Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set

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The Sportspower Super 8 Fun metal swing set provides hours of active fun for kids. With two swings, a rocking horse and more, this action-packed outdoor swing set for kids will undoubtedly become a warm-weather favorite. Kids will get exercise and have fun with the Sportspower Super 8 Fun metal swing set.

  • Kids benefit from frequent physical activity and exercise
  • You benefit from knowing the kids are secure in your own backyard
  • Features 5 activities that can keep up to 8 kids busy at the same time
  • Offers exceptional value in outdoor play for the whole summer
  • UPC: 687064047594
  • Age Start: 3 Years
  • Age End: 10 Years
  • Primary Color: Blue
  • Battery Type: Does Not Contain a Battery
  • Multi Pack Indicator: No
  • Model No: MSC-3568

Reviews for Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set (151)

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  • disappointed

    1 stars

    9/29/2015 by Texasgrandma

    I ordered this swing set for my 3 year old twins. After waiting over 2 weeks and several phone calls, I finally got it delivered. After taking it out of the box and examining all parts, there were over half of the parts to put it together missing. Finally found a number that worked and reported this. Was told if these parts are in stock we will receive them in 3-4 working days. When asked how we would know if they were in stock or not, was told we would just have to wait and see. Needless to say my twins are very upset, and so am I. As far as the swing set itself, I can't really tell much since only part of it is put together. I will say that it is very small, and would probably not work for a child over 5 or 6.

  • Good for the money

    4 stars

    9/26/2015 by Jacy

    Shipping time was correct but the box arrived with s big rip in it. All the bolts for horse were missing. My husband put this together in a total of 8-10 hours by himself. Not including the horse. He had to make an extra trip to Home Depot and spend an additional $20 for that. I would highly recommend getting an anchor kit. My daughter who is 5 and 40lbs can make the whole set rock when she swings really high. Overall it's a great set for my 5yr old and 1 1/2 yr old. The slide is the perfect size for the younger one. Some people mentioned the bump on the slide making their kids launch in the air but that doesn't happen with ours. My youngest weighs 21lbs and has no problems with it. The swings are a little close but over all it's a great set for the price.

  • Swing set

    3 stars

    9/25/2015 by Annoyed

    When inrecieved the box it was extremely damaged. One of the foot pegs was broken and the horse was smashed. It would be best to purchase at the store. It was fairly easy put together it took about four hours with two people. My 3 year old loves it even with ought foot pegs on the double swing.

  • Pieces were missing and had to return it.

    1 stars

    8/5/2015 by Tina

    Walmart messed up the shipment and put that the swing only weighed 5lbs.. This was the first issue. I was suppose to have the swing by Wednesday. On Friday Fed X said the following Monday due to the shipping label error.. When I finally got it, the boxed was damaged and parts were missing. I had to return it. It was a bad experience.. I did actually see the swing put together prior to ordering. It looked very nice. There is a you tube video on the product and review if you have time, you should check it out.

  • Grandkid's love it.

    5 stars

    7/31/2015 by JoeRDuluth

    Our son-in-law had it assembled in 3 hours. The grandkid's just love it. They all of their free time out back on the swing set. They are really tired out at day end.

  • great!!!!!

    5 stars

    7/26/2015 by renee

    Great product

  • Extremely poor product

    1 stars

    7/25/2015 by Dissatisfied

    We felt the product was completely unsatisfactory.

  • Easy to assemble

    4 stars

    7/22/2015 by John

    This product is as advertised. The children love it. It was easy to assemble. Only complaints were that one of the parts was incorrect (but we made it work) and another part had a bolt whose threads were bad (we ended up purchasing a different bolt at a local hardware store).

  • Poor packaging

    4 stars

    7/13/2015 by CJHoover

    The packaging on this product was horrible. No protection to keep the metal from being bent or damaged in transit. One of the legs was bent so it threw off the balance and of course looks bad.

  • ok

    3 stars

    7/12/2015 by mom2s

    This took my husband and I 5 1/2 hours to put together. The black caps and bushings that come with the set are so cheap they break when tightened down. We now have 6 black caps sitting on our counter that we intend to glue on tomorrow. One of the chain hooks we had to rethread. Thankfully we own a tap & die set. The glider is so stiff you actually can't use it without putting some sort of oil on all the screws. So... have some of that around as well. The seat that goes on the horse doesn't tighten down very well. We tightened it as much as possible but it still shifts. This is a cute swing set. My kids are thrilled and ultimately thats all that matters but I was expecting better quality. We still need to anchor it to the ground. We are undecided if we are going to use the screw anchors (sold separately) or concrete. We will tackle that a different day.

  • Not a happy customer

    1 stars

    7/11/2015 by Kris

    I have been waiting for my swing set to get here from shipping. I have yet to receive it from the shipping company. I am sure the actual swing set will be wonderful. I am very upset with the shipping time. I ordered it on the 22nd of June it is now the 11th of July. It was a gift for my granddaughter. If I had known the shipping was going to be a problem I would have gotten something else for her birthday.

  • Love this swingset, I put it together myself!!

    5 stars

    7/7/2015 by Grandma

    The grandkids love it!

  • Swing set

    5 stars

    7/7/2015 by Mimi

    Bought for grand babies they love it!!!! Especially the horse

  • It looks good, but..................

    5 stars

    7/2/2015 by Lind

    I finished putting up (with help)1/2 of it up and noticed one of the top bars is the wrong piece.

  • My son loves it

    4 stars

    7/2/2015 by JESSICAW

    It is a good swing. However!I will say that it was the BIGGEST pain in the butt to put together. We would get something together and realize it was backwards and had to take it apart and redo it. We was following step by step instructions too. It took us from 10am to 5pm. With about an hour lunch break! You definitely need 2 people. The horse is the WORST part to put together!!! Good luck!!

  • Swing set

    5 stars

    6/25/2015 by Patti

    Kids love it easy to put together great buy

  • we love it......

    5 stars

    6/23/2015 by cathys

    Our three year old grand daughter absolutely loves it.

  • Sportspower Super 8 Fun Metal Swing Set

    5 stars

    6/20/2015 by DeborahJ

    The girls have only had about 3 days to play on this set (due to temperature), but they absolutely love it, and it entertains them completely!

  • missing bolts/nuts

    4 stars

    6/19/2015 by Judy

    It doesn't come with everything you need to Assemble it.

  • Grandma's Delight

    5 stars

    6/18/2015 by NeneJan

    Recently I ordered this item as a joint present for my granddaughter's. I was extremely pleased with the quality of this item, the cost, and the fast shipping speed and manner in which it was delivered to my local store for pickup. The grandbabies love it and Nene is a hero all without breaking the bank!

  • confusing

    4 stars

    6/15/2015 by help

    instructions on assembly of horse were very poor , the slide would not attach to unit as seen on box , height of swings can not be adjusted, height of horse could be a little lower, would like to have seen a trapeze swing offered

  • Great swing set !!!

    4 stars

    6/9/2015 by dknox

    Easy set up... took a little time, be prepared!! Do follow the instructions!! Separate all the pieces by letters.. makes set up much easier! My 3 year old loves the horse, she needs help keeping it swinging, she stays on the slide, I taught her to be very careful with the disc.... it can be a lip buster, BEWARE! AND TEACH YOUR CHILD ! This is a great set and I would recommend it. It is also looks very nice also!!!

  • fun swing

    4 stars

    6/7/2015 by k2theT

    Little difficult to put together ,but my 4 yr old loves it, so worth the difficulty.


    5 stars

    5/29/2015 by NetwerkMom

    I bought this for my two grand daughters that live close to me. they are on it everyday. Some days it is hard to get them off of it to come in to eat supper. I am however disappointed, because when I went to order another one for my other granddaughter that lives 4 hrs away, they were sold out!!! So I am going to have to wait until next year to get hers, fact is......they all love the horse!!!!!!!

  • Kids enjoy

    4 stars

    5/27/2015 by willowabs

    Fairly easy to put together and the kids really enjoy the saucer swing. Had no issues with missing parts and quality of product is satisfactory. Swing seats are kinda small and there is no step for kids to put their feet on to ride the horse, so assistance is always needed to ride. All in all its a decent swing set.

  • Kids love it

    4 stars

    5/26/2015 by Ashlee

    Good swing set very happy with it. All the kids love it. Putting it together was not bad except they forgot a few pieces and didn't drill all the pre made holes like they should've. Besides fixing those few things it was easy enough just time consuming. Worth it with how much our daughter and all the other kids love it though.

  • Nice swing

    4 stars

    5/24/2015 by Kyle

    It takes quiet a bit longer to put together than expected (6 hours for me and my dad) and some of the little black plastic caps for the bolts were broken and/or missing.

  • Sportspower super 8 swing set

    5 stars

    5/22/2015 by poppi

    This is a great swing set for the price. It is very well constructed and my granddaughter has loved playing on it. The saucer swing is fabulous, the horse not so much. overall it is a wonderful set; but a little small for older kids as it is rather short in height. The instructions and assembly drawings are fantastic compared to most, very detailed instructions and photos. it took me about 5 hours to completely assemble; with no issues at all. All parts were there and it fit together very well with no re-drilling required. I would highly recommend this set

  • Great set to grow with

    4 stars

    5/22/2015 by Labtechmommy

    My 2 year old is in love with this set. He's a bit small to play on a lot of it alone, but he can climb the slide and loves that. It is going to be perfect to grow with him. It was difficult to get this set because it was out of stock, and when I did receive my notification that it was available again, it had sold out in the few hours it took me to get back to the website. Definitely worth the trouble though.

  • Lots of fun!!!!

    5 stars

    5/19/2015 by rbnana

    The swing was for my great granddaughter on her second birthday. She loves, loves it. When we took it out of the box, it was everything we expected. Very nice swing set. When I saw my great granddaughter with a grin from ear to ear, it was worth the time it took to put it together on a hot and humid day.

  • Great!

    5 stars

    5/19/2015 by Agirlneedingaphone

    It took my husband half of a day to put together but my kids and their friends absolutely love it and it is big enough for them to grow into.

  • Best Buy We Could Have Made

    5 stars

    5/13/2015 by Gent

    I researched swingsets for a few weeks before deciding on this one! The saucer and the price were why I bought it! It is perfect! My 2 and 4 year old love it! We have had several visitors ranging from 9 months to a small 9 year old. All ages seem to like the saucer. The slide is a little slow, but is safe. A little turtle wax or water may speed it up. The slide itself is much sturdier than I expected. The materials were organized very well! The only trouble we had putting it together was snapping the saucer together. It takes a strong man or two to make that happen. The other issue we had was that we got a wrong chain. However, when I called the company they sent the replacement with no hesitations. To answer posts I read in my search, my four year old figured out how to ride the horse alone. He pulls on the chains and moves the horse. It worked great! My two year old still needs pushed, but she needs pushed on everything. She loves the slide though., and the kids can push her on the saucer. She can also climb on the sawhorse swing alone, but that is impressive. :-)

  • Good swing set for the money

    4 stars

    12/26/2014 by An anonymous customer

    My wife and I put the swing set together in about 5 hours. Since we read previous reviews that said they were missing hardware, we took the time to account for all parts using the parts list that was provided. Make sure when you put the top together make sure you have four holes evenly spaced for the swings or you will have to take it apart and switch the ends like we had to. Other than that just make sure you get each area fully assembled before tightening it down to allow for some wiggle room. As noted in previous posts, I'm off to Lowes to get a dowel for foot pegs because it didn't come with a foot rest. Has a hole for it just no peg. That is the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five. My grand daughter loves the saucer!!

  • Wonderful swingset for grand kids

    1 stars

    12/10/2014 by Dmferris

    I bought two of the swingsets for my grandbabies for Christmas this year my grandkids love them I have two that live in Gulfport Mississippi and they absolutely love it my other grandson lives in Paragould Arkansas and he loves his two he sits and swings and swing this will be the second one that he is gotten so we love it!!

  • sad looking horse!!

    4 stars

    12/5/2014 by CASAJORJE

    my granddaughters love this swing set the only thing two problems one missing part and the horses head came smashed other than that it would have been perfect but they love it there enjoying it as it is.My 2 reasons of purchasing this product was for the saucer and the horse!!! One of a kind swing set, I'm a little dissapointed i wanted it to b perfect!!!!:(:(:( oh well!!!

  • Missing and broken parts

    2 stars

    10/29/2014 by ourdogLucky

    When I received the swing set there was missing hardware and one of the horse's legs was broken. We had to order a new leg and fortunately we had extra hardware laying around. I was very upset because after spending that much money parts were missing and broken. All in all though our daughter loves it once we were able to get it put together.

  • tons of fun

    5 stars

    9/17/2014 by StillInAwe from Oglala, SD

    This product was very easy to assemble. Only came with the right amount of screws so try not lose any. My 6 year old loves this.

  • A great product for a wide range of ages!

    5 stars

    7/29/2014 by cssc

    We bought this swing set for my son's 2nd birthday. It arrived earlier than expected and took two very organized and handy people about 4 hours to put it together. Everything went together seamlessly. The instructions were clear with the exception of which direction to put the crossbars on. We ended up having to switch them but it took a grand total of 3 minutes so it wasn't a big deal. My son absolutely loves it and it is a very unique swing set! It has all the basic components but the flying saucer and horse take it up a notch. We did find that the two nuts to attach the flying saucer to the swing set were too big so they wouldn't thread on. Thankfully, my husband has a ton of extras and we found two to fit perfectly. Definitely a great buy!!!

  • The kids love it

    4 stars

    7/28/2014 by Momto3specialkids

    Very fun only gripe were a few of the bolts were lost or "bent" The horses head was damaged in shipping but not to the point that it is unusable, just some scratches and a dent...the kids don't notice but I do

  • Great for a six year old.

    5 stars

    3/31/2014 by rudari from az

    Our 6 year old really likes this swing set. My husband put this together by himself and thought it was fairly easy. OUr only complaint is that the holes on the slide didn't match up.

  • Great swing set for multiple children

    5 stars

    3/27/2014 by jsfun from Colorado Springs CO

    My almost 2 year old can play on almost everything with little assistance. The swing has brought many hours of fun and we have only had the set up for 2 weeks. The set is very short 6 feet tall so if you have covenants and need a low profile this set is for you. We love it. I also have 3 grandchildren and they can all play together. My 2 year old loves the horse. Very glad we picked this set.

  • A lot of swing set for the money

    5 stars

    3/26/2014 by PapaWJG

    Good equipment for the dollars spent. I am sure my grandson will enjoy this for many years

  • Perfect for my one year old granddaughter!

    5 stars

    3/25/2014 by Equines from Moss Point, MS

    I bought this swing for my granddaughter for her first birthday. The main reason I chose this particular swing is because of the great reviews about the saucer. They were right! My granddaughter absolutely LOVES the saucer! She even lays on her tummy in it and laughs out loud while her mom swings her. The swing is very nice and sturdy. My son put it together by himself but it probably would have been a little easier if two people assembled it. A few of the holes were drilled crooked and didn't line up just right but it all went together okay anyway. I am very pleased with the purchase and if I had to do it all over again I would definitely choose this swing!

  • Overall good set for the price.

    4 stars

    3/21/2014 by aaptmw from MS

    Good set for the price. We have a 4 year old. Though the horse and swing basket are a bit taller then the picture looks. Also, I do not like that the horse is not a glider and there is not a place in the bottom to support their feet or help them up on it. But other than that it's a good set.

  • For younger kids ages 3-8

    4 stars

    3/17/2014 by Mommy571384

    My son is 9 and weights 65 pounds and you can see the swing giving when he swings on it it's a little weak where the swings go

  • Perfect for children 6 and under

    4 stars

    3/16/2014 by Quiverblessed from Jenks, Oklahoma

    I have a four year old, a three year old and twin two year olds. I also homeschool and needed a great yet inexpensive swing set. Gather your friends to help Put it together. But it is just wonderful! The kids love it!!

  • Surprisingly big!

    4 stars

    3/16/2014 by everret from Louisiana

    Very cute swingset! Really big! The only improvement I would suggest would be to make a padding for the flying saucer child went to sit back in it and hit her head and also my 1 year old busted her lip on it both within the 1st hour we had it. I'm going buy a pool noodle and cutting it to use as a padding for metal bar...

  • Good swingset for the price.

    4 stars

    3/14/2014 by lladnek

    The nest swing is the best part. The swingset does want to tip over when in use, you must get the anchoring system.

  • Great Swing set!!!

    5 stars

    3/13/2014 by Kingsfan13 from Needles

    This is a very good swing set. Everything was in the box and clearly marked. I bought this for my 2 grandsons ages 3 and 4. They couldn`t wqit for grandpa to put it together! Seems very sturdy and a good value for the money. It only took 3 hours to assemble by my son and myself. The only negative I would say was putting the horse together. Other wise it`s a great buy and the kids just love it!!

  • grapefruit

    5 stars

    3/10/2014 by poisonivyoxo from hinesville,ga

    Kids love it

  • Swing set

    2 stars

    3/5/2014 by Bethco30

    After putting the swing set together. We start to put the seats on. On the double swing a seat is cracked. What do we do? Take the whole set apart and take it back. Not very happy with this.

  • Love it

    5 stars

    3/5/2014 by Sharp436108

    I got this for my 3 daughters and thay love it

  • Great gift for the grandchildren

    4 stars

    3/5/2014 by cavie2 from Longview, TX

    It took 3 of us about 3 hours to put together. One thing I would say is don't over tighten the bolts on the plastic safety covers. if you do they will either break or will no close correctly. Overall easy to assemble and my granddaughter loves it.

  • Fantastic value!

    5 stars

    2/26/2014 by Wintress from San Diego, CA

    This kids LOVE this swing set, and I love the value! I chose this set because it had something for everyone. The toddlers can play on the swings, slide, horse and seesaw while the babies love the saucer. The assembly was fairly simple. It took two of us a few hours to pit it together. The directions are detailed but very clear.

  • kids like it

    3 stars

    2/24/2014 by lkw3519 from San Antonio texas

    horse was difficult to put together missing parts had to wait a long time for replacements had to push saucer and horse.

  • Overall great, diverse, different stations for all

    5 stars

    2/2/2014 by MillieinSTX from St. Croix, Virgin islands

    Glad I purchased this particular swing set with different stations, as it keeps the little ones entertained. Easy to set up. The only thing missing was pegs to secure it to the ground. Otherwise, satisfied with purchase...

  • Kiddos love it

    5 stars

    1/7/2014 by americanedge from Vista, CA

    So far, all kids age 5 and under are loving it. Something for all. The rocker is good for younger ones. Swings are a given for older kids (adults too). Slide is not the best, but it works. The glider part is EVERYONE'S favorite. Wasn't quick to set up, but worth it. My husband was able to put it together by himself in an afternoon while being constantly distracted by our 2 young sons. Great value for the cost.

  • Average swing set

    4 stars

    12/30/2013 by An anonymous customer from Mississippi

    My four year old loves it. It seems to be made of quality materials.

  • Great swingset for the value

    5 stars

    12/29/2013 by Sujete from Sacramento

    The grandchildren haven't used it, but it looks like fun. There are 8 activities to use and they vary in challenge. The challenges include swinging, climbing, sliding, balancing, interacting with friends, swinging, holding on. Looks like fun! I can't wait for the children to use it.

  • Very difficult to set up

    3 stars

    12/2/2013 by mommamimi5 from San Antonio, TX

    Had to force some of the screws to fit into the holes. The horse ended up crooked and the slide wasn't very straight either. Yes, we read all the instructions and it took about 3 hours just to put it all together. Kids love it though.

  • Shipping box arrived in terrible shape.

    4 stars

    11/20/2013 by booboo1985 from Bray, OK

    This swing set is a heavy item but to abuse the box to the point that the metal poles were showing through the cardboard is unacceptable. Please us more care when shipping items like this.

  • Good Value

    5 stars

    11/18/2013 by CGESDLS from DeRidder, LA

    Great swing set for the price. All the pieces were well marked and instructions were easy to follow.

  • good singset but need to come with extra bolts and

    3 stars

    10/15/2013 by An anonymous customer from sand springs ok

    The seesaw bolts broke the bolts for the horse is two long and the slide bolts got striped out before could be used properly supported i feel if ur going to charge for delivery rhen u should asswmble and make sure that extra bolts and srews. Should come two and it should come with the ground supports Rfor the price i just feel i should have got better service we are talken.about the protection. Of my girls and all there friends that play on it two

  • Great!

    4 stars

    10/12/2013 by nl230 from Morrilton, Ar

    It took me hours to put this together but I did it alone when it requires 2 people. When I got most of it together and the last step was to put the slide on I realized I did not have it on level ground so that proved to be a bit difficult but when all is said and done my daughter loves it and it's a wonderful swing set as long as you have the patience to get it together.

  • Great product for the money

    5 stars

    10/4/2013 by Boosnana08 from Paragould, AR

    I had looked online for a swing set for my 4 yr old grandson for a long time. A friend had bought this set for his kids and had posted a pic on FB , the saucer swing caught my eye, I had never seen one like this before. I ask him where he had bought it and he said it was on a swing set he had just bought at So, I went online to research it and decided I wanted it for my little one, but, at that time, if was "out of stock". I was so disappointed! I went back several times and it was still "out of stock". So, finally I looked again about 2 wks ago and it was available, so I ordered it. I had it shipped to my local walmart and it came in sooner than the date they gave me. My husband had the frame up when I got home from work . Then we started all the individual items . It took us around 5-6 hrs to complete the set. At first it's a little overwhelming when you see all the parts, but it helps to separate everything rite off. The biggest issue we had was the screws that go to the horse are too short, had problems getting the nut started. We also had a problem with the ladders bolts that secure the steps, the nuts they said fitted it didn't seem to work . So, my husbands going to lowes today and get some that should work better. Also, some of the pre drilled holes r a little off when you try to put the screws in, but, not a big issue. For the price, this set seems to be well built. I think they should have put 3 steps on the ladder instead of just 2, for an older child it would b ok, put hard for little ones.We can't wait to see our grand sons little face when he sees it for the first time! He's gonna love it!

  • Easy To Assemble and The Kids Love It!

    4 stars

    9/16/2013 by Blessedbydabest from Burleson, Tx

    My children are 6 and 3 and they absolutely love it! It only took their father 5 hours to assemble by himself. I think thefavorite Iis the saucer. Everything was in the box and labled clearly! I have no complaints so far! You will need anchors because it does lift when then children are playing. I purchased some anchors and that problem was fixed. Besides that its a good buy.

  • Great Buy for Toddlers

    5 stars

    9/12/2013 by MoonMama12 from Loganville, GA

    Took about 3 hours for my dad and husband to put together. My daughter (just turned 2) loves it! She kept saying "swing", "slide", and "horse" as they put it together for her. Has played on it daily. Make sure to get the anchor set for securing to the ground.

  • Not bad

    5 stars

    9/11/2013 by jtheswee from Alabama

    I had trouble with the Slide and the Horse. The rest of the swing went up well. Took me about 6 hours, not including the cementing down time, and only needed help with the legs. VERY DISSAPOINTED with the condition of the box when I picked it up. It looked like they had thrown the thing in the back of a pick up and went off roading with it. All the parts were there but, REALLY????

  • returned to the store

    1 stars

    9/5/2013 by sadgrandkid from idaho

    there were parts missing from this swingset, it was returned to the store.

  • The best swingset for special needs children!

    5 stars

    8/30/2013 by mamamiller10192011 from Chesterton, In 46304

    This swing set is amazing and I even enjoyed it too :-) It's a child's dream! Possibly a parent's nightmare to put together though LOL but def worth it! Took the hubby and a buddy over 6hrs to build, but everything was labeled and very descriptive so it made it much easier than swing sets before. Very pleased!

  • Lots of variety with this swing set

    5 stars

    8/30/2013 by 2boysmom210 from San Antonio, TX

    My 4 and 5 year old boys LOVE this swing set! It has enough equipment for the two of them to not fight over anything. Also, when their younger or older relatives come over there is something age appropriate for them to play on.

  • kids love it!

    4 stars

    8/20/2013 by bdp62604 from Pueblo West, CO

    It is a nice swing set. My twins love the saucer because they can sit in it together and the baby liked it because she she can lay and swing. The twins are 22months and able to use the slide by themes self's. The only con my husband and I have is it takes just as long to put the horse together as it does for the rest of the whole set. But the instructions were easy to follow and parts labeled well. With how much the kids live it it was all worth it!

  • Fun for the family

    4 stars

    8/17/2013 by Chihuahua22

    Assembly could be a little easier but overall is fun and the kids are enjoying it

  • nice swingset, daughter very happy.

    5 stars

    8/17/2013 by tpanic from fowlerville mi

    Love it vary happy.

  • takes 2 people and 4-5 hours to put together

    4 stars

    7/26/2013 by republic0178934 from Republic,Mo.

    overall the product is appropriate for my granddaughter. However the parts were hand labeled, and were labeled incorrectly by the store. We had to figure out which piece went where on our own. The labels did not match up with the instructions.


    5 stars

    7/24/2013 by Granmudderof7 from Guntersville AL

    Got this one(even larger ones on sale, but NOT this one)because of the horse & the round disc. Have a special needs Grand Daughter & she loves being independent & able to just lay in it!! Plenty of room for 4 or 5 children. My family LOVE this set & use it every day since set up. Happy with this purchase, just wish it had been on sale, as this was a late in the season purchase & almost EVERY OTHER SWING SET was on sale!!! Oh, one more thing...we did "customize" the horse as it has no place for smaller children to hold on or put feet!! A large dowel from Lowe's cut into 2 pieces & hole drilled in head & underside works well. Has a place that looks like it will punch out or a hole was intended, but left off. Have to wonder about that design flaw....but we knew about it thanks to others reviews & had the dowels already(sized to fit the drill)!!

  • Super 8 Swing Set

    1 stars

    7/19/2013 by ChrisSheila from Modesto, CA

    The screws and tools provided are useless. The plastic cover for the chain already broke and the ladder for the slide is very flimsy. When I bought the swing set, I thought it would be perfect for my 2 year old and 8 year old but not so much. It's great for my two year old but my 8 year old can only use the horse. The saucer swing we can't use because the screws to keep it in place already strip. The picture of the horse use for the advertisement is not the same that is included in the set. It also doesn't come with the stakes to keep the swing set in place, you have to order it separately. For the price, I paid for-it's not worth it.

  • Tuned Out Great

    5 stars

    7/18/2013 by luagee

    My wife and I ordered this swing for our two Grand kids and it was a big success! Arrived at the store as scheduled, we picked it up and the staff were courteous and loaded it in the truck for us. We came home and it took she and I about 4 hours to assemble following the instuctions to the T and everything went smoothly! Our 9 year old grandson was already here and loved it! When the 3 year old grand daughter arrived she was in heaven! we are very satisfied! When the grandkids are happy, we are happy! Glad we ordered this from Wal Mart!

  • Not too impressed

    3 stars

    7/13/2013 by Jenn976 from Denver, PA

    I bought this in April and by the end of June my nephew who only weighs less than 40 lbs had broken the glider swing. (Not the horse, the other thing). He wasn't jumping on it or being rough, just swinging a bit high. Not only did the metal piece come out but the footing broke as well.

  • Perfect for younger children

    5 stars

    7/8/2013 by MyliKlee from EK CA

    The saucer was great hit! not to Hard to put together.

  • So hard to put together

    4 stars

    7/1/2013 by Anna3501 from Union City, TN

    My daughter loves her new swing set. It's sturdy and fun. However, it was so hard to put together. I hired a handy man to put it together and he said he would never tackle a swing set again. It took him and his partner four straight hours to put together. His main complaint was that the holes did not line up. He also stated that the instructions did not make sense. That being said, the end result is awesome. We love it.

  • great swing set

    4 stars

    4/15/2013 by marear from dalton GA

    I love it took a.good while to make good.happy would buy another

  • Great swingset for price!

    5 stars

    4/7/2013 by autiemom5 from carrollton, Ga

    Took about 2 hours to put together, but the kids have a great time on it. I just had the set for about a week, but it seems sturdy, and looks nice in yard. I hope my two boys have many good years bonding together on it. One of the boys is Autistic and he loves the turtle shell(Thats what he calls it anyway,lol). I wish although there was a regular swing for a toddler, so I am going have to buy to hooks and replace a regular swing with a toddler swing.

  • BEST Swing Set for my family

    5 stars

    4/6/2013 by diggingdeeperwells from Surrey, BC, Canada

    After looking at all the different swing set options available for viewing online, I decided on this one even though it required a trip down to the U.S. to pick it up (I live near the border in Canada and tried finding it up here with no success). I liked all the options, the 2 person see-saw swing, which my daughters LOVED on their smaller swing set last summer, 2 swings so either my 2 girls can swing at the same time, or I can replace one with a baby swing and still have one regular swing available (as well as all the other fun activities) for the bigger kids. The saucer really was the selling point for me. It's weight limit is 200 lbs (holds 2 x up to 100 lbs children), so this means I can even swing on it, by myself, or with my 1 year old plus my 4 year old and 5.5 year old girls (well, we are "slightly" over the limit altogether at the same time, but we have tested it just to see with no problems) The slide is actually a pretty good height (a little narrow for my hips, but perfect for all my kids). Some parts were a bit tricky to put together, but overall, not too bad (I did it pretty much on my own). The horse was a little bit tricky getting everything together, but after I (1) with the pieces separated pushed the long screws through all the holes it needed to go through to make sure no plastic bits were blocking the hole, and then (2)pushed on the extension pieces of the base metal part so that they were slightly bending in rather than out(you have to be able to get these large screws through the holes of the metal extension pieces and all the plastic parts, and then everything needs to be firmly pushed together for the screw to be able to reach the other end), then the tension of the metal was working for instead of against me, and I was able to get all the parts screwed together with very little effort. We are VERY happy with this purchase.


    5 stars

    4/2/2013 by brandigunter1 from Brandi

    I bought this for my 6 year old and 5 year old. They love it, They play on it for hours they never get bored of it!!!

  • Not worth the price. Cheap quality.

    1 stars

    3/27/2013 by Roxie68 from Cleveland

    This swing set is very poor quality. Not very sturdy and cheaply made. It doesn't stand a chance next to the Flexible Flyer brand. When received it did not have the required bolts to fasten it together. It took 3 requests and 3 weeks to receive bolts and still did not receive the correct ones. The seat on the glider has already cracked. I'm very upset as this was a gift to my daughter for her birthday and she couldn't even play with it for 3 weeks. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • very cheaply made, not good quality

    1 stars

    3/26/2013 by rsyverson from Springfield,OR

    This swingset is probably the worst purchase I've made. I can't send it back because I dont want to make my kids wait another 2 weeks for another swingset. The bars arrived warped, hardware is cheap, and pieces were missing. I will never purchase a swing set from WalMart ever again. The only thing I was happy about was how easy it was to assemble and how the instructions were clear and not confusing. I would not recommend this to anyone who is looking for a low price and quality.....because its definitely NOT quality.

  • Great swing for young kids.

    5 stars

    3/25/2013 by texasspecial from Onalaska

    Swing arrived ahead of shipping time. Pick-up at the store was easy and the people helpful. Put the swing together in about 5 hours. Few nuts and bolts were missing but other than that it was pretty easy. Lay all the pieces out on the ground first. Had all the tools ready and now the kids are having a blast.

  • Great choice for my twin's grand childs!

    5 stars

    3/18/2013 by flow688888 from terre haute,in

    Lot of work to assembled,but product is worth the time you put in,lot of features for my twin's grands sons,great for summers activities and funs.

  • Fun once you get all the parts...

    3 stars

    3/15/2013 by An anonymous customer from Wylie, TX

    We ordered this after a recent move made us abandon our old wood set. Item seemed like a great bargain, and wife liked the unique saucer. We have 4 kids 11 and under, plus lots of neighborhood friends to entertain, so the number of activities looked great. Once the item arrived, I began to build immediately. The instructions are fairly easy to follow, but it was missing some parts, and we had to email the manufacturer a list of what we needed. Manufacturer quoted 2-4 weeks, but they were received in 5 days. Although it was frustrating having a half built swing set in the yard for a week, once everything arrived and we finished building, the kids loved it. Everyone LOVES the saucer!!! I still think the quality could be better. Paint job is rough, parts missing, and rocking horse piece sits weird, but overall the kids like it and for the price it can't be beat. Just be prepared for possible hiccups in the build process.

  • Tons of Fun..Headache to put together

    4 stars

    3/15/2013 by GKinney from Oklahoma City, OK

    We set out all the part and found we were missing some. When I called to have them sent, the person who answer was not professional and didn't answer any questions I had (this was not Wal-Mart, but the company who made the set). The overall quality isn't what I expected from this set. Bolts were not threaded properly and instructions were not clear at times. Once we had it together and I saw how much fun kids have on it, the issues and frustration went away. My only advice, like with anything to be assembled, would be to check the threading and inventory the parts before you start. Save you some frustration and time ordering replacement parts.

  • Great swing set for a bunch of kids!

    4 stars

    3/13/2013 by GoMomof7 from Mount Pleasant, SC

    We love this swing set! Be ready to take a whole weekend to put it together. Tricky in some spots! Our seats for the glider were already broken in the shipping, but overall we love it!

  • great swing set. easy set up..minor issues

    5 stars

    3/1/2013 by ruester25 from Destin Florida

    extremely satisfied with both the price and the quality. it is pefect for my kids who couldn't wait to get it together. the set up was rather easy and quick as well, even with the help of my kids ( 1 & 3 yrs old) I was able to put it up myself and rather easily. it took me 3ish hours to complete it but I would definitely say it would have been quicker with an extra adult set of hands. I did however have a couple issues; with a shortage of nuts, one of the bolts was to short, and I had one nut not threaded but I always have extra stuff lying around so it wasn't a disaster. .all and all I think this is an excellent item and definitely recommend

  • Great for playtime

    5 stars

    2/26/2013 by Larsonslady from Southeast GA

    This swing set is an awesome purchase for a smaller price than most. I really like how all chains are covered. This swing set will bring many fun hours of play for my children.

  • Grandkids love it, especially the saucer.

    4 stars

    2/15/2013 by shamyra from Baton Rouge, La

    Set arrived sooner than stated, whcih was good. Assemble was a two man job. One see-saw seat arrived broken. Overall, I am pleased with the product.

  • Good product for price

    5 stars

    2/3/2013 by Cajuntower

    Directions are a little weird but assembly took 2 adults 3 hours. Son loves the round swing but def would recommend for children 3 years old to 10 years old, bigger kids might break or bend the frame

  • 3 year old loves it

    4 stars

    1/16/2013 by HappyMomAndSon from Georgia

    We bought this for our 3 year old for Christmas. He loves all except for the horse, which I thought would be his favorite part. There is not any foot pegs or handles on it and it is hard to make it swing. It was not necessarily difficult to put together but took us 6 hours. The instructions were not bad, but in the end I realized that several steps did not tell you to put the screw caps on and they should have. Also, many of the caps I did put on broke.

  • good deal for price

    5 stars

    1/4/2013 by spoiler1 from winter haven,fla.

    bought this swingset for my 3yr granddaughter.She absolutely loves it.The horse is a little too big for her but no big deal. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Nice Swingset!

    5 stars

    1/2/2013 by USAFWife1 from Palm Beach, FL

    Easy assemble and fun for the kids! I highly recommend this swingset. I had it delivered to a local walmart to save $99.00 in shipping and it took about 1 week (during the christmas holiday) to arrive.

  • Not worth it

    2 stars

    1/2/2013 by Mom2special from Houston, texas

    The swing is awesome and the kids enjoy playing on it. Although the swing came with lots of missing parts and when attempting to call the company no one answers and the machine directs you to call another number, I am very disappointed in this product. It took my husband about six hours to put up by himself.

  • Great swing set for the kiddos!

    4 stars

    12/31/2012 by FreeAcceptedMason from Texas

    This swing set is made with quality parts, and is very sturdy! I recommend getting help from several people to put it together though! Very satisfied, my daughter and her friends love it!

  • put it up last night, good directions

    5 stars

    12/24/2012 by apriljadesilk from nc

    the directions were simple to follow. it wasn't complicated to put up at all, but it did take a while. it looks awesome, better than expected. so cool looking i want to play on it haha. My son hasn't used it yet cause it is for christmas so if we have issues after that i will change my review

  • Great choice with a great price

    5 stars

    12/17/2012 by Peaches201224 from Louisiana

    My mom and dad bought this swing set for my 3&4 year old and they love it. It really didn't take long to put together directions seemed pretty easy! There is so many activities for such a great price. It's sturdy made and I would recommend this to everyone if u looking for something that would keep your little ones busy with lots of fun.

  • Something for the kids

    4 stars

    12/12/2012 by astcat from Louisiana

    The swing set was missing a few parts, but we used some ingenuity to work around that. The kids all love it and want to play on it all the time. Their favorite piece is the "flying saucer" bit.

  • Overall a great swingset.

    4 stars

    12/5/2012 by southga2012 from Douglas, GA

    Site to store took about two weeks. Had all parts and good instructions for assembly. Had to drill a few holes as the company apparently missed doing. Took me about 6 hours by myself to put together but my kids love it. Glad we chose this one.

  • Wouldn't buy it again

    2 stars

    11/30/2012 by justincase1 from Albany, Ga.

    Assembly hardware was not all there and one piece was dammaged. I made two trips to the hardware store to get bolts. The swing was advertized to be an 8 station set and was actually a 6 station set, (2 swings, 1 saucer, 1 seesaw, 1 rocking horse glider, and 1 slide). You do the math. For almost $300 I have found what I believe are much better buys online since purchasing this one. The only good thing I can say is that it was fairly easy to assemble and the grand kids were happy.

  • Coolest swingset ever and not expensive!

    5 stars

    8/20/2012 by FamilyPendragon from Texas

    Everything is great - but the coolest thing is the hoop/hammock swing thing that is like a floating bed. I used to lay in it under our awning and nurse my newborn. He loved the rocking motion. Both kids still love it and its held up despite my initial worry that the fabric might not survive the Texas summers. The yellow ribbon did deteriorate but it hasn't made any real difference to the rest of the chair. I am sure we'll eventually have to recover it, but it will be well worth it!

  • Difficult to put together- incorrect parts

    3 stars

    6/30/2012 by Ottiss1 from Bloomington, IN

    I put together the swing in two days. The hardware that came with the swing was incorrect. It should come with three different packages of hardware. However, my swing came with two packages that were the same. It is labeled so you know which hardware goes with each item on the swing. I had hardware for doubled for the swings and the glider and no hardware for the slide and horse. When I called the 1-800 number for help they referred me to a website and said that the 1-800 number I called no longer carried this product. I got on the website and it was as equally frustrating. I could NOT get the parts that I needed and so I eventually just measured what I would need for approximately 30-35 bolts, nuts, etc and bought them at a nearby hardware store. VERY FRUSTRATING... On the bright side, after it was successfully built, my children love it.

  • The kids love it!

    5 stars

    6/25/2012 by Gidgette from Springfield, MO

    For a swing set, the assembly wasn't too bad. It took my husband and I about 4-5 hours to put together, and everything went fairly smooth. The instructions were understandable and all the pieces were there and fit together properly. However, we made an "executive engineering decision" and put the slide on the oppisite side of the swing set (just switch the one cross-brace bar that the slide bolts onto). We also traded one of the regular swings out for a toddler swing, and added an anchoring system.(My husband wasn't impressed with it, but I think it's a good idea, lol) Overall, we really like it, and the kids love it! My brother and his family seemed to be impressed and might be getting one, too. We only set it up yesterday.... but so far, so good. Hope that helps, good luck :)

  • great swingset

    5 stars

    6/16/2012 by acqua90 from putnam valley, ny

    Swingset was bought for 2yr old granddaughter. It did take around 3 hrs to assemble with 2 people. All parts were labeled individually which was helpful. The only thing that is a slight concern, only bc my granddaughter is 2, the slide isn't very high on the edges so it is still not as safe as I had hoped for, but in a few months this won't be an issue. She loves it and we have a great time playing on the swingset. Very happy with this product!

  • Easy to put together

    5 stars

    6/16/2012 by Aswtp from Dallas, GA

    Was very surprised to find how easy this swingset was to put together.... It is a gift for my grandsons birthday...aswtp

  • Great swingset. Kids love it

    4 stars

    6/15/2012 by Coachurbo from Pauls valley

    I really like the swing set. The flying saucer is a huge hit. My only issues is when I took everything out of the box 2 of the support poles were dented. And another pole was scratched.

  • great swingset for the price

    5 stars

    6/14/2012 by pharmmo from new madrid,mo

    took about 3 hours to assemble...we have only had it for about 3 weeks but our daughter who is 3 loves it

  • Swingset

    5 stars

    6/14/2012 by Shekyn from Scottsburg Indiana

    Large swingset for the price . Kids love it . I was missing some pieces to the horse but I called and they sent them to me.

  • Even A Grandma can "PUT TOGETHER"!

    5 stars

    6/13/2012 by 406grandma from Billings MT

    Looked at all the "PRICES" out there WOW!! Just wanted something to entertain the grand baby. This is PERFECT. Site to Store so FREE shipping. Fast ship."GREAT PRICE". I laid parts out on garage floor(So no sun beating down on me and lost parts in the grass) "FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS" took my time and took piece by piece out to yard as assembled as per "DIRECTIONS".(Tools are included) Had together perfect in a days time, probably 6 to 8 hours total actual assembly time by myself no help....The saucer is awesome for smaller children and babies and will hold 150lbs plus :-) Newborn(supervised swinging in saucer) to 8 year olds I would think would enjoy this swing alot! Nice swing and sturdy good quality construction. I am very Happy with entire purchase/product exsperience.

  • Good value

    4 stars

    6/13/2012 by Mama2edwin from Mount Airy, GA

    I was looking for a playground area for my boys 6 and 3 that was reasonably priced and didn't take a lot of time to put together. I feel like I got that with this swingset. Pros: it took my husband and me about four hours to put this together. We used high quality tools, though. Directions were clear. All parts present. Cons: As others have said, swings are very low to the ground. The chains will have to be shortened, which isn't a simple project. Additionally, it does require an adult to push the kids. My kids love the flying saucer part!

  • Great Swing Set :-)

    5 stars

    6/12/2012 by amclark from OH

    Great product! It was easy for my husband to put together, only took him about 2-3 hours by himself. Our 2 year old daughter was very happy with the swing set. There is a lot of variety so your child won't be bored. All parts were in the box as expected and everything works great! I'm sure this will provide our daughter with lots of outdoor fun this summer. Couldn't have asked for more for the price we paid.

  • My little 3yr old loves it, but some parts are bad

    3 stars

    6/7/2012 by BusyChild from Tipton, IN

    We got it all assembled just to discover that the slide is damaged. We called the customer service phone# on the owner's manuel only to got a recording with an e-mail address. When I e-mailed them, they replied that they were no longer representing this company. I'm stuck with a swing set and no slide with no way to contact the manufacturer. Buyer beware!!!

  • over priced junk

    1 stars

    5/4/2012 by bit38225 from DRESDEN TN

    took for ever to put together plastic screw covers dont stay on and swings broke after a wk and got replacement but there not even a mth of ownin it are broke also and paint is comeing off it all over and already rusting inless then a mth of ownin it and if my child wouldnt be heart brokein i would return it

  • Great Investment

    5 stars

    5/2/2012 by lilymaesmom from Gerrardstown, WV

    I bought this for my 6 year old daughter. It was easy to assemble, although it took me longer than 2.5 hours as I assembled it myself. It is quite easy to assemble with just one person(and a small little helper). My daughter absolutely LOVES this swing set. She does have to have a small stool to be able to get on the horse and in the saucer swing, but it's no big deal. Those are the 2 things she plays on the most. Now I'm looking for a trapeze bar swing for it so she will love it even more. LOL

  • Rusted after a month!!!!

    2 stars

    4/28/2012 by ShowMeStateMom

    This swingset looks very nice from the picture. There are several issues with this swingset. It went together fine, no missing pieces. It is beginning to show signs of heavy rust on the poles supporting the horse. We have only had it a month! The saucer is very cool, I would say it is probably the best feature. The swings are horrible. They are hard plastic and hold water on the inside. Not even sure how the water gets in there, but there is a drain hole to get it out. The swings cannot be adjusted and are very close to the ground. My two year old sits in it fine, but my 5 year olds feet drag. The seat is not wide enough to comfortable hold an average adult ( I only have a 28" waist). I would not buy it again and am trying a find a way to help stop the rust, something I thought I wouldn't have to think about for several years.

  • Not what you think

    2 stars

    3/26/2012 by Maryjane12345678 from Michigan

    The horse is not a glider. Effort will not swing the horse unless child is pushed. Foot rest for horse not included although there are holes for it. I guess you can go dowel shopping. One of four swing screws did not have threads and a replacement had to be ordered. It arrived promptly and was shipped free. Kids love saucer.

  • Great multi-station swingset

    5 stars

    1/5/2012 by Misfit7 from Phoenix, AZ

    This swingset more than met our expectations. It has multiple stations that will bring hours of enjoyment to all four of our children, ages 18 mos to 10 years. They were all ecstatic to get it on Christmas morning. The saucer swing is great for all of them. Don't forget to order your anchor kit to make it safe for the little ones. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as our children do.

  • 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves it

    4 stars

    12/6/2011 by ckga

    When I got the swing from Walmart-there was a hole in the box-should have had them order me a new one-had quite a few missing parts-but the customer service for the swing company was great-I got my parts within a few days. Expect to take about 4-6 hours to put this swing together-my husband is extremely mechanical and he said the directions left something to be desired.

  • Great item, cruddy labels for the hardware

    5 stars

    11/26/2011 by lotsalove4mykids from Union, MO

    So, this swing set took about 4 hours for me and my husband to assemble. The assembly was not difficult at all. I recommend looking through the directions, and sorting all the pieces that are nicely labeled for you into piles. For example, the first few steps direct you how to assemble the main 8 legged frame. So gather all those pieces into one area. Then the disk is assembled next, so put all those pieces in a pile. Do this for all the parts to avoid digging and handling the pieces over and over. The biggest issue I have with this whole thing is the labeling of the hardware. It was INSANE trying to figure out which parts were suppose to be in each labeled section. There would be 4 labels under 2 long bolts...really was a pain, but in the end, I was able to figure it out and get it put together. VERY NICE PRODUCT

  • Wonderful swingset!

    5 stars

    11/21/2011 by flsandspur from Florida

    I bought this for my granddaughter. It took me about an hour to put together. She loves it! I thought the saucer like swing would not be used, boy was I wrong! She loves it and even lays down and falls asleep in it.

  • my kids love it

    5 stars

    11/14/2011 by magabel from Houston, TX

    I bought this for my 2 and 4 year old and they love it. It has so many things to do that they never get bored of it. I love the saucer also, it's great for smaller children and they can just lay down in it.

  • Good product, but slight disappointment.

    4 stars

    11/7/2011 by geezie410 from Louisiana

    I was excited when we bought this for our 2 year old daughter for her birthday. She loved it at the store and the reviews were good enough for me. My husband and his brother put it together in about 3 hours and we weren't missing parts like others said in their reviews. It was very cute and pretty sturdy definately made for younger, smaller children. Although when my daughter ran to it on her birthday, we were slightly disappointed, b/c she was way to short to get on anything and the steps for the ladder are so far apart it scared me. I know she's only 2 so I got a 6 year old to test it out and same problem, the saucer you literally have to jump in, or be put into. The steps for the ladder are spread out a little too far and the horse which was our favorite feature on the swingset, has nothing for the children to get onto it, or rest their feet. I honestly though it would have some type of foot rest bar like most horses, but even a six year old could not climb onto it by herself. I am slightly disappointed in this flaw but my husband is very handy and is planning to make something for my daughters feet on the horse. So to conclude maybe a little flawed but overall we really like it.

  • Top of the line

    5 stars

    11/3/2011 by lxgonz from belen, New Mexico

    I was very pleased with the swing set. I had a party for my granddaughter, There were lots of kids and they all enjoyed it. When I was shopping my granddaughter said *Grandma I'm a kid I know what kids like get this one (swing set). That was the best investment I made in a long time. All the kids loved the swings, it was always full while the party was going. I truly was amazed how much fun those kids could have on the swings, and how many kids fit on the swings. My granddaughter just turned six and she goes outside to sit on the swings before she goes to school in the morning. I have video of it, but it's at my daughters.

  • organized packaging for easy assembly

    5 stars

    10/28/2011 by mamajones04 from iowa

    Frame is simple to assemble and each play item comes with a separate labeled package with all the hardware for that item only, so you can asseble one at a time and not lose pieces for other sections when you take a break. Note>>> Yes Im a mom and I did it on my own!!! You can too. Make sure to anchor or cement as the set is heavy and does lift up with bigger swingsters. Beware of the saucer swing as it does come back quick on little ones trying to climb on, and the horse is hard for them to propel without a push. They do get the hang of it very quickly! Overall this set has something to entertain everyone and the kids in my care didnt know what to try first. The saucer is definitly the biggest hit, and perfect for children with special needs as they can lay in the saucer with a friend, or solo, and mine loved swinging under the stars with a bowl of popcorn the very first night!!!

  • Okay for first Swingset

    3 stars

    10/20/2011 by OBear from Sunny Southwest

    The chains that attached to the saucer swing were missing. They were shipped to us a couple weeks later. There are several design flaws, but the two most annoying are: The two-person glide is for very small children and has a stiff ride, and the metal "handlebar" for the horse slides right out and could be used as a weapon. So far the saucer and the slide are the most interesting to my 2-1/2 year-old grandson.

  • Missing lots of parts!

    1 stars

    9/29/2011 by donnasvineyard from VA

    This swingset was a nightmare! More than half the hardware was missing from box. Customer Service is located in Hong Kong and when we called no one ever answered. We put an additional $90 into it for parts and missing pieces. I took us a week to find pieces and put together. Do not buy this swingset!

  • Great Swingset

    5 stars

    9/28/2011 by NCNannie from Aquone,NC

    I bought this for my 3 year old great grandson, and he absolutely loves it, It took several hours putting it together for my son-in-law, and much to our dissappointment the chains to the flying saucer were missing out of the box, but we called the number in the instructions and we had it in about 3 days, which now is his favorite part of the swingset. It was defintely worth the money that I spent on it.

  • Great for active kids!

    5 stars

    9/12/2011 by dizzybeesmom

    We have had this swing set now for 4 months and our 3yr old and 19mo old boys love it! It took myself and my mom 3 hours to put it together with the boy's help, the slide is the most difficult part. My 19mo old has no problem using the slide and spends most of the afternoon sliding, I can't get him to stay still long enough to use the swings yet. My 3yr old loves the saucer and the horse, my husband lays in the saucer with him and swings so it is definitely sturdy. I can lay in there with both of the boys and we watch lightning bugs, planes, or clouds while we swing. We do have to move it when we mow so it is easier to move with two people if one person is at the middle legs and the other is by the slide. I am very happy with how sturdy the swing set is and with how many options it provides my boys to play with.

  • Nice for the price

    4 stars

    9/1/2011 by pachachie830

    My husband put this swing set together, Took a while and was time consuming but got it done. My kids ages 9 and 6 like using it. Good for the money and it's sturdy but not solid. Like it for what it's worth.

  • Was worried at first so many parts....

    4 stars

    8/20/2011 by mswhylie

    The package was so messed-up & worn, that I was worried about all th parts being there, but as we started putting it together it was wonderful at how good shape it was in.. All the parts was there & my 3-year old Great-grandson was so Happy to see his swing-set that He wanted to swing, ride the horse & slide before we got it all put together...Just the look on his face at his new swing-set was heart-warming....

  • Good

    4 stars

    7/24/2011 by gabbymtz from Mora, NM

    The finished product is great! We bought this for my daughter as a birthday present however putting it together was a bit confusing. The only thing I can reccomend is that the instructions on putting it together should be made a little easier.

  • Wonderful Investment

    5 stars

    7/23/2011 by dixiegal232010 from West Virginia

    After looking around for the perfect swingset I found this one. Initially I wanted a wooden one, either from the store or built on our own. This is not a wooden one, but I couldn't pass this one up. The saucer is what sold me on it. It comes with 2 swings which are hard plastic, a rocking horse which is made of the same material, the saucer which is made from a very durable material, a teeter totter swing as I call it (which we didn't use cause my daughter is still too little) so we just put a baby swing, and a slide which is very well built. The instructions are very easy to read. All of the bolts for each part are on separate sheets. We are going to use the anchor system instead of concrete because of the location we decided to put it. As far as how long it took, with 4 of us it took 2 1/2 hours total. Very impressed by everything about this set. Got it for my daughters 2nd birthday and she could not be more excited, and I couldn't either!

  • Great Swingset

    3 stars

    7/21/2011 by brooksgirl from Waco, TX

    The only problem that I had was that a couple of the bolts was missing the threads and some of the nuts were stripped out. It was easy to put up. However, since one piece is put together with other pieces and I cannot finish putting up the product. My suggestion is that before you start you check all the bolts and pieces to make sure that you have what you need and they are correct.

  • Great Swingset

    5 stars

    7/21/2011 by 75shopper from Oak Ridge, TN

    Bought for our 3 and 5 year old granddaughters. The love it. Great deal. Good instructions for assembly.

  • Nice!!!

    5 stars

    7/15/2011 by honkytonklove20 from Denver, Co

    It took a while to put together but after it was up my boys love it and so do all the neighbor kids! :) Very sturdy, fun, and a good price!

  • 2 year old loves it

    5 stars

    7/5/2011 by ksylvester3 from Maine

    We bought this for our two year old son for his birthday. He loves it, loves the horse and hammock part. Has gone down the slide tons of times and giggled with joy. Would definetly reccomend. We were going to buy a cheap small swing set but so glad we spent the extra money on this one.

  • Wonderful and affordable buy

    5 stars

    6/28/2011 by pdl99hd36 from Pennsylvania

    I have only one bad remark it did not come with instructions.Contacted company was able to have them emailed to my phone. Very easy to put together. Great grandchidren enjoying the fun every day

  • Nightmare

    2 stars

    6/18/2011 by SweetSweetDaughter from Alamogordo, NM

    I really hope this thing is worth it once it's together, but dealing with missing parts and broken pieces is really a nightmare. I couldn't get a hold of anyone at the customer service line and we've been back and forth to home depot retro-fitting parts for this thing. Are you kidding me?!?? I gave it two stars hoping that a) it will be fun for my child and b) reading the horrible grammar in the instruction book is entertaining.

  • good value for price

    4 stars

    6/18/2011 by JoJodds from Pensacola, Fl

    it is almost a whole day project to ensamble. it took 2 men around 6 hours to put this together, plus 1 run to the store (part missing) and 45 mins to do inventory of all the parts. It is a good set and my girl loved it. they said the hardest part was the horse, and attach the slide to the rest of the swing set. Good value for the price

  • Fabulous fun for 2-4 year ols

    5 stars

    6/9/2011 by MassachusettsNana from Massachusetts

    Bought this for the grandkids to use in our yard. They love it! It is compact enough so it doesn't take up the whole yard, yet it has so much for them to do. My grandson has issues around core body strength and this set has helped him improve in little over two weeks. Motivation and challenge is the key! Best purchase we've made in a while.

  • hours of fun!

    5 stars

    6/2/2011 by ILmommy2two from Illinois

    After months of looking around for a swing set for our almost 2 year old son (and one on the way!), we decided on this one for the value, ease of assembly, and amount of activities offered. My son is EXTREMELY active (doesn't sit still even in his sleep!) and I knew the basic swing/slide combos would bore him quickly. We had narrowed it down to this one and one that had a trampoline attached, but I liked this one for the uniqueness of the rocking horse and flying saucer. After checking it out in the store, we went ahead and purchased it, one of the best decisions we ever made!!! It took my husband 4-5 hours to put it together by himself - he said the only part that was problematic was that the slide was a bit of a pain to put together, otherwise it went together pretty easily without any problems (just a little time consuming, but not nearly as much as the wooden sets!) - the person who commented about not tightening bolts until the very end must have not read the instructions too well, because it repeats that step over and over again throughout. Once together, it has provided my son with hours and hours of fun!!!! We replaced one of the swings with a toddler swing, which was really easy to do (you will have to buy separate eye bolts if you do that as the ones they have connected to the swings don't really come off), though we have since discovered that even at 2, he can do pretty well on the other regular swing (I think it helps that it's made of hard plastic - not the bendy kind - and sits decently low to the ground), and he LOVES the rocking horse - he stares out our kitchen window longingly saying "horse! horse! horse!" - it's definately his favorite part of the set! And when he wants to go on the flying saucer, he says "sleep!" because at 23 months, he's small enough that he can lay down and stretch out in it and he thinks it's pretty funny to close his eyes and pretend to sleep (it's kind of like a kiddie hammock for him!). Even the slide, which I was nervous about him being able to get up it himself, he climbs the ladder like an expert with no problems! He's not a big fan of the glider yet, but I think that's still a little too big for him yet. He never comes inside willingly, I always have to plan outside time to come to an end right before a mealtime or some other event and resort to bribery to get him to stop playing for a while! Would 100% recommend this to anyone looking for a great swing set, and you definately can't beat the price for all the fun you get! ...though don't forget to buy an anchor kit if you're not planning on cementing the poles into the ground.

  • WOW

    5 stars

    5/24/2011 by momof5grandmaof7 from IOWA

    We bought this swing for our disabled son so he could swing in the yellow circle. It has enough room for other children can sit and play with him in it. but all the other of the fun stuff will keep the rest busy.. but you must keep plastic on the pieces till you need them and READ the directions!!!

  • Kids love it!

    4 stars

    5/23/2011 by tikitikitoo from Eau Claire, WI

    This swing set is a nice set. I would recommend it, my kids love it and spend hours on it. Took about 3 hours to assemble. The flying saucer is the best part, I even love to relax in it! You get your money's worth. The horse isn't the greatest, there is no way to move it. It would however, be good to push a young child on.

  • Grandchildren's play time.

    5 stars

    5/22/2011 by mamawwith3 from Summit, Ms

    We purchased this product for our grandchildren to use over the summer. It seems we are going to have them more often than expected. Papaw is a handy guy, it still took him and our youngest son 4.5 hours to assemble. It looks great, the kids love it, it was a great price, and we are praying it last a while. Important..... the kids love it, especially the horse.


    1 stars

    5/20/2011 by wvbulldog

    took wife and i 6 hours to put up,wasn't manufactured right,ours looks nothing like the box,came with two swings,and only had the holes for one,some of the leg holes didn't match up,had to do some drilling to make it work.Dont tighten any bolts till it's put all the way up,you will be doing some adjusting.