TinkerBell andamp; The Great Fairy Rescue DS

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TinkerBell andamp; The Great Fairy Rescue DS features

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue on Nintendo DS invites players to create their own fairy and fly into Fairy Camp and adventure through the English countryside and explore all new locations to find and grow the rare Rainbow Lily. Players will interact with Lizzy and team up with fairy friends to bring each of the six rare lilies to Fairy Camp. Along the way, fans will complete quests and take part in a wide variety of mini-games that will use specific fairy talents for arts and crafts, bak Read user reviews before you buy tinkerbell andamp; the great fairy rescue ds.

  • Create and customize Fairy avatar and select fairy talents, facial features, hair style, outfits and accessories
  • Team up and play with all six fairies while working together to bring summer to the English Countryside
  • Compete in a wide variety of quests, time-based minigames, puzzles and crafts using different fairy talents and skills
  • Download fairy from PixieHollow.com to the English Countryside on the Nintendo DS
  • Send postcards from Fairy Camp to friends in PixieHollow.com
  • Upload gatherables from the English Countryside to PixieHollow.com
  • tinkerbell andamp; the great fairy rescue ds
  • UPC# 071272501965
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TinkerBell andamp; The Great Fairy Rescue DS reviews

A BIG Let Down! Dont waste your money!
1 stars
04/13/2011 by JGinNY, NY,

Comments about TinkerBell andamp; The Great Fairy Rescue DS:
My granddaughter thought this would be a great game because she loved the movie so much, but it has almost NOTHING to do with the movie! It just wants to keep planting flowers!! I tried it with her, and couldnt believe Disney would approve this game. Why would kids want to keep planting flowers? The movie is about a little girl named Lizzie, and the fairies have to come and save Tinkerbell from Lizzie. There are brief times when Lizzie shows up in the game, but only to tell you to go plant flowers. Disney? Come on! You could have made this game fun and actually about the movie! My advice,,, dont bother with this game unless your kids love planting tons of flowers. Ugh!

3 stars
12/21/2010 by momof21977, River Rouge MI,

Comments about TinkerBell andamp; The Great Fairy Rescue DS:
I bought this game this year for my eight year old for a gift..As mentioned, there is loads of reading and truthfully its not geared for an eight year old normal reading level anyhow...The mini games are extremely hard..I played them and as adult had a hard time let alone a young child..Was a waste of money..It says basic reading skills are needed to enjoy this game..This isn't basic reading skills...Theres nothing but reading...When you make the clothing..You don't get to actually make the clothing either..You just tap on it and its made..Then they can try them on and wear it if you like..I find that also a little disappointing..Also, the mini games that you do play and as you advance never become unlocked..Again, WASTE OF MONEY STAY AWAY FROM THE GAME

Make sure you child can FULLY read
1 stars
10/25/2010 by LBelle263, Georgia,

Comments about TinkerBell andamp; The Great Fairy Rescue DS:
Way too advanced for young children! My daughter is 6 and just got a DS for her birthday. This was one of her first games she got. The Fairies DO NOT TALK! Plan on reading every 5 seconds to your child just so they can play this game. Plus, I have even played the game and many of the mini games are hard. I had to repeat some of them just to complete them. If you are looking for a cute game for your young daughter try Fancy Nancy tea party! Very cute!

It does not talk!
3 stars
09/30/2010 by Greatday, Plano,TX

Comments about TinkerBell andamp; The Great Fairy Rescue DS:
I bought this for my 6 year old daughter. The fairies do not talk outloud, you have to read the screen. I have to read the screen to her. She finally told me not to worry about it. She likes it but as a parent, I'm not pleased with it nor with the cost if it's not really kid friendly.

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