Delta Children City Street Side-by-Side Double Stroller, Grey

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Comfort and style go hand in hand when it comes to the gray Delta Children City Street Side-by-Side Stroller! Designed to accommodate any growing family, it features plenty of storage, a parent cup holder and a five-point safety harness for peace of mind..

  • Model# 11701-026
  • 2 storage bags and parent cup holder with 2 attachment points
  • Compact umbrella fold for easy storage and travel
  • Dimensions: 31.2"W x 29.6"D x 37.3"H
  • 360-degree swivel shock absorbing front wheels
  • The Delta double stroller has a large European style canopy
  • UPC: 080213021504
  • Features: SIDE
  • Brand: Delta Children
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Maximum Weight: 35 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Double Strollers

Reviews (16)

  • Amazing!
    5 stars

    4/5/2019 by Kat

    I love love love this stroller I can't get enough of it! I use this stroller several times a week and it is amazing and easy to maneuver. Before I got this I had a front and back seater and it was so heavy and long and hard to push. This one is very convenient and lightweight. The description of the item is 100% accurate. It fits through door ways. It's easy for me to fold up and put away.

  • its going back
    4 stars

    3/12/2019 by Brady123

    love the stroller over all for the price. my issue is with 2 of the front wheels. they are warped and wobble like crazy when in use. which we have used it 2 times now and having to feel the wobble its just going back. 3rd wheel is good just those 2. didnt come with papers so I dont know if the wheels go on a certain way BUT I did put the wheel on in the spot it came zip tied to. this is probably just one oops out of all the strollers. there is always something wrong with a few product's out of hundreds made. just an inconvenience.

  • Bargain Double Stroller
    5 stars

    11/29/2018 by Karno

    The fact that this is a lightweight, manageable, foldable double stroller at a great price!! It is very sturdy and has strong rubber wheels. We bought this mainly for travelling. It Looks like a single stroller when folded. You will not find a brand new double stroller at a cheaper price...

  • Perfect
    5 stars

    11/24/2018 by Jennifer

    Exactly what I was looking for something simple and compact that wouldn't take up my whole trunk. And very easy to operate. Very happy with my purchase. Shipped VERY FAST

  • Perfect for travel
    5 stars

    11/22/2018 by Hira

    Extremely easy to maneuver. Very compact and easy to handle. Fits even my 4 year old child easily!

  • DeltaSidebySideGreen/Gray
    5 stars

    11/20/2018 by K

    I just recieved and unpackaged the stroller and i like how it looks...i wish the canopy part was bigger but i think it'll be fine. It's really easy to manuver and i love the color!

  • Great, but not for planes.
    4 stars

    10/22/2018 by Mama

    It is a great stroller. I loved it and my girls loved it. They loved they could be pushed inside or outside and sit right next to each other. They even ate snacks in it in front of the tv together. It's easy to push and easy to close. It is not too heavy. My only problem which I know was not the companies problem, was that I went to another country and when I got there it was perfect but when I came back home one of the airports had broken it, i could still use it but one side would not close and the seat was a little messed up where you sit and it became very hard to push. It made me sad because i did not have it very long and i bought it to last me a long time. Not just 2 months and 1 flight abroad. But I know this was the peoples fault working in the airline. I was just surprised how easily they could break it. I ended up going to the last 2 airports alone with 2 toddlers and a broken stroller. They could still sit in it but it was difficult to push and the last plane company me and the woman where you board got into a argument because I could not close my stroller. I told her it is not my fault the airports broke it. Since I was not sure which company it was they made me sign a paper saying I will not go to court or make problems with them because it was broken. It gave me to many problems. I would buy it again, but not to fly. It's great for home and the car. But not planes.

  • Good value!
    5 stars

    9/21/2018 by SK

    Lightweight, folds up easy, and small enough to fit in doorways. Fits in my car, and great for my 10m and 2.5y old. I bring this in case we need to flee the situation (tantrums, etc) and I can't carry both kids!

  • Perfect
    5 stars

    9/18/2018 by Asosum

    I love this stroller it has very high quality with that much money ! I recommend to everyone

  • Just Okay..
    3 stars

    8/29/2018 by Jozlyn

    The sun visors are a little to small and don't stay in the right position to actually block the sun. The cup holder is flimsy. Doesn't recline and the seat belt and harness are very adjustable. Other than that I do believe it will come in handy.

  • Love it.....!!!
    5 stars

    8/19/2018 by Liz

    Absolutely amazing stroller..the best one I have owned. Drives amazing feels great the kids love it. It is lightweight, space saving, everything you could want in a stroller. Love it.....!!!

  • Not worth it
    1 stars

    8/15/2018 by Nuwavelover

    Its very compact and fit through tight spaces. Used for first time to travel via airplane. At airport one wheel kept coming off. Not secure enough we followed directions on how to attach wheels and still doesn't stay on. Also does not lay back enough for sleeping children. Not worth the money spent. Don't recommend this stroller to anyone.

  • Buy it!
    5 stars

    6/15/2018 by Nel

    Love love it! And the kids do too! It is comfortable and material is very nice and soft. Love how's light it is too!

  • Decent stroller
    5 stars

    5/1/2018 by Jp47

    Nice build quality easy to maneuver folds up quickly seating is good for medium to small.

  • If I could give 0 stars I would
    1 stars

    4/9/2018 by HORRIBLE SERVICE

    I never got my item!! And I can't even get a refund!! This site is a scam and I will never order from them again

  • Side by side
    5 stars

    3/19/2018 by CoffeeLover

    I've owned double strollers in the past and this is by far my favorite. It is lightweight. Easy to unfold. My kids love sitting side by side.

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