20" Hyper Spinner Pro Boys' BMX Bike, Black

Average User Rating: 4 stars 3.88out of161

The 20" Hyper Spinner Pro BMX Bike features alloy platform BMX pedals for pulling off the most awesome tricks and micro-drive front and rear sprockets for a smooth ride, even off-road. This Micro Drive 20" BMX Bike has a rotor up front for 360-degree handlebar rotation and thereby lets you experiment with various stunts more confidently. Decked out in a mean black paint job, BMX biking has never been as fun or easy as on the 20" Hyper Spinner Pro BMX Bike. The 20" Hyper Spinner Pro BMX Bike sturdy build and design makes it perfect for bikers just learning the ways of dirt biking and more experienced cyclists as well. Its multi-surface tires are highly versatile and thus aid you ride on all terrains with enhanced grip and control.

  • Spinner Pro Signature model
  • Micro-drive front and rear sprockets
  • The Boys' BMX Bike features alloy platform BMX pedals
  • Rotor for 360-degree handlebar rotation
  • 20" Hyper Spinner Pro BMX bike comes with multi-surface tires
  • Assembly required
  • UPC: 680674011160
  • Speeds: 1-Speed
  • Bike Type: BMX Bikes
  • Age Start: 8 Years
  • Age End: 12 Years
  • Primary Color: Black
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No: WMA-92004

Reviews for 20" Hyper Spinner Pro Boys' BMX Bike, Black (161)

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  • Nice!

    5 stars

    9/11/2015 by Ian88

    Bought this for my daughter who is extremely hard on stuff. Yes, a tomboy. She loves the bicycle especially the color. It was easy to put together and took no time at all.

  • My son loves it.

    5 stars

    9/4/2015 by Jason

    My son loves it. The brakes needed to be adjusted but no big deal

  • this bike is junk

    1 stars

    7/29/2015 by Donnie

    Bought this bike for my daughter with in three months the rear wheel just fell apart

  • Crappie bike do not buy

    1 stars

    7/23/2015 by Josh

    This is a horrible bike to buy I bought it for my girlfriend for our 1 year anniversary and the back tires bearings broke back axle was bent too, within 2 months of riding it. She only rode it about 30 times and that was just down the street. She never did tricks on it. Just simply riding 8 houses away. A horrible bike in total.

  • Pro BMXer Review

    5 stars

    3/14/2015 by Samantha

    I bought this bike for my 8 year old son. He races BMX and has a very expensive pro bike. He only rides his expensive bike at the track so I wanted him to have something he could play around with and ride daily. This bike is amazing. We had a little trouble with a peddle falling off but we just needed to get a bolt as, one was missing. This bike rides just as good as his expensive pro bike and looks "totally awesome", as my son said. You can not beat the price. This is a quality bike and a very good investment for any child who loves to ride a bike. I am so happy we chose this bike rather than one of the other model's as, the store had a plethora to choose from. You will not regret buying this item.

  • My son

    5 stars

    12/4/2014 by Child2001

    My son love this bike. Very good selection.

  • Strong and lasts long

    4 stars

    10/28/2014 by Harold23

    I thought I would get a few months out of this bike for my boy, but he still rocks it every day and loves cruising around on it.

  • Light and fast

    5 stars

    10/27/2014 by JCKz

    My son loves this bike and it's pefect for all his bmx tricks....very lightweight! I would recommend!

  • I love this bike!

    5 stars

    10/26/2014 by Kels0

    My grandma gave me $100 to buy a bike and it bought this one and it's light weight for bmx.

  • Great deal and easy to set up

    4 stars

    10/25/2014 by Carl2R

    A great bike. Beautiful paint and nice components. Easy to finish the assembly.

  • Great bike for my kid

    5 stars

    10/24/2014 by MikeG01

    Bought this bike for my 11 year old son. This is a great BMX bike for the money, and I expect to have this bike last a long time.

  • Great all around bike!

    4 stars

    9/8/2014 by Bobblyqwerty from Deltona, FL

    This bike is great for almost doing anything, the tyres are good in about any type of terrain or weather, haven't tried it in ice or snow yet. I can get a top speed of 22.4 MPH on a flat paved road and i'm 5'6" and weigh 124 LBS, the brakes are excellent even in wet conditions, (I ride it in the rain a lot). The chain is very strong, although is does have a slight popping noise when I go uphill every once in a while. One thing to mention is that the front tyre busted only after a month, and there were no nails inside it. I used Green Slime to fix it. Overall this bike is definitely worth it!

  • Excellent Excellent Bike!!

    5 stars

    6/16/2014 by FadeVoices

    Amazing bike for the price! durable, affordable(Maybe not too some people), super light, and really really easy to peddle!

  • Easy to assemble. My 10 year old loves it.

    5 stars

    6/14/2014 by Whamma from Pompano Beach, FL

    Great bike for the price. They out grow them almost every year. It took a couple of hours to assemble. All the pieces were in the box.

  • Good Solid Bike

    4 stars

    6/13/2014 by Jav23 from Las Vegas, NV

    This is the second one I bought for my son. He is 15. The first one lasted four years and he just plain wore it out. For the price of buying all the replacements parts it was just as good to buy another for the price of a new bike. It's a good bike for the money and he enjoys doing tricks on it. Would recommend to others.

  • Meh.

    2 stars

    2/17/2014 by Volumeup from Ohio

    Im a sponsored pro scooter rider+ skateboarding and BMX. Im really experienced with all this, so im gonna call out all the stuff by name. first off, my friend hooked me up with this as a temporary bike, because my current one was damaged at the time. The grips were good for the first few rides, but now they are completely ripped off my bars. The bar ends will slide out after a while, if you ride it thru the rain or go thru a puddle. The brakes are pathetic, the tires whent bald pretty fast, creaking when i pedal, loose parts, and the bars cant stay straight. i never brought it to a skatepark, or even did a 180 on it. The most "Extreme" thing i did was go down a hill. its an OK bike i guess. im only 118 pounds, so its not a weight issue. but for a beginner or just a A-B kinda rider its fine. It was smooth for a little and slightly functional, but ive had the bolts come loose and my wheel scrape against the frame and stuff like that. Not reliable at all. Maybe theres more i left out, its been in my other friends garage for a while now after it broke down in the middle of a ride. But if you are just gonna give this thing to a 9-12 year old its fine.

  • Overall great bike

    5 stars

    1/20/2014 by MamaButler from Reno, Nevada

    Came to us very sleek and clean. Very sturdy bike, looks more expensive than $100. My son is eight and loves it, fits his rocker style. What you see is what you get :) I'll update after a year to see if its durability holds up.

  • Nice looking bike

    5 stars

    1/11/2014 by WCC334 from Dothan, AL

    I bought this bike for my son for Christmas, he loves it. It is perfect for a boy and my son loves that it is a BMX and he can do a few easy bike tricks. Very well made and great color.

  • Decent value for cost

    4 stars

    12/24/2013 by Maddogg0618 from Verde Valley, AZ

    Gifted item

  • my son loves it

    5 stars

    11/2/2013 by redrobin79 from arizona

    I bought this for my son and he loves it. Very well made.

  • Not for those looking to replace their old bikes.

