Royal Heritage 3-Pack Multi-Use Waterproof Pads

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  • Brand: Royal Heritage Home
  • 100% polyester with a vinyl layer
  • L.a. Baby Changing Pads & Covers
  • Changing Pads & Covers
  • Travel Changing Pads
  • Top Rated Products in Changing Pads & Covers
  • Machine washable
  • Summer Infant Baby Mattresses
For 0-12 Months Relieves Arms Relieves Back Relieves Cracked Nipples Relieves Breasts Prevents Sore Nipples Adjustable Seat Wrap Adjustable Suction Levels Embossed Channels Gusseted Bottom Tear-Off Top Breast Shield Adapter Holes Preservative Free BPA Free 100% Natural Hot And Cold Therapy Hypo-Allergenic With Adhesives Dual Track Zipper Thick Bags Customizable Slim LED Display LCD Screen Timer Lightweight Washable Battery Operated AC Power Adapter

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