pa,

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
You really need to tie it tight. I don't feel comfortable with my own strength to tie it onto to me and then put the baby on me, relying on my tie job. If somone else ties it for me then I feel a little better but I like the carriers that snap into place. I feel much better letting go of the baby with both hands in the carrier that snaps itself.

Tough to use
2 stars
02/17/2010 by tmbee, Atlanta,GA

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
Had very little directions and even Web surfing for instructions was tough. Not that excited about how the carrier works...ended up getting another brand that my son loves.

4 stars
11/16/2009 by Mom of fussy newborn, Arizona,

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
I have a Moby Wrap and love it for cold weather, but since I live in AZ it doesn't get that cold. I was looking for something that was not so warm to wear. I just got this and already have my fussy baby in it and we both LOVE IT! I read a lot of the reviews about this product and must say that it fits really well and I am a plus size momma. I think if you are looking for something easy and not warm to wear...this is perfect. And you cant beat the price.

good buy
4 stars
11/15/2009 by new mom to 10 month old, NJ,

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
Recently travelled to the Philippines with my 9 month old daughter, practically 24 hours. She fell asleep easily in this carrier, but her head would flop back sometimes when she's in a deep sleep. I felt she was safe, just supported her head with my hand, a lot easier than carrying her the whole time.

Very good support
4 stars
11/11/2009 by mom of colicky baby, nj,

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
I like my bjorn a lot, but a nurse recommended this for my colicky baby because it is lightweight for around the house. baby is much more secure in this than in the bjorn, especially if you tie it correctly. I love that she is directly against me instead of having straps or fabris between us. This can be soothing for a colicky baby. Also, it's better than slings since my baby has reflux and needs to be upright as much as possible. Finally, it is MUCH more comfortable for ME because a lot of the weight is placed on my hips instead of my back.

I needed this desperately because I am trying to manage a busy toddler along with a very high-maintenance newborn

Great Option
4 stars
11/11/2009 by Mabel's Mum, Maine,

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
I bought this carrier after my 10 month old had surgery for hip dysplasia and needed to be in a spica cast for 12 weeks. I have a baby bjorn carrier that she still fits into but now that she is older when I'm trying to do things like food shopping she is right there able to grab everything I'm trying to hold so I thought I'd give this carrier a try based on the feature that it can "hip carry". I really like it over all. It is well made, great price and very portable - it can roll up into my purse! I've only used it in the hip carry postion and I do find it over all pretty comfortable - keeping in mind my daughter has a cast over her tummy, hips and legs and it cast is what digs into me over time in the carrier, but over all it works very well. I'm happy to see the weight limit is generous and am sure I'll get lots of use out of it over the next few months. I wish I had this when my daughter was even smaller since it appears to offer lots of postions for smaller babies. Another great feature is the carrier has some zippered compartments for me to put items in, it works great for my wallet when I'm at the store so I don't have to dig into my purse at checkout! Using it at first looks complex, but it really isn't and very easy to put on when making a quick trip out.

This item is okay
3 stars
10/21/2009 by Jamie, Fresno,CA

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
I use this around the house and to take short walks and occasionally when I go shopping.
It takes the strain off of my arms.
It is difficult to position the baby high enough so that all the weight is off of my back.

Great mei tai!
4 stars
10/20/2009 by bmel, Portland,OR

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
I had been wanting to try a Mei Tai for a while and when this went on sale (and it goes on sale a lot!) I got one. I had been using a moby wrap with my baby and as nice as it was I would end up getting very hot with it on.. Well with this mei tai I never get too hot while using it. It's not near as bulky as wraps can be. There are a lot of mei tais out there that run well over two times this ones price so this is really a good deal!
My son loves it when we go walking now and he can nap away on my chest while I do my shopping.

I saw a few reviews saying it didn't seem safe and like the baby would fall out.. Well if it feels like they are falling out you have it on wrong! Make sure you have the bottom flipped UNDER the butt. It should make a cup like shape under the baby bum when worn right.
This thing also has 3 pockets in it and I LOVE that! I can put a diaper or two and wipes and even a little rag into the big pocket. The two little ones work well for holding my cell phone or wallet in one and keys in the other!

One other thing I would like to point out is this WILL work for plus sized people too! I'm a almost a size 24 after having my baby and it works fine still. I would guess if you are a size 22 or less it will work just fine for you too.

The only con on this item I can think of is I wish they had other colors to pick from.

Great product
4 stars
10/16/2009 by pamm310, Illinois,

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
Great product! I haven't used this product much yet because my daughter is small and doesn't like it yet. I love the colors, pockets, and the hood it comes with. I can't wait to use it more!

Great product!
4 stars
10/15/2009 by Virginie, San Jose,CA

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
We have a Baby Bjorn which my now 2 year old son and my 4 month old daughter never took to. I bought this Mei Tai based on the recommendation of a fellow mom and I really like it so far. I have put her in it forward and backward facing and she likes both positions. I really like the fact that it is all made of cloth which I think it makes it more comfortable for the baby (not as rigid as the Baby Bjorn). I still use one hand to hold her against me just because it doesn't feel as secure to me, but I'm sure this is just because I'm not totally used to it yet.
Putting it on is also straight-forward and easier than it sounds (you throw the straps over your shoulders than criss-cross them in the back and pull them back in front and tie them there).
Overall I'm very happy with the product and this particular one is a really good deal (you can find many other ones out there for close to $100).

nice fit but straps need to be longer
3 stars
10/12/2009 by busy mom, here,

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
the straps were not long enough for my husband to use the carrier.

Brilliant idea!
5 stars
10/02/2009 by Kealy, mom of 2, Houston,Tx

Comments about Parents of Invention Mei Tai Baby Carrier:
This is an amazing carrier that I can carry both my 2 and a half year old in as well as my 8 month old without hurting my back.

It has 3 zippered pockets that come in very handy and you don't usually find on mei tais. It also come with a little bad to keep it in, the instruction booklet for those that have never used a mei tai, and a very soft fleece blanket that goes over the mei tai and has a hood to keep the kids very cozy. You just can't beat the price either.

I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great carrier!

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