    3 stars

    10/4/2013 by Bmxr2013 from Las Vegas, NV

    'First off; after about 1/2 months of just simply riding around (wasnt way into bmx back then) the grips began to tear off; leaving a trail wherever i rode.. Second; the bike is just WAY TO HEAVY around 25:30lbs. Third; the rims arent very "high quality" and I didnt expect it either. But they're worse then I had hoped; for the price atleast. They began to bend basically stopping me from riding just after 1 simple jump off a ramp. So its not very durable either. But I must say; it did get me from place to place in decent style; and at a reasonably fast pace. All in all; i just don't agree with the price of it.

  • Purchased as a gift for my grandson

    5 stars

    8/10/2013 by Serignan

    This was a gift and my grandson loved it. Also when delivered when my son put it together a part of the brake system was missing. He just dropped into WalMart and they took care of it right away Good Service.

  • buy if you know to assemble

    3 stars

    7/25/2013 by Jsck1234 from Chicago, IL

    I really had a hard time assembling this bike. I my home country, bike comes assembled, we don't hv the experience of assembling a bike. We tried assembling the bike with help of the manual but the diagram is not really clear. I had to bring back to the walmart near my place and ask for help and was directed to the store's assembler. He was so nice, without any hesitation, he assemble it for me. Thank you, Walmart and the wonderful staffs. Other then the assembling part, the bike is great. My 14yr son likes it, his only complain is the saddle/seat, not comfortable. It will be greater if the saddle/seat has some cushion n we hv the option to get it assembled before shipping.

  • Amazing bike!

    5 stars

    7/24/2013 by RavensFan58 from Seattle, Washington

    I got this bike for my birthday last July. I very much enjoyed riding it for nearly a year before it was stolen this June. I guess it was such a great bike that someone decided they deserved it more than me...

  • Nice Bike

    4 stars

    7/19/2013 by bbakkebo from Durango, Co

    My son is really happy with his new bike.


    5 stars

    7/17/2013 by BMXKING03 from michigan

    I got this bike as a christmas gift and have been riding for almost a year. Took off the front brakes because I go off a lot of ramps and ride with friends. I also put ODI grips since the original grips ware down quick. Lately I have been jumping 15-16 feet with my Hyper. Overall best bike I have ever had!

  • Only a rider

    4 stars

    7/14/2013 by DDF8fan

    This bike will hold up if it is being used to just ride from one place or another or bike around town, but not for doing bmx stunts. The frame and the 48 spoke wheels hold up well, but the rest does not take the abuse well. The crank will bend and the bb cups crack. The stem also does not do a very good job of holding the bars tight. The bars and the fork bend as well but will last a while. This bike looks good and rides smooth, and the cassette hub has a nice sound to it. Any kid will love it.

  • nice boys bicycle

    5 stars

    6/15/2013 by basketweaver104 from Waverly,OH

    My son has been nonstop talking about and riding his new bike. It's made sturdy and built to endure a teenaged boys rough handling. I highly recommend this bicycle.

  • as long as you don't ride it...

    1 stars

    6/10/2013 by diddlybob

    It's a great bike if you don't plan on riding it. there's a sticker right on the frame that says don't jump or stunt this bike. My son had it for 6 months and we were quotes 245 bucks to fix the damage from him doing tricks on it. Also, don't have the walmart employee put it together. They stripped the threads on the crank and jammed the pedal in so we had to buy a new crank and pedals. We are now looking at over 500 investment for a 100 bike. It's trash.

  • Dont buy

    1 stars

    5/31/2013 by bmxreviewer from USA, Earth

    i had this bike for a month and things are just breaking on it. the rear hub now needs to be replaced and the chain snapped. the original rear nuts were stamped metal and were really crooked, i replaced them. I didn't do anything crazy on it like extreme bmx tricks i just cruise on it and all this happened to it. from a fellow human to another don't buy this very terrible bike.

  • best bike ever

    5 stars

    5/29/2013 by doglovingdad from aberdeen,sd

    it was perfect for my 10 year old and he loves it

  • Great Bike!

    5 stars

    5/22/2013 by Raptorman670 from PA

    i have had this bike since 08!I have jumped over 12 ft with this a lot.I wrecked it a couple of times, and changed the stock tubes and still is mint condition. Yes on all bikes you have to keep the chain lubed it helps it last, just buy some wd-40 and your good to go.This bike has done its job.

  • OK for price

    2 stars

    5/22/2013 by Jdad1234 from NY

    Bought one at the store, Chain broke 10 mins after bringing it home. I returned it and had a new one shipped to the house. Front tire was flat straight out of the box. Spend the extra $150-200 and get a decent brand

  • awesome bike for the money

    5 stars

    5/17/2013 by novice41 from Spring Grove, pa

    My 12 year old loves this bike. He's only had it for a month, so I can't tell about the longevity of the bike. He is happy , so I am happy.

  • Happy wallet, happy kid!

    5 stars

    4/21/2013 by moonchylde5 from Vancouver, WA

    I was searching for a bike for my son's birthday when I found the Hyper Spinner Pro BMX on Walmart's website.I wanted something that wasn't garish colors, though he likes bright colors now, he might not in a year. I also wanted something sturdy that would last, yet lighter- weight. This bike is everything we were looking for, with a good suspension and 360 spin handlebars (in case he gets bmx fever). I ordered and paid for it online, and just hours later, I was picking it up at my local store - no shipping and handling charges - and fully assembled. All-in-all, one of the most positive gift-buying and shopping experiences I've had in a long time, and my son is in love with this bike!

  • worth every penny

    5 stars

    4/9/2013 by handlebarlover from bakersfield, california

    i bought a twenty inch mongoose about two years ago for 130, this one cost less and ride better. flat black is awsome. now me and my boy ride together, i wish he let me have this bike but he is just too smart.

  • Great Bike!!

    5 stars

    4/4/2013 by dmedwards from Deposit, NY

    My son LOVES this bike! My son wasn't sure that he would like this bike because of the small socket. After taking the bike for a quick ride he told me that having the small socket it is actually easier to ride and he can go faster!

  • Great bike but some bad things

    4 stars

    2/26/2013 by Austinw360 from Wentzville, MO

    Im 13 and i got this bike last year. Its an awsome bike, Me and my freinds ramp all the time and its super light. All I did was take off the pegs, chain protector, front brake, and reflectors. The only negative thing that i have about it is that one of the links broke in my chain and my ball bearings where the sproket goes keep breaking. I replaced my chain once and my ball bearings 3 times. The ball bearings keep breaking so im just going to get a new bike but i used it for almost 2 years and its definately worth the money

  • Great bike for little kid

    5 stars

    1/1/2013 by MidwestMam from Indiana

    We bought this for our 7 year old dare devil. He loves it. Don't know how it fits into a "real" BMX bike, but our first grader thinks it's the greatest thing in the world. The tires are a lot thicker than his previous 16" bike and look like they will last a lot longer as well.

  • nice looking

    5 stars

    12/29/2012 by moms2boyz from Daphne, Alabama

    This was a Christmas gift for my 8 year old. It is a little too high for him to get up on but he does and he loves it. I figure he will have plenty of years with this one. The last couple of bikes he's had, he's outgrown them very fast. My in-laws put it together for us so I have no tips on that. The bike is awesome looking and my 8 year old boy almost cried when he saw it. He has ridden it everyday.

  • Sweet Bike!

