Royal Heritage 3-Pack Multi-Use Waterproof Pads

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The Royal Heritage 3-Pack Multi-Use Waterproof Pads has got so many uses. These vinyl changing pads are available in blue, yellow and white colors. Featuring soft, absorbent fleece in a sweet quilted lamb pattern with a vinyl interior layer, these baby changing pads provide complete waterproof protection. Versatile and handy, these changing pads can be placed on shoulders and laps, in bassinets, cradles and changing tables. They wash well and are amazingly soft for polyester. These pads are highly absorbent for added convenience. The more you wash, the softer it becomes.

  • Machine washable
  • 100% polyester with a vinyl layer
  • Bassinet Pads
  • Changing Table Pad Covers
  • Pampers Underjams
  • Waterproof Mattress Pads
  • Crib Mattress Pad
  • Playard Sheets
  • UPC: 803650001850
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No

Reviews for Royal Heritage 3-Pack Multi-Use Waterproof Pads (44)

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    5 stars

    2/20/2015 by LOADMOMMA


  • Love these

    5 stars

    3/29/2014 by Spoonerdog from Salmon, Idaho

    We use these under the sheet of the pack and play's in our child care center. They keep the pack and play mats clean and fresh.

  • I prefer these types of pads for diaper changes.

    2 stars

    1/29/2014 by MomCZ from Mesa, Arizona

    I received these pads today, but to find that the size is not correct as noted in the "product description". The packaging on these pads are 18" x 27". I was expecting smaller ones, now have to go through the process of a return. So that's why I gave it a low score.

  • Very helpful.

    5 stars

    9/5/2013 by mlc6455 from DeKalb, TX

    These are a lifesaver for new moms. They minimize the Times of changing the sheets on the baby bed.

  • Love these pads

    5 stars

    8/8/2013 by Brancj2013 from NYC

    I love these pads. When I got them and use the first one changing my son it was good but thought the pad was a little Stiff & hard but after I wash one it felt better more softer. I had no problem washing them.

  • A must have

    5 stars

    8/1/2013 by Batz from Neptune,NJ

    These pads are a staple to a good nights sleep especially in those first few months,they are a great way to save sheets and mattresses from accidents or leakage,they can be used in crib, on changing pad or just anywhere you might need to place baby to be changed.

  • Horrible quality

    1 stars

    6/4/2013 by IHatedit1 from Las Vegas NV

    I immediately washed these items upon receiving them. They pilled terribly and had fuzz all over them. What a waste of money - I threw them in the garbage.

  • Decent Product

    3 stars

    9/23/2012 by ALstylist81 from Florence, AL

    These pads are okay for the price but when I washed one I didn't think about putting it in with a small load of towels and it had little pilly fuzzies all over afterward. Other than that, the pads are okay.

  • Bigger & softer than expected, but low quality

    2 stars

    8/9/2012 by Princess4u from Lincoln, CA

    These pads are okay- nothing great. Do NOT wash them with anything else as they shed. It took me about 1/2hr to remove the lint type balls that covered the pads. Additionally the stitching was loose along the edges in a few spots, although not too bad. I did not dry them in the dyer, as I don't know that they would hold up to the heat. I'm tempted to take these back and buy a better quality item, but will put them through the wash one more time to see how they hold up. Picking off lint ball for 1/2hr every time I wash them would not be worth the minimal product savings...

  • good price, fair quality

    3 stars

    7/31/2012 by MiriamsMama from Shawnee, OK

    These pads are a bit bigger than I expected, which is great. Unfortunately, they do pill and shed lots of fuzz after only a couple of washings. Aside from this, they do keep bedding dry with the few "accidents" my baby has had. They are a fairly good value for the price.

  • Hang dry only!

    3 stars

    6/25/2012 by JACon27 from VA

    Do not put this product in the dryer. One made it's way in by accident, and it resulted in terrible nubbies and snags in the pad. The product overall works well, and is a decent value. We use them on our changing pad!

  • Bad Material! BEWARE

    1 stars

    5/30/2012 by An anonymous customer from St. Augustine, Florida

    I am not a picky person at all. But, these are not worth buying. They are basically plastic with a horrible felt like material on either side. So, the plastic underneath the felt is 'waterproof'... My baby went number 1 on it and it literally ran off on the floor when I picked it up to be washed. Also, because it is just plastic/felt when my baby was doing her business while changing her it ran all over her body, because none of the material absorbs. And, number 2 definitely stains. The felt material comes off like constant little cotton balls (super messy and irritating)... You can't dry it with anything, because the material is constantly coming off. They are a lot bigger then I imagined... They really do not come in handy. I cut them in half to use for traveling?, and realized it was basically plastic with felt on either side..... I would not recommend these to anyone.

  • Great Purchase

    5 stars

    12/5/2011 by KDigital from Portland, OR

    These are so handy! They're truly waterproof and are great for the changing table or anywhere you find yourself needing to change a diaper. They wash well and are surprisingly soft for polyester. I highly recommend this product!


    5 stars

    7/14/2011 by alexandrac57 from MT

    These are a great alternative to some of the more expensive diaper changing mats out there. Plus there's THREE of them, so you will always have one clean and ready to go. You can use these for a variety of other purposes also but I've chosen to use them as diaper change mats for when I'm on the go or another part of the house.

  • Washable and awesome!

    5 stars

    6/27/2011 by marcelsmommy from washington dc

    I was skeptic with them being washable and reusable but that turned out right. I love them!

  • these are great!!

    5 stars

    6/14/2011 by apeface26 from Nebraska

    Using these pads is so much easier to put on top of the changing pad than changing the cover every time you have a mess!! I got them for a baby shower gift and I love, love, love them!!!

  • Great Item!!

    5 stars

    3/3/2011 by FirstTimeMommyInAL from Gadsden, AL

    I love these waterproof pads! They are a great size to have, you can you use them at home or on-the-go. They are soft, but the more you wash them the softer they get. I bought 2 packs because I use them for everything! The colors will also work whether you have a boy or a girl.

  • Better Products Available

    2 stars

    2/25/2011 by sleeplessinbatonrouge

    I purchased these to use in my babies bassinet, crib and just for general protection from wetness. My son will not be arriving until 3/02 so I cant speak for the absorbancy but as far a quality when I washed them they had huge knit balls on them and I dont relish the idea of having to lint shave them after every wash. I did however find some that had vinyl interiors that only required washing in laundry bag and air drying to prevent shrinking.

  • We love these

    5 stars

    2/19/2011 by zinophobias from Buffalo, NY

    These are great pads to put down to protect from fluids. They are really absorbent and work great. This was a great buy and worth the money.

  • Love it

    5 stars

    2/9/2011 by bbaxter35b

    I use these product all the time, Have one on the changing table, under by son sheet in case he has an accident in bed and one in the crib to protect the mattress. Must have

  • water proof pads

    5 stars

    10/31/2010 by debbie113 from cincinnati,ohio

    very good quailty

  • Gramma's (and Mommy's) helper

    5 stars

    9/29/2010 by pearl8710 from central PA

    These are great.....use them in the crib, on the changing table; put them in the diaper bag for on-the-go. I'm ordering more.

  • Great pads for $

    4 stars

    9/10/2010 by Jennylynn21 from Wisconsin

    I found these pads to work well for my changing table on my play yard, for under the sheet of my bassinet, and for on top of my big changing pad so the cover doesn't get soiled, and I'm not washing it all the time. I'm sure there are lots of other uses for them as well. I like that you get 3 for $10, it's a great value, compared to other waterproof pads I've looked at at other stores. I also like that they are not too big nor too small, they fit my changing table and pad perfectly! I also like that they come in colors other than the traditional white, these are the first ones I've seen that come in colors, and the little lambs on them are a nice touch. I would definatly recommend them, they are well worth the money. I have washed them about 3 times each and found that they overall hold up well. The only complaint I have is the white one is pilling up with little dark lint balls that I have to pull off, but the colored ones don't have that problem so I don't know what's up with that. I just wash them and let them air dry, I don't know how they would do in the dryer, the instructions say you can dry them, but I figure it's not a good idea with the plastic inside. I was worried with the plastic inside that it woudl get all wrinkled up from washing and not lay flat, but so far they are as flat as day one. I don't know why that other customer is complaining about them being "rough" for her baby, I don't think they are that rough at all, they are not the softest but definatly not rough enough to bother my daughter, and with washing they have gotten softer not rougher for me at least. That is the only comment I've seen that complained about them being rough, so I think it's just a personal issue, I wouldn't take to much stock in that one if I were you. Overall, I have used these pads for about 2 months now and they have held up well and are well worth the money I paid for them. I ordered them from and they came in about a week to my home, the shipping was only 97 cents, or else I usually use Site to Store which is free, but I figured for 97 cents I couldn't go wrong! They came in about a week, which as quicker than they said it would come which was nice.

  • Waste of money!!!

    1 stars

    7/10/2010 by babyexpectant123 from Portland, OR

    Right when I opened the package I figured out my baby would hate that rough surface in contact with his skin and I was right, he hates it! I thought it would get softer after I wash it, I was wrong, now it's even worse than before, do not waste your money buying this product, get those ones nurses use at the hospital, the disposible ones!

  • wonderful changing pads

    5 stars

    3/26/2010 by Auntysfun

    I love these changing pads! They wash and dry well. I use them for changing tables as well as between the mattress and the sheet for the crib. They make changing times more comfortable. They also fold up nicely to put in the diaper bags. Well worth the money!

  • convenient

    4 stars

    2/27/2010 by liam2010

    I have not used them yet due to my child is not born yet! But, I believe they will be useful. The design is cute and they are soft!

  • Ok product

    3 stars

    11/20/2009 by uncgal1122 from Winston-Salem, NC

    These are very convenient pads and can go easily in a diaper bag or on a changing table. My issue with them is that after 4-5 washes on the gentle cycle one of the seams has already come apart. I did dry them in the dryer, so maybe that was my mistake. They do also pill up quite a bit, but to me that wasn't an issue.

  • awesome

    4 stars

    11/5/2009 by cappuccinobaby from atlanta, ga

    i don't have a contured changing table pad so it was difficult for me to find covers that fit. i ended up buying these and just put a towel on top of them. i wash them in the gentle cicle since my washing machine ruined one in the normal cicle. then i line dry them and they are as good as new! i also have one in the crib. a must have for all parents!

  • should be in stores..hard to find

    3 stars

    10/7/2009 by shinyblacktoenails from Traverse City, MI

    We have a new grandaughter and couldn't find these waterproof pads anywhere. They are a nice size and weight to put under the sheet. I washed them prior to use and they still seem a little scratchy. But will serve the purpose

  • A Must Have for New Parents

    5 stars

    9/23/2009 by PSAllen from Riverview, FL

    This product is great for many uses, such as, under the baby while sleeping (protects the sheets), on the changing table, and as a portable changing pad, just to name a few. I had them with both my children and highly suggest them for any parent of a newborn.

  • Great value

    5 stars

    7/27/2009 by tigger522 from Wisconsin

    These pads are what they are -- absorbent, washable & economical. I use them for diaper changes on the changing table, couch, etc. I keep one in the car as well. The surface was a little scratchy until after the first washing. Overall a nice product at a nice price.

  • A very good product

    4 stars

    7/2/2009 by savysaver09 from Sugarland,TX

    My wife and I have been using these pads for a little over two weeks now. The products are both durable, and seem to also motivate our son to not have accidents after he found out what they are for. We would recommend these to anyone who is experiencing bed wetting problems.

  • LOVE These

    5 stars

    6/22/2009 by KLW87

    They wash up nice, they fold up small, and they work. What more could you ask for?

  • They're ok they do their job!

    5 stars

    6/13/2009 by TristanVanessasMom from Houston, TX

    Although, when you wash them they get lint balls all over them, they're so stuck that its hard to pick them off and too many. Don't have time for that kind of work. They're very absorbent and do their job as they're supposed to but it just bothered me that they're so cute and then after washing them got so old looking right away. I guess I could use a razor and cut off the lint.

  • a great price

    3 stars

    4/25/2009 by alabama1rolltide

    I just received the pads today 4-24-09 and i thought the pads would be alittle softer but for the price you can't beat; and i am sure it will serve its purpose.

  • Very handy

    5 stars

    3/16/2009 by marlinam from Upper Peninsula of Michigan

    I bought these for the changing pad. They're a nice economical way to keep baby's bottom off the cold & sticky vinyl changer and easy to clean--just throw them in the washer!

  • Just what I was looking for

    5 stars

    2/25/2009 by carmor

    I was looking for some waterproof changing pads that were still big enough for all of my baby to fit on. These were perfect and still very soft and comfy.

  • great change pad cover

    5 stars

    1/26/2009 by mommy2themany

    I use these as a cover for my change pad because they fit nicely and are easy to throw in the wash. I have also sometimes folded one up and stuck it in the diaper bag for changes on the go. They are nice and big and cover a pretty large area.

  • Works Great

    4 stars

    1/24/2009 by chaddy143 from Acworth, GA

    These pads are great and washable. The only thing I dont like is they are too small to fit the crib, bassinet, or changing table.

  • what i needed

    4 stars

    9/27/2008 by blarneygod from Idaho

    they are not perfect, but they do the job and are priced well for what they are. i use them everywhere... very handy to have.

  • Do there job.

    3 stars

    9/16/2008 by 1SoCalGal from Southern California

    From another review I expected these to be very soft...I'm not thrilled with the feel of the fabric. It softened up marginally after a wash and after subsuquent washes it really got "pilly". I use these on my changing pad (folded in half-quite large) so I don't have to wash that frequently. Overall, they do their job.

  • nice pads

    5 stars

    5/13/2008 by Pretty from Deland,FL

    it feels very nice,the size is good to take the pads when you go out with baby,does not get smaller after washing.Good value for the price I paid

  • excellent value

    5 stars

    1/6/2008 by Elainya from Pittsburgh, PA

    i love these pads. i use them everytime i go out with my daughter; it always seems there are no changing table pads when i go out, so i use these pads instead, and they work wonderfully. plus they are soft and alot more comfortable than the paper pads offered by stores; they are a wonderful deal.

  • Great for nightly changing

    5 stars

    8/20/2007 by AdaMom

    Soft square "mat" that can be used where a mess can be made. Great for nightly changing, changing table cover, or on bed.