Summer Infant Ladybug Soothing Bassinet Pink

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Summer Infant Ladybug Soothing Bassinet Pink features

The Summer Infant Ladybug Bassinet is an ideal place for your sleeping newborn. The bassinet can be easily wheeled into a bedroom, so you can keep baby by your side at night. The Bassinet features music, vibration, three soft removable toys plus a removable mattress sheet. The Summer Infant Ladybug Bassinet also features a large basket for storing baby essentials. Read user reviews before you buy summer infant ladybug soothing bassinet pink.

  • Large basket for storing baby essentials
  • Locking castors for safety
  • Mattress sheet included
  • Quilted bassinet with embroidery
  • Adjustable canopy with 3 soft toys
  • Features 4 musical melodies; 2 nature sounds; 1 womb sound
  • Also features soothing vibrations
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Assembly required
  • summer infant ladybug soothing bassinet pink
  • UPC# 001291426010
Summer Infant
Images of the bright sun and babies are thought to bring happiness to most. These inspirations are part of why a baby company would call itself Summer Infant. Not does this company believe in happy thoughts but also quality products that are practical. We carry cribs and bassinettes that provide safety and comfort. Summer Infant also carries bedding and swaddling blankets that protect baby from suffocating during sleep time. We also ensure that our line of baby gear, which includes bouncers, car seats, playards, and swings are carefully constructed.

Bassinets Moses Baskets and Co-Sleepers

Most parents buy cribs for their newborn babies to sleep in. However, there are other options, as well, like buying bassinets, Moses baskets and co-sleepers. Bassinets and Moses baskets are ideal for babies up to four months and are quite similar. The difference, though is that bassinets have hoods, providing a safe, cozy place for baby to sleep in and can be portable or fixed on a frame like a crib while Moses baskets can be with or without hoods and can be easily carried around. Co-sleepers, on the other hand, are designed to be put on the bed so babies can sleep beside their mothers, which is especially ideal for breastfeeding, without the risk of being smothered. We offer a wide selection of bassinets, Moses baskets and co-sleepers for your needs. We have portable bassinets and those that look like small cribs, some of which even rock back and forth. We also have beautifully woven Moses baskets with trimmings and co-sleepers with baby's comfort and safety in mind.

Summer Infant Ladybug Soothing Bassinet Pink reviews

Beautiful Bassinet
5 stars
09/11/2010 by aaronky, Elizabethtown KY,

Comments about Summer Infant Ladybug Soothing Bassinet Pink:
My husband and I put this together in about an hour we had trouble with the basket underneith it , with getting the cloth to go over the bars I think they made it to tight, we also had trouble getting the screws to line up but once we did everything looked perfect!

Love It!!!!!
5 stars
08/23/2010 by Averynewmom1, Memphis,TN

Comments about Summer Infant Ladybug Soothing Bassinet Pink:
I have been looking for a bassinet for months now... And I came across this one on three different websites... I went to see it in person and instantly fell in love with... It does everything I wanted a bassinet to do... I would definitely would recommend this bassinet to new parents..

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