Sorry! 2013 Edition Game

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  • Product dimensions in inches: 1.89(L) x 10.51(W) x 10.51(H)
  • Simply slide and collide to score and win
  • Perfect for ages 5 years old and above
  • Requires 2 to 4 players
  • There is a safety zone wherein opponents cannot enter
  • Comes with the game board, 12 pawns, 44 cards and 2 power up tokens
  • Have a fun-filled activity day by playing this Sorry! board game
  • There are power-up tokens that can give you special abilities and make you stronger
  • Set includes an instruction manual to help you understand and play the game
Board Game Pie Throwing Hand Virtual Reality Pack 2 To 4 Players Unlimited Players Power-Up Tokens Safety Zones Requires Smartphone Customizable Includes A Preview Reel With Instructions For 5 Years Old And Up For 7 Years Old And Up For 8 Years Old And Up
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