    5 stars

    12/26/2012 by Castlemama from Elkhart, In

    My 10 year old son was so excited to get this bike for Christmas. He loves it and my 14 year old son is quite jealous, good thing his birthday is January 7th and we already have his bike from walmart.com. The instructions were kinda hard to follow but adding a little common sense was all we had to do to get it put together quickly. It arrived in a very timley manner, one thing you can trust about walmart.com orders.

  • gift for grandson

    5 stars

    12/26/2012 by browneyes1965 from fresno,ca

    my grandson loved his gift and as always get the best quailty products at walmart.

  • Great bike

    5 stars

    12/23/2012 by BigDuck from Las Vegas

    This is a great bike. Sturdy and solid. I bought it as a gift for my grandson and he thinks it's very cool. My only caution would be that the instruction manual covers several models and isn't terribly clear, so don't put it together yourself unless you are familiar with bicycle assembly, or at least sort of handy with tools.

  • Gift for Kid

    4 stars

    12/19/2012 by ranziec39 from Milledgeville, GA

    Christmas Gift, Still in Box but the price was good.

  • Great bicycle for Christmas gift

    5 stars

    12/10/2012 by AKinNC from NC

    We got this bicycle at an excellent price right after Thanksgiving, had it delivered to our local store and picked it up the next week - wonderful purchase experience, very quick and efficient.

  • Good bike

    3 stars

    12/9/2012 by Paybell from Hugo okla

    Would have rated it higher but had to bring the first one back wasn't put together right the brakes di dn't work they was put on wrong the nuts and bolts were strip out and the heads were chewed up...

  • Great novice bike

    5 stars

    12/9/2012 by MoDiggs from Dover, DE

    This is a good bike for my son, who is into tricks and BMX. For the price I cound not be anymore pleased.

  • Great Bike

    5 stars

    12/8/2012 by 350freak from Raleigh, NC

    Great bike I had it assymbled in less than 10 mins. (had a bit of practice however) but should be easy for anyone. Everything was in the box and half preassymbled too

  • Just put together... Assembly was easy...

    5 stars

    12/8/2012 by CFLDAD from Central Florida

    Since we are going to be traveling for Christmas day, we decided to have the Elf on the Shelf put together the bike tonight. As the Elf had a somewhat handy helper, the bike went together easy without instructions. When the instructions were needed to be frank they were unclear, but I would say that with the Elf and his helper we got it together in no time. I did tighten all the bolts VERY tight and no signs of weak metal or any other concerns during assembly of the bike. I will report back if we have any “longer” term issues with quality or workmanship.

  • GREAT, for a kid

    3 stars

    12/1/2012 by asdfgh888 from Denver,CO

    I am 13.....i bought this bike for $100 because i wanted a bmx bike. i did not realize that it was not for bmx...it is more of a 10 year old's bike to race with and impress your friends, BUT IT'S NOT FOR BMX...it is heavy and broke down on me at the skate park.....my point is FOR A KID LOOKING FOR A BIKE=PERFECT FOR A KID LOOKING FOR A TRUE BMX BIKE=GARBAGE

  • BMX Bike

    5 stars

    10/22/2012 by JBixler from Enid, OK

    I purchased this bike for my 9yr old son & he absolutely loves it!

  • great bike for a great price

    5 stars

    10/9/2012 by Laurad5907 from Pleasanton, CA

    This was a gift for my 24 year old daughter..she loves it

  • Great Bike!

    5 stars

    9/10/2012 by watertech1 from Aurora, Colorado

    I bought this bike for my 12 yr. old son because his DiamondBack was in for repairs and was going to take 2 weeks to fix. Wasnt sure he would like it but its better than walking right? Now i cant get him off of it! He says its lighter than the $350.00 DiamondBack and loves the small front crank. I would definitely recommend this bike, especialy for the price.


    1 stars

    9/9/2012 by Matthewblackberry from columbus Ohio

    I had this bike for 5 hours and i weight 125 and my friend weight 98 and i went to stop and the brake line snapped in half -____-

  • AWFUL!

    1 stars

    8/10/2012 by OnlineADDICT2010 from philadelphia,PA

    bought this bike in april 2012, my son rode it 3 times, a flat tire, and now the back wheel micro spinner has to be replaced. The bike shops and technicians can't figure out the make up of this bike the piece that needs to be replaced is too expensive you be better off buying another wheel, a regular sized wheel. The bike has cheap parts. NOT STURDY AT ALL

  • Bike broke in 3 days!

    1 stars

    8/6/2012 by Odaroloc24 from Topeka, KS

    My old bike was getting old. I had gotten it in Kindergarten. Im 15 and was really excited about this bike. I went out and bought it from my local Walmart. Obviously it needed to be tighten up and the tires needed to be aired up but that is pretty much how all Walmart bikes are. I rode it for 2 days and the rear gear that hooks to the chain started to slip. Then on the 3rd day, the back gear completely broke. I ride bikes hard. I did jumps and tricks with it. My old bike was a NEXT Bulge. It has lasted me 10 year now and I just broke the chain the other day. The same chain i have had on there for 10 YEARS. Please do not buy this bike unless your a casual rider. if you want to do jumps and tricks, this is not the bike for that. Mike

  • disgrace to hyper

    1 stars

    7/28/2012 by killerBMX from Red oak, TX

    i personally ride a hyper 4D, and since this bike hit stores my bike has been ridiculed non-stop even though it is a very nice/ expensive bike... i hate this bike i bought it for the frame after the first ride it was utter trash, the front hub was falling apart, the freewheel was terribly loose. the brakes are in need of CONSTANT repair. the frame alone was decent but everything else was it the trash within 3days of owning it...

  • complete waste of 100 dollars

    1 stars

    7/23/2012 by derekgt from illinois

    i rode this bike for a few days and about the 5th day i had it the back rim was starting to mess up well ive been bmxing for about 5 years now i have a haro a gt a dyno and a mongoose and they all perform a million times better than this so call "pro bmx bike" so after the back rim got all messed up and started losing bearings i replaced the back rim it rode fine for a while then me and my friends decided to go ride out on a dirt track so we hit some jumps this and that well i jhop over a curb and when i got home i took the crank off to grease the bearing welll as soon as i pulled the loose ball bearing clip out of the cup bearing by bearing fell out of the clip so i junked the bike it wasnt worth anything at all and all that i will say is that this bike is cheap and if your gonna be bmxing go get yourself a bike that will last such as a eastern gt or haro

  • TOO Awsome don't listen to scooter freaks

    5 stars

    7/18/2012 by happyfaceslappydace

    Too cool this bike is awesome. Some people state the problems when honestly there isn't usually any. Good for Bmx (any range from beginners to pros). Gosh there are some people that put the thing through so much and it is fine. Just look at the price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great bike for its price

    4 stars

    7/18/2012 by Cynamin from Soulsbyville,CA

    My boyfriend and myself bought this bike for his son for his 7th bday and he loves it it's a great bike for its price we didn't have to spent hundreds on a bmx and we couldn't believe the shipping was only $.99 perfect!

  • Great Bike For A Beginnner

    5 stars

    7/14/2012 by JAustin99 from Altamont,IL

    I love this bike i just got it 2 hours ago and it is just the best!! Love IT!!!!

