Itzbeen Baby Care Timer, Pink

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  • Each timer also gives a reminder at certain intervals, if desired
  • Baby Care Kits
  • Overall dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 1.5
  • Baby Skin Care & Grooming
  • Features: 4 timers, 4 timer alarms, soft nightlight, illuminated display, left/right nursing reminder switch, clock, belt clip
  • Baby Bath Wash
  • Large display shows the elapsed time since the last diaper change and feeding, how long baby has been awake or asleep and how long since medication was last given
  • This unique timer takes the guesswork out of keeping baby comfy, cozy and happy
  • Baby Brushes
  • New and improved battery life
  • Buttons will illuminate and brief alarm can sound
  • California Baