Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate

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Protect baby without sacrificing style with the Summer Infant Custom Fit Gate. Made from quality materials, this stylish, extra wide gate, adjusts to 141 inches (358.4cm) wide, allowing parents to configure in odd shaped spaces, extra wide openings and even creating play areas in corners of the home..

  • Hardware mounted installations, for use between rooms and can be a free standing playard when 2 gates are used
  • Stylish grey mesh fabric blends into home
  • Easy 1-handed open and close operation
  • Fits openings 65" - 86" (165.1cm - 218.44cm), 96" - 141" (243.84cm - 358.4cm) stands tall at 32" (81.28cm)
  • UPC: 012914276808
  • Brand: Summer Infant
  • Installation Type: Hardware Mounted
  • Features: Thickness: 3/8" Frame Type: Self Trimming
  • Material: Plastic
  • Finish: Gray

Reviews (15)

  • Great product
    5 stars

    5/10/2019 by Deedee

    I love how you can switch the gate to the end, and how it will fit any opening. It is very easy to install, great quality too

  • A great gate system!
    5 stars

    4/16/2019 by Cory S

    I like how flexible this system is! It's perfect for keeping our little crawler away from dangerous places in the house. Thank you!

  • Love the height & width!
    4 stars

    1/29/2019 by Ang04

    We have had this gate for over 2.5 years now! Even though our kids are older & have figured out how to open the gate, we still use it to sometimes keep pets in kitchen area.

  • 91foragatenotPlayard
    1 stars

    12/3/2018 by 91foragatenotPlayard

    I almost spent almost $100 on this thing because it says “baby gate and playard” wanting to be sure I was going to be able to turn this gate into a Playard before I spent nearly $100 on says it's capable of being a Playard with an Additional gate.

  • Easy setup
    4 stars

    7/7/2018 by Kay99_99

    I was worried I wouldn't be able to adjust the length of the panels before purchasing. I like that I can adjust the panel length and somewhat modify the set up of how I want to set it up. Super easy setup. My son can now run between his room and ours and I don't have the worry of him going down the stairs.

  • Large, easy to assemble and adjust!
    5 stars

    7/5/2018 by Chef LR

    Bought this to block off a grand piano in our dining room to convert the room into a play room for my daughter. It worked perfectly. It was easy to assemble and was even longer than I had anticipated. Really great quality and it shipped quickly. Worth the $ for sure.

  • Useful to keep toddler in living room
    4 stars

    6/12/2018 by 72iekcaj

    We put two gates together to make more of a wall than a gate to keep our toddler in the living room. Without the gate / wall he can easily get into the kitchen and get into trouble. The gates worked well for this purpose.

  • We love it!
    5 stars

    5/1/2018 by Caro

    Easy to install and works perfectly for our "playroom>"

  • Great
    4 stars

    3/31/2018 by Skat

    Looks good, is very sturdy.

  • So Worth the money
    5 stars

    3/22/2018 by Maggie

    Sturdy, adjustable, and the gate is easy for my older kids to open and close and for me to open and close one handed.

  • Get it
    4 stars

    3/19/2018 by SuperDad3

    One of the best baby gates I've ever had and used. Bet sturdy and strong. I also like it because you can change the size of it.

  • Thank God for the gate
    5 stars

    2/9/2018 by Kat

    Got this five months ago. Still love it. Helps with my Kitchen Anxiety. I can cook without little feet under my feet, the gate keeps the little feet safe.

  • Perfect multi use gate
    5 stars

    12/30/2017 by Molliewhiskey82

    This gate has come to be vary reliable. Between using it for an extra wide archway a d using it for when we added our addition so that out son couldnt get into the constructio area to now using it around or gas fireplace we are thoroughly happy with this gate easy to use and install.

  • Awesome Gate!
    5 stars

    11/29/2017 by Baby mine

    Love this gate! I bought this for my daughter who already had a smaller one to block her 7 month old from crawling into the kitchen. She really needed to make a space for baby to call her own in the house. This gate was perfect! It was easy to install, allowed for a large play area, and baby could see mommy and interact with ease. Highly recommend this product!

  • Keeps baby hordes from storming the kitchen!
    5 stars

    11/11/2017 by TwinDad

    We have twin toddlers that love getting into everything they shouldn't. Since mommy can't be everywhere all at once, this gate works wonders. Not only that, it's easy for mom to get in an out of the kitchen, since the latch can be worked one-handed. We now have 3 of these gates to ensure that the kiddos are corralled and not in harm's way.

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