  • Excellent Bike

    5 stars

    7/8/2012 by RMA514 from Whitestone, NY

    Great Price. Quick Delivery to Store and my son loves the bike

  • Great Bike

    5 stars

    6/15/2012 by Lichine from Los Angeles, CA

    I got this for my 10 year old son. The price was so low that I was wondering how it would turn out -- but it wonderful and he loves it. It is sturdy and well made. And the Walmart people put it together for you for free if you ask. My other son (who is older and the more experienced rider) also thinks the bike is great and he is very picky.

  • DONR BUY!!!

    1 stars

    6/9/2012 by ThyOpinion from Shelton


  • It is a terrible bike

    1 stars

    5/30/2012 by GhostFace187 from Inola,Ok

    I bought this bike about a month ago I dont bmx I was just riding it And the back sprocket fell apart and then the front sprocket chipped so I had to spend an extra $30 just to replace it this bike is not good at all not recommended it is a terrible bike

  • WOW

    2 stars

    5/6/2012 by cheapbike from new england

    Brakes busted on the 2nd pull...IF your going to pull the brakes off....and you weigh under 120lbs...and you ONLY have $100.00 to spend and you want a bike right now...I guess it's worth it....If you can save up another $50.00 get one of the DK bikes...They are a little better... Also get the extra one year warranty for $6.00...because this bikes gonna' break after a month or two.

  • Sturdy Good Bike For A Ten Year Old To Grow With

    4 stars

    4/28/2012 by Doc333 from Alexandria VA

    Our ten year old likes his bike. As with most boys he likes to jump over things like curbs with it. The neighborhood kids have a ramp they use with their bikes. The brakes and tires provide a safe and steady ride.

  • Awesome bmx bike!!

    5 stars

    4/27/2012 by slavicdog3

    i got this bike and i put some eastern forks stem and bars on it and swaped it out for 3 piece cranks. I have about $110 in to the bike plus $100 for the parts and it weighs in at 23.7 pounds on my bicycle weight. Heck of a bike if your looking to upgrade it!

  • broken

    1 stars

    4/15/2012 by DetailNY from Johnstown NY

    Two of these bikes were broken. One on display had a broken rear cone in the store. The second broke after getting the bike home. Since there were no more of this model available at the local store I opted to purchase a more expensive bike. The more expensive bike has a rear cone machined from aluminum where the other model was of the steel drum type. The bike has the same frame with better quality parts.

  • Good only if you remove the excess stuff

    4 stars

    4/7/2012 by frnklyn from pennsauken, NJ

    Good but the bike was really heavy at first! but when i got to my friends house we removed all the extra stuff: pegs,brakes,kickstand,gyro,etc that you dont really need that dropped the bikes weight bike a heck lot from thirty something to only 25lbs thats almost lighter than my friends fitbike good for the value you cant really expect a super light bike and suchh but its overall very good pros weight (after removing extra stuff) looks warranty cons 1piece cons i recommend this even though others say it wont last ehh buy this you wont regret it and plus you could upgrade it!

  • great deal,for the money

    4 stars

    3/26/2012 by loyalcostomer from NJ

    great bike for only a 100 bucks! it has all the features of a expensive bmx bike . i got it yesterday, havent rode it that hard yet. i took off all the unneccery things besides pegs, because i grind. i will take them off, when i know im going to be doing certain tricks. but the bike is pretty heavy, but not like other bikes like mongoose rebel , ect. but even if it weight a ton, it would still be a great deal for a 100 bucks. honestly if u took it to a park or something with ur friends, u could tell them it was several hundred dollars n they wouldnt question it. the tires are 1095, whick is pretty skinny. but thts my preference. i like thick tires. n the tread on the tires arent too good either. but all in all a VER good bike , especially for bmxing.

  • fair

    2 stars

    3/26/2012 by Biker121995

    i bought this bike on august 10th 2011 and i loved it. it is an okay bike but you have to be careful with it. the back driver will brake, the tires will pop easily, and the front rim will fall off if you ride a wheelie right after you buy it.

  • not reccomended

    1 stars

    3/17/2012 by mstrymn from sheppton pa

    i bought this bike for my son for christmas and had to replace it already he had about 3 weeks of ride time on it and blew out the rear wheel bearing will never buy another one

  • excellent bike

    5 stars

    3/6/2012 by likeabossninja

    Its a great bike i use it everyday and have not had a problem with it. Don't pay attention to any review except this. You should defenitley buy this bike it rocks but i recommend ordering this bike to put it together yourself. It is a little heavy but if you strip it down to just the bike no brakes or pegs it is pretty light.

  • Excellent Bike

    5 stars

    2/23/2012 by CP9587

    My Son races BMX and has an amazing race bike. He needed a bike to ride around the neighborhood and this bike is perfect for that. It is really well built, similar in style and components to the neighborhood Diamond Back my other son purchased for the neighborhood for $60 more. It is hard to find good quality products at Walmart but I have to say that this one is a hidden treasure. Cannot beat the price and the bike is great.

  • nice bike but buy from a store, not online

    2 stars

    1/5/2012 by whitey92Lx

    It was not put together very well and was missing parts. I ended up taking it back and exchanging it for one at the store. Much better.


    5 stars

    12/26/2011 by Camaro69ssrs

    Bike has great features for the value. Daughter loves it.

  • Great Bike

    5 stars

    12/19/2011 by aassddffgghhjjkkll

    i bought this bike for my 9 year old son and he loved it he loves to go bike ridding with his friends he has owned about 4 other bike and id say this one is the best


    5 stars

    12/19/2011 by strykerbar

    Just got it today its a pretty good bike very light just took off the reflectors and pegs

  • Very disappointed

    1 stars

    11/25/2011 by wifeandmom89

    Rear wheel bearings went out after second time riding it. Took it back and they attempted to repair but still did not work. My son rode the bike like 4 times and has been trying to fix it himself since. Will not ever buy this brand again.

  • perfect for the price

    5 stars

    11/19/2011 by bikeguy98

    i bought this a year ago and it is currently ferrari red it was gold but i had a accident from a jump so i painted it red the picture is gold and the other is red

  • Decent for the money!

    4 stars

    11/4/2011 by ChiddyBang from GA

    I am a seasoned rider, and just recently decided to move into bmx with this bike. The bike feels a little to heavy to me but you wont really find much lighter for the money; also the brakes couldn't be more useless. The first day I rode the bike the pedals were a bit wobbly so I tightened them up and it still seemed to wobble but it doesn't much matter as long as long as both feet are on the pedals. Overall though I think most bikes at this price range are comparable, my biggest thing is that I would have found the lightest one possible for the money.

  • Very good bike!!!!

    5 stars

    11/2/2011 by MrBigShot1313

    I have had this bike for about two years, it is a very good bike!!!! I just tore off all the stickers and logos, i very much recommend this bike to a BMX rider!!!!

  • Great for its price

    5 stars

    10/16/2011 by Blacklabelmaster from Morganville,Nj

    i had bought this bike its works totally fine the only things were the bike had somethings a real BMX bike does not have. The pegs put to much weight on to the bike so i took them off before i even got home and started to ride it the peds are alloy so the take a lot of weight so i put blacklabel pedals on it i took the front brakes off and also bought new tires because the back tire burned out after 2 weeks and that way i got the weight down to 14 pounds it is great bike. i aslo have a 400 dollar Blacklabel and this bike is as good as that.


    5 stars

    10/8/2011 by PROBMX from NEWBURY PARK CA


  • Good bike, not recommended for minor stunt

    4 stars

    9/29/2011 by Bipfranko

    The price of this bike meets the size of my pocket. The quality is OK for fun riding but not recommended for minor stunts

  • Poor quality

    1 stars

    9/10/2011 by rileyshopper from Grandville,MI

    We purchased this bike 4 months ago for our 7 year old. He did not use it roughly and it is already broken. The chain/pedal assembly is broken and it is not something we can repair at home. We tried to contact the company on their website & that feature is "not working"and there is not a phone number listed. We chose this as it seemed like the highest quality bike at Walmart & disappointed we spent the extra money!!!

  • Eghh

    2 stars

    9/1/2011 by Manny789 from Wildomar CA

    It's a good bike i had a lot of problems with it the pedals would break easily and also the chain would come off alot even thou i tightened it like 5 times its an ok bike if u only wnat it for like 1 or 2 weeks.

  • Good Bike

    5 stars

    8/28/2011 by JnBh

    Great speed with the small crank I was surprised at how fast this bike is!!! Built well, solid performer

  • Great bike for beginner - no free assembly.

    5 stars

    8/23/2011 by An anonymous customer from NY

    This bike was purchased for my 6yo for his Bday and is great for his riding ability. It's slightly big for him but by next year it'll fit just fine. The bike is great for beginners, especially for the price. The bike was not assembled by the store as I was told it would be and it had a few deep scratches from shipping. I thought about returning it but since I had to assemble it and received it close to his Bday we will have to unhappily live with it.

  • Great for a Cheap and Fun Mid-Life Crisis!!!

    5 stars

    8/17/2011 by Kuhnaydeein from West Linn, OR

    Just turned 30 in May and have been stuck in the house and working and not much else for years. Always wanted a BMX bike with Pegs since I got my first bike: an old at the time blue huffy BMX-ish bike when I was about 11. Great bike for tooling around the neighborhood, not very comfy to ride (seat is a bit small) but I ride standing up the majority of the time anyway. It's a cool (read: low key) looking Adult BMX bike with tons of quality built-in. I say 'adult BMX' because it's rated for 220lbs (I wont say how close I am to that mark, but let's just say I'm going to have to keep burnin' them calories if I want to keep riding this thing!)

  • Great BMX Bike

    5 stars

    7/29/2011 by hyperbikes123

    This bike is great for the $100 price tag. It looks very cool and it rides very smooth. The breaks work good. The pegs are nice and this bike is not heavy at all. I left all of the pegs and the breaks on and this bike does not feel heavy. I just use this bike to ride around with a do a couple of tricks but not really. Overall, this is a great bike for me.

  • Best bike for the price.

    5 stars

    7/27/2011 by MON5T3R

    This is by far the best BMX bike that can be bought new for an affordable price. Although its a Walmart bike, it comes with everything that is needed to pull off any trick. Strong and fairly light structurally, but some parts need to be adjusted to fit your own preferences, but that helps make the bike better. The only problem i have had with this product was that i have gone through to tire tubes, but that got fixed when i bought a self sealing tube. Me and two of my friends have this bike and we love it.

  • worst bike ever

    1 stars

    7/20/2011 by bmxer16

    this is by far the worst bike i have ever had the brakes rub on back tire had to take brakes off chain falls off can not tighten i will have to put old parts off of my dk fury which will make it better but i do not recomend it so if ur looking at this bike u might want to have a old bike to swap parts with or extra money for new partss!!!!


    4 stars

    7/18/2011 by user84 from Ohio

    im a 31yr old 6' 210lb male that wanted a solid bike for some riding around. i read all the reviews here and figured id take a shot at this bike for some causal riding. this bike IS worth the money, yea its not a full blown pro BMX bike and some of the parts are cheaply made but seriously... its $100. what do you expect from a $100 bike? i think once you realize what your getting here this is a great deal. i got the warranty for an extra $6 just in case some of the parts like the crank or wheel bearings go bad. i expect that if i ride this bike on a regular basis ill probably need to replace a few things of that nature given my weight but if this bike where bought for lighter rider in mind you might be just fine with the typical abuse a pre-teen/teen would throw at a bike on a daily basis. i knocked one star off cuz the package was pretty banged up when i went to pick it up from Site to Store (so bad the box was actually busted open). the frame was scratched up in a few places but nothing down to the bare metal, also the rims were slightly bent because of this too but i plan to have them replaced thru the manufacture instead of returning the bike to walmart since its still ride-able at this point. i would say the bike is pretty light for a steal frame. i took off the kick stand and front brake just cuz i wont ever use them and maybe shaved about 1.5lbs off but im not really obsessed with the weight as i said its pretty light to begin with. the paint job is pretty good as it survived the abuse of shipping and none of the scratches went down to bare metal. the back brake is plenty strong. with some adjustment i got it to be solid enough to lock up the back tire and leave some skid marks. the gyro works awesome. the clamps for the seat and handle bars seem to hold up good so far. just make sure you tighten up all the pre-assembled stuff and you should have a nice smooth, solid riding bike for a cheap price.

  • Good bike for the money

    4 stars

    7/3/2011 by coddington12

    I have had this bike for only about 3 days but it is great so far. There are a few things you should know before riding 1. Make sure every thing is really tight (i was riding and pushed the right pedal down to go and it pulled the right side of the rim forward making the chain loose and making it fall off) 2. The brakes arent that good but once the paint wears off the rim they will grip better. All in all i would definitly recommend this bike.

  • Does Not Meet Expectations

    1 stars

    6/17/2011 by frye36 from Wisconsin

    Bought this bike for my son. The first day he had it the chain would not stay tight and the nuts that hold the back tire on stripped when he tried to tighten them to keep the chain tight. The bike is pretty much useless now, he can ride it for about 5 minutes before the chain falls off. We have even taken it to the bike shop and had new locking nuts put on the back tire to hold things tight and the chain still comes loose. The bike was fully assembled when purchased, so it had nothing to do with us not knowing how to put it together. It is really too bad because it is a nice looking bike and the price was right, I guess the old saying "you get what you pay for" really is true.

  • sprocket probles

    1 stars

    5/22/2011 by alexneedsanewbike from gloucester mass

    the back sprocket broke twice on me. the ball bearings fell out and the pedals would not pedal. i got a new part with the warranty the first time and when it happened again to me i requested a refund on the bike.

  • the hyper spinner pro bike

    5 stars

    5/21/2011 by 199thepro

    hi i am 14 and i am into bmxing. it is a very light bike you can easily bunny hop. it is a fast bike but i would recomend taking off the pegs and front brake the back brake works great. overall this is the best bike for it price get the bike!!

  • awsome

    5 stars

    5/15/2011 by bmxkid123

    its a nice bike all i do is jump 1080 ramps grind and this is a great bike for beginners im goona start going to the park soon so ill see from their

  • Great bike and durable

    4 stars

    5/15/2011 by Bmx247

    i got this bike about a month and a half ago and if you want a nice bike with looks i recommend this product. There were some bad parts about the bike like, the front hub was loose and i had to buy a new one, the seat is uncomfortable, the grips were slippery, and there were to many stickers. Overall its a good bike

  • you get what u pay for

    3 stars

    5/12/2011 by maestro79

    i bought this bike with intentions that the product would live up to its name but after looking at reviews i bought one my self cause i ride bmx and no joke i destroyed the thing in a matter of 2 day i mean i popped the tires , brkes broke , chain poped , crnk and tires bent i really punished the thing but i talk to mike and some other folks and we have come up with this its a starter bike and if you wanna build it it thats your buisseness and that the best part its a start you build to make it a better bike at that price

  • Good product for the price

    4 stars

    5/5/2011 by An anonymous customer

    Went together fairly easy. Did have to pull the forks apart in order to get the wheel on.

  • Great Bike With Minor Removals

    4 stars

    5/4/2011 by theghostofstun

    It's a very good looking bike, unlike anything I've seen at Wal-Mart. But the front brakes are bad, and it is also very heavy. Solutions to both problems, take off the front brakes, (you're bmxing, they weigh you down). Second, just take off the pegs, the kickstand, and, like I said, the brakes (reflectors if your a dare devil). The bike starts at about 37 pounds, and doing what I said takes it down to about 28 pounds, which is really good considering at what it started at, and you don't have to buy anything. Its a great bike with a little bit of removing excess parts. (I suggest a plastic pair of pedals, I already hurt my shin).

  • Best Bike

    5 stars

    4/29/2011 by An anonymous customer

    Good Bike But The Brakes Are Not So Good

  • Nice bike

    5 stars

    4/28/2011 by BigBadKid from Windsor C.T.

    I was shopping around for a bike for a while. I started at the local bike shop, they had some nice bikes but for 3 times the price. Then I went to target, toys r us and then wal mart to compare prices and quality. I was surprised to find that the hyper spinner was the best buy for me at a fraction of the price of other bikes. I highly recommend this bike to anyone who doesn't ride professionally or do all kinds of crazy stunts and just wants a nice bmx bike. I love this bike.

  • Matches it's price

    4 stars

    4/28/2011 by Troghen

    For $100, it's an awesome bike. Obviously there are better out there, but if your casual, just use it to go places (like me) than it's great. I only have two problems: The tubes aren't the greatest. The air doesn't fill up, and the treads aren't great. I have a feeling i'll be needing a new one soon. Also, the brakes are a challenge to get off. I just took off the front, but the break is metal, so I had to saw through it to get it off, which took about an hour, since it's fairly thick and I haven't invested in a Dremel.

  • Buy It...

    5 stars

    4/26/2011 by Themanboyguydude217583743 from Jupiter

    Ok so me n my friends love bmx they both have this bike and im getting it tomm we are gonna be like a gang, lol. Today i rode my friends and we jumped dry ditch trenches it was just like grass nos nasty stuff and we get soo much ait you can get air anywhere you jump on this bike im gonna take off like everything front pegs, brakes, kickstand, all decals except for the big one, and reflectors. its gonna be beast.

  • ok bike

    4 stars

    4/23/2011 by bkr4lfe from long beach ca

    what is the sprocket on the back.Is it a driver or a cog?The bike good looks and is sturdy enough for park(beware no good for dirt jumps).But if anyone has a answer to my question could you tell me.

  • Good bike, bad brakes

    4 stars

    4/17/2011 by FruitBoy

    this is a wonderful bike. It has a nice frame, and the color is nice. I just don't like the brakes. They aren't very good so i was going to take them off but there really confusing. And be careful of the pegs. They have small bumps to keep your feet on but they hurt if you hit yourself with them.

  • No Just No!

    1 stars

    4/17/2011 by MagnusAdder from oklahoma

    if you are thinking about getting this bike look for something else. the price doesn't match the quality 100 bucks for cheep aluminum tubing, as well as the amount you will have to spend to get this bike ride able is laugh able, spend the extra 20 and get the rebel or save 20 and get an outlaw, or 40 on a chaos... all of those are much better quality.

  • more money spent on parts than bike

    2 stars

    4/7/2011 by stolnrider

    me and my uncle got this bike for christmas, 5 minutes of riding and my uncle had to replace drivetrain(sprocket, cranks, bottom bracket), after about a month we removed my cranks and my bottom bracket was shot, my cranks were bent, and my sprocket was crooked, we replaced all the parts and grips. after about 3 weeks my back rim locked up and i went over the handle bars, i removed the driver and the pawls were snapped and the spring was in pieces, still have to replace it, for beginners good bike, for someone who wants to make a career out of it, by a fit

  • The Pedals are JUNK!!!!!

    4 stars

    3/13/2011 by Imprezaive from West Virginia

    I bought this bike about a month ago, the bike was poorly put together. But, me being and avid BMX and mountain bike rider I took it all apart and put it back together correctly and replaced the pedals with GT pedals. And also replaced the crank with a 3 piece GT crank. Other than that its a great bike for the value. I'm 5' 11" 200lbs and ride all the time its a durable bike if u replace them 2 parts.

  • Nice bike

    5 stars

    3/1/2011 by MBreezy from Maricopa, AZ

    After reading some of the other reviews of this bike I was skeptical to buy it. But, I took a chance and so far so good. This was bought for my 9 year old son and he loves it! Granted he's not racing or pulling any stunts with it, he just wanted a bike to cruise around on, and it does the job well. It's a nice enough bike for a young kid to ride around on.

  • Pro model

    5 stars

    2/6/2011 by Lovetoshop903 from Katy TX

    Just bought this bike yesterday, I got to say that its AWESOME!!! Love the color (black out) perfect!! everything feels well made and hadlebars ect!! Very nice bike would very much recommend this bike! :)

  • Its up to you

    3 stars

    2/6/2011 by BMXFORLIFE13

    i purchase3d this product and had it for about a week and the link broke the handle bars bent the rear ball bearing in the cassette driver burned out and took it back and got another one and moded it out to myself. the chain broke once again and i bought new rims new spokes new valve caps new bars new grips new driver new front hub and new pegs so the only thing that is a hyper is the frame and the cranks and the pedals but i bought new pedals and going to buy a new cranks check it out. I Did all the bike work my self and i am 14 years old.

  • ok.

    4 stars

    1/29/2011 by shredd225 from Carencro, LA

    its okay but its no professional bike, my brother has a hoffman condor and its 10 times better than this. i bent the cranks and pedals in two weeks, but other than that its a great bike, great feel, and has a nice look. recommended for beginers....

  • Kinda dissapointed

    1 stars

    1/22/2011 by HIVOLTG

    We purchased this bike for our 14 year old son. The bike looks fantastic! Get better quality tubes before you even leave the store because they puncture easily. He rode it to school (mile round trip)for about two months before the bearings inside the reer wheel burned out. Good bike if you just want to look at it. I would not recommend jumping or trying to do tricks with it.

  • hyper

    5 stars

    1/4/2011 by 4mysons from Goodyear AZ

    They love it. ride it every were its light weight and easy to handle

  • ok well these are the problems

    5 stars

    12/27/2010 by hihellogoodbye

    u need to at least get handlebars with an 7.5 or above rise and different petals because they are weak and ive bent them

  • AWSOME!!

    5 stars

    12/19/2010 by jdfkh

    I just got this bike a few days ago and it works great!

  • a great bike

    5 stars

    12/5/2010 by skate0913

    hi, im a 13 year old kid and wanted to get into the world of bmx......first of all take off all the pegs(or just one side), the chain guard, the front brake, back brake (optional), stickers, kickstand, and all the reflectors. At that point the bike will be pretty light. Its a great buy and i reccomend it to anyone

  • awwwesoooommmee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 stars

    12/3/2010 by bradsta from bellville,ohio

    BUY THE BIKE. you arent gonna find another like it for the same or lower price. i got the bike not to long ago and it held my 250 lb. brother although the weight limit is 220 lbs. like I said BUY THE BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing bike

    5 stars

    11/5/2010 by CrazyKidJumper from San Angelo, Texas

    I got this bike for a good price. I took off the decals to make it look cooler. I had a major wreck and had to fix the bike. It is easy to fix, and I love it. Good gearing.

  • not worth it!!!

    1 stars

    11/1/2010 by kevinfreakingrad from anderson, mo

    i bought this bike and i rode it a few times on some skateboard ramps but after ramping it about 3 times in one day the chain started breaking off!! and i rode it the next day and the back wheel came loose and bent to the side where it wouldnt move and i cant fix it!!!!!

  • Good Bike

    5 stars

    10/17/2010 by mp4man from Ocala,Fl

    I just bought this bike from Walmart today pre-assemled. Im glad i went to the bike section because i was about to buy a $600 Haro 500.3! Great quality! Name Brand! Light! i used to own a mongoose rebel the 2008 version and it weighs a TON i have to turn the handlebars backwards for the more leverage to even pull the rebel up in a wheelie but this bike is like featherwight

  • Very Cool Bike

    5 stars

    10/11/2010 by AndynGav from Longview, WA

    I purchased a 20" bmx bike for my 8 year old son about 2 weeks ago from Walmart and noticed that I should update my bike as well and get out and ride with him. I decided to look for a stylish BMX bike as well so we both looked "cool" riding around our local park and lake. As soon as I saw this one I was sold. From the price to the looks to the features this bike was exactly what I was looking for. Probably not your first pick if you are going to hit the local BMX park and start doing triple backflips right away but a SUPER solid platform for any Rider of any skill and age. This bike brought me back to when I was my sons age (Can you say MIDLIFE crisis??) It has all the right looks, apparently the right setup for gearing and for a 35 year old man, a fairly comfortable seat!! This bike allowed me to look the part and enjoy a BMX ride with my son and at $100!! the first 5 minutes on this bike and the grin I had on my face was worth the price of the bike!! In summary, a REALLY great bike at a rediculously great price!! BUY IT!!!

  • really AWESOME BIKE

    5 stars

    10/8/2010 by beastbmxer from schertz,tx

    i got this bike and it is so freaking beast i love it i would so get more but dont have that kinda money to buy like 5 more


    4 stars

    9/30/2010 by 180fakey from PA

    i took this bike to the skate park and messed around for a little bit then i realized that when i landed off a spine the back sprocket made a grinding noise.......i also took all of the excess parts off........the tires werent aligned so i had to do that.....i think ur best bet would be to buy the bike then go to www.danscomp.com to get the following parts: grips, handle bars, brakes, a rear cog/driver, and 3 piece cranks

  • GREAT bike

    5 stars

    9/21/2010 by L3NT from Temecula CA

    . i think but this bike is great for jumping and freestyle

  • Nice looking bike - excellent value

    5 stars

    9/20/2010 by mhkljk from nj

    Great bike and can't beat the price. My son loves it and so did all his friends. Nice and stylish and lightweight..Great price.

  • great

    5 stars

    9/20/2010 by An anonymous customer

    this is a great bike+bang for your buck. big long wheelies smooth ride pluse lite

  • Not worth it

    1 stars

    9/18/2010 by bmxrider97

    My parents were getting this bike for me for my birthday. When i got it i loved it. That changed after about a month. When i got it everything was loose(sprocket/crank,front brakes, and handle bars).It started to be a problem though. i tightened everything, but the sprocket/crank was still loose. it actually just completely broke and i cant ride anymore. its absolutely NOT WORTH IT!

  • Hyper Spinner doesn't

    1 stars

    9/14/2010 by flyingbuffalo from Virginia

    My 13 year-old son chose this bike. It was a good price and arrived quickly. It was fairly easy to assemble, although a lot has changed since I was a boy. Nevertheless, my son was excited. He rode it for a couple of hours then walked his bike back because the back tire was rubbing and the chain had fallen off. I adjusted the rear tire and brakes and fixed the chain. Then, he went for a long ride with his friends and ended up walking the bike back about 3 miles. Same problem. Apparently it was the bearings in the back wheel and it doesn't spin. Not a good characteristic for a bike called a Spinner Pro. Rather than fool with it some more, we returned it. The Walmart staff was very good except that it took them some time because there was no UPC on the bike anywhere.

  • had it for a week and returned it

    2 stars

    9/12/2010 by hitwho

    the back freewheel split really how does that happen

  • good bike

    5 stars

    9/12/2010 by trikster from la, ca

    well ive been bmxing with this bike for a while hasn't really given me any problems but a flat tire one time but yeah i would recommend it bcuz its just a nice bike even though i wish it had 3 piece cranks to start with but i got some even though they cost me more than half of the bike but i just did it cuz i wanted to make it stronger

  • lots of problems

    1 stars

    8/31/2010 by babblingbrooke from Mount Pleasant SC

    my son purchased this bike with his own money and has been very disappointed. We had problems right away, brought that one back for another one of the same, and it has had problems as well. The bike is not very high quality.

  • Awesome!!!!!

    5 stars

    8/30/2010 by An anonymous customer

    yo, i am a black person and this bike ROCKS MY WORLD!!! it is totally rad man and it is always rideable and i just love it and it's REALLY CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great Product

    5 stars

    8/26/2010 by AJewel from Michigan

    My son loves this bike! The price was right and it shipped to my home for FREE! It arrived only a few days after I ordered it (faster than the web site indicated that it would). We did however have some problems when it came to putting it together. The instructions were hard to follow and two axle nuts were missing.

  • Quility product

    5 stars

    8/17/2010 by An anonymous customer

    recently bought this bike for my son I was trying to spend as little as possible and still keep him happy but he liked this bike more then the 130 dollar bike and we have had no problems with it so far its been over a month and hes been riding it everyday

  • The bike falls apart within a month.

    1 stars

    8/15/2010 by davbrok from Loves Park, IL

    I bought this bike for my son and within a week, the chain kept falling off. After a while the rear sprocket and bearings loosened up and eventually ruined the bearings and axle. I took it to shop that repairs Giant bycicles. He said there was no way to repair it.

  • too Much Money

    1 stars

    8/3/2010 by wyatte111

    I had this bike for 2 days and the front forks bent, so i took it my repair guy and he said i had 2 get another considering u cant repair forks. He also said it would cost $110-$150 to get a new one. Which is worth more than the bike itself!! don't get it.

  • BAD

    2 stars

    7/31/2010 by adizzle132

    i have had this bike for less than a week and the back sprocket has broke so i got a new one and once again,but just alittle later, the back sporcket broke on this one also....its a bad bike.


    5 stars

    7/28/2010 by linkrunner2

    The hyper pro bmx bike is a great bike. Iv ben bmxing for about 4 years and have alot of bikes. This bike is one of my personal favorits.But if u r looking to bye this bike dont expect a 500.00 light bmx bike like haro, redline and hoffman. great bike for anyone .

  • Great Bike Great Value

    5 stars

    7/26/2010 by 2s2pd2c

    I have been looking for a nice BMX style bike for my son that does not cost over $200. We found this one at Walmart and it really surprised us! My son love it and the fact that Mike Spinner's signature is on the bike. It did not hurt that Mike Spinner won the Dew Tour in Chicago this weekend!

  • good bike for the value

    5 stars

    7/20/2010 by brandonf90 from Davenport, IA

    this is a great bike for its value sure you guys take off a few little things that are pointless and i had to cut in the bars 1 7/8 inch on each side (most come wider than needed) the only down side ive had was the chain broke (link) but that may be because i tightened the wheel back too far. (my mistake) but other than the little things you dont need (reflectors, sprocket guard, front brakes, kickstand) its a nice solid bike and its a name brand :)

  • Pretty Good Bike

    4 stars

    7/19/2010 by ADH219 from Colorado

    You can't beat the price first of all. To find anything comparable would be hard. Second, my son thinks it's great! Perfect size, color scheme and functionality. I think it looks cool too. Trust me, I've shopped around and anything close in value would easliy cost upwards of $130 or more.

  • not so good

    2 stars

    7/5/2010 by An anonymous customer from Cleveland, OH

    i got this bike about 2 months ago. and ive had to return it about 4 times in the first 3 weeks. it broke again already(a chain link came off). if it didnt brake it would be good. your decision.

  • READ this review best one here

    5 stars

    6/25/2010 by gabethegreat from hudson fl

    i bought this bike after reading reviews it seemed good. not going to bust the bike its awesome. i have been doing real bmx for years i have owned alot of bikes. this one is good but its not a $1000 bike but it will ride you to it. the truths this is just things i have read but have not seen. bike will not weight 20-22 pounds i now this cuz i cut the seat post to a nub, cut 1" of each side of bars drilled them removed front brakes and gyro (replaces with a long single wire) replaced cranks with profile 3 piece cracks and shadow sprocket, removed pegs, replaced bars and forks from my fit. not double wall rims there single wall. the good only $100 bucks looks good. rides smooth. its not 25-9 gearing its 26-10 which makes it easier to pedal with. walmart offers a 1 year plan if anything breaks on it it will be good if anyone will ride it just as it is but i voided this plan lol the bad the weight not much else have not had a problem with it. everything works great as it was but check the bike before you buy it when i got mine i saw that the bike builder didnt now what he was doing at all things where paced wrong and just made the bike look bad but i didnt notice till i got home could have got me a discount probly. overall review GREAT buy, its a solid nice bike im going to buy another just to have for a spare for if its raining for something kinda as a throw around bike. Dont buy this expecting a light super sweet bmx bike it wont match up to brands like fit,fly,eastern or subrosa. but it will be a GREAT starter bike for anyone looking to get a bike nd ride hard.

  • AMAZING!!!

    5 stars

    6/17/2010 by fudgecake from New York City

    this bike is perfect!! i got into the sport of BMX a year or two ago and my bike wasnt cutting it. so i went shopping for a new bike. i was about to pay $500 for a really good bike that performs really well. then i found this on the hyper website! from my favorite rider in BMX! AND ONLY $100! THATS AMAZING. the price is incredible. the bike is light(take off front brakes and kickstand and pegs) and performs AMAzINGLY. this bike is actually BETTER than the bike I was going to buy! its an actual bmx bike for tricks and oubviously can be ridden normally. PROS: 25-9 GEARING! DOUBLE WALL RIMS! CHROMOLY DOWN TUBE ON FRAME! TITANIUM SPOKES! 2 PIECE HANDLEBARS! CONS: 1 piece cranks. the only problem is the cranks but are about 30-50 to replace for strong ones for actual bmxers. other wise this bike is PERFECT! DEFINATELY recomended to any actual bmx riders!(chances are if you actually ride bmx you wont be on walmart.com but whatever)

  • Not very helpful!

    1 stars

    6/17/2010 by bmxstreet from middleton,tn

    I have done no tricks or anything on this bike and have had it only 2 days and it is messing up!!!!!!

  • way better than you think!

    5 stars

    6/10/2010 by MissSoda from Hope Mills, NC

    i wanted a bike and need to lose to weight! i hate 26' bikes so i got a 20'. this bike rides so great and smooth. i love it and it gets me out the house. lefted the seat to fit my height. i love it. the paint job is great! it dosen't look like kids bike at all.

  • Beyond Expectations

    5 stars

    5/29/2010 by 706bmxrider from Columbus, GA

    I just bought this bike and took it to the skatepark, after removing the excess stuff to make it lighter it got to about 22lbs. its a very nice bike and the price was unbelievable. everything fit great and it rides as smoothe as butter. 3 of my friends are goin to buy the bike this summer now bc they thought it was awesome. only thing i wish this bike had was 3 piece cranks and it'd be super complete but its an awesome bike for any rider young to old. i absolutely love it.

  • A fandtastic product

    5 stars

    12/31/2009 by Olotu from Chino, Ca. 91710

    I bought two of these bikes for my boys and they loved them, compare to their friends expensive red line bikes, these Mike Spinner Hyper Bikes looks the same if not better. I will recommend it to other people.

  • good experience

    5 stars

    12/16/2009 by flbikeman from Seminole, FL

    When you make a purchase not only is the quality of the product important but the entire buying experience is of upmost importance. The purchase of this bike was a pleasnt experience from the point of finding the bike online through the picking up the bike at our local Walmart. I was able to follow the shipment throughout the entire process, When the bike arrived and I began to assemble it I noticed that the bike was protected from any potential shipping damage very well. The bike arrived without a scratch. The bike itself is well made and appears to be a bike that will last my grandson for a long time.

  • The 20' Hyper spinner pro bmx bike

    5 stars

    12/9/2009 by LilSteveeo from Orlando ,fl

    This is a very good bike , i would recommend this bike for some one in middle school or higher . Its pretty easy to put together , the bmx bike look's very nice , all black , the only thing is its kinda take's like 2 weeks to come , it might say 7 to 10 but its more like 16 days , other than that its a good deal , good bike , && nice paint job .

  • bike

    3 stars

    12/8/2009 by looovetoshope

    aside from the stupid stickers this bike is really good. it is comparable to the more expensive bmx bikes on the market as well as a lot cheaper

  • Happy son

    5 stars

    11/27/2009 by chaddd

    I knew the gift for my kid this year was gonna be a bike, Not sure which one tho When I saw this online it looked good for the price, Once I saw the details I knew this was a great value and my kid is gonna be real happy

  • Great little bike!

    5 stars

    11/26/2009 by misslinda44

    My 12-year-old son picked out this bike and bought it with his birthday money, and I must say he made a FINE choice! It is a great little bike for the money. It looks sharp, rides great, and seems to be very well-made! Highly recommend it!


    4 stars

    11/19/2009 by BMXISBITCHIN from AUSTIN TEXAS

    Wow This Is A Great Bike For The Value. Pros: 25-9 Gearing!!! Brand Name Frame!! Double Wall Rims Cons: 1 Piece Cranks Front Brakes About 30+ Pounds Use Just The Frame And It Is Still A Steal. Great For The Money I Would Recommend This To A Beginner Bmx'er!!!

  • greeeeeeat

    5 stars

    10/28/2009 by ddustin

    I bought this bike 3 years ago and it still rides just as great as my $450 bmx bike I have.You cant beat $99 thats very cheap for a quality bmx bike.I have been ridin bikes all mi life and this is the best by far.There isnt a trick or stunt out there you cant do with this bike.ITS FANOMINAL and name brand.