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Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing Ice Cubes features

The Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing is a great way to soothe and keep baby entertained. Five speed settings allow your little one to have a soothing swinging motion when sleepy or a faster swing when they're more awake. There are also five songs and five different sounds to entertain them and the open-top design and swing-open snack tray make it a breeze to get baby in and out. Read user reviews before you buy safety 1st happy harmony swing ice cubes.

  • Open-top design makes it easy to seat and remove baby
  • 1-hand, 3-position recline for baby's comfort
  • 5 songs and 5 sounds with 15 minute timer
  • 5 speed settings with self-starting capability
  • Positionable toy bar with two soft toys for baby's entertainment
  • Swing-open tray for snacks or toys
  • Carry handles
  • Folding frame for storage
  • Machine-washable seat cushion
  • safety 1st happy harmony swing ice cubes
  • UPC# 088439254069
Safety 1st
We at Safety 1st know how important it is to keep your baby safe and secure at all times. There are so many things babies want to touch or see up close but having the right childproofing devices in place can make a difference. This holds especially true when the child begins to walk or crawl on their own. Safety 1st has many baby safety products to choose from for every stage of the child’s life, including bed rails, locks, electrical plug covers and other devices that help to childproof any home. We also have monitors that help parents keep an eye on child when asleep. Safety 1st also carries hygiene items and functional accessories like car seats, step stools and walkers. All baby products are finely crafted and built for long wear.


Babies like it when you gently swing them back and forth in your arms. In fact, this can easily put them to sleep or soothe them when they are being fussy. This, however, can be tiring for you, so buying a baby swing may be in order. We offer a wide selection of baby swings for you to choose from. All of these swing on their own to spare you the effort. They are also easy to assemble and have sturdy metal frames so you won't have to worry about your baby falling down and hurting himself. They are comfortable enough for your baby to sleep in, as well, and some even have timers so they can stop swinging after a certain time, while others play music to help baby sleep.

Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing Ice Cubes reviews

1 stars
09/05/2010 by justadadfromnebraska, Nebraska,

Comments about Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing Ice Cubes:
this product is a pile of junk. The first one we bought had problems from the day my son got in it. It was slow and the music was so quiet that it could not be heard. When we called the manufacture they were very polite and sent us a second. This one also a pile of junk. When the swing was on its fastest speed it would go for one cycle and then stop its self. No matter how new or good the batteries were it would not work. Don't waste you money on this item get something that will work. Cuz this aint it. JUST JUNK.

1 stars
06/27/2010 by HappyMomma95, Austin,TX

Comments about Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing Ice Cubes:
Was not happy with the swing at all. Took it apart and returned it to the store. My son also has special needs, so he was not positioned in the swing very well and that is why I took it back.

Good Product
4 stars
04/23/2010 by Nov1905, ,

Comments about Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing Ice Cubes:
It is a good product and fairly easy to put together. The only problem I had out of was when I was assmebling it, the feet that are suppose to screw onto the bottom would not fit. So it now sits on the carpet and slowly moves when it is swinging.

Good at first
3 stars
01/12/2010 by Grasonsmom, Asheboro,NC

Comments about Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing Ice Cubes:
When I first received the swing as a gift I loved it. My son is 2 months old and he likes it as well until we started having problems with the battery compartment. I had replaced the batteries one time and had trouble so my husband got the swing to work after messing with the battereis. Yesterday I replaced the batteries for a second time and had the swing working until I replaced the cover, my husband worked on it again and no luck getting the swing to work.I am returning the swing and ordering a different one. For the price of the swing I did expected it to of better quality.

Great product!!
4 stars
11/19/2009 by firstmother, ,

Comments about Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing Ice Cubes:
I love this product! I think the price was appropriate. The legs just snap in, but it doesn't rock or seem unsturdy. I have been using this swing for a couple of months now and my 3 month old likes it. She's not much of a fan of the bears though. I think the only downside is if you are looking for toys on the swing that are really entertaining then this is probably not the right swing. The sounds are very soothing. I don't use the higher speeds because I think the lower speeds swing rigourously enough.

It's Alright
4 stars
11/05/2009 by chellebelle108, ,

Comments about Safety 1st Happy Harmony Swing Ice Cubes:
I was a bit dissappointed with the price of the swing seeing as is doesn't seem as sturdy as it should be for spending $80 some bucks on it. It's not going to collapse in on it's self or anything like that but the legs just snap together and it doesn't make for a sturdy frame. Seems kind of cheap for the price. I think the cost should be more in the area of $40-$50. If I had spent less on it and had expected the quality of the swing accordingly I would be happier with it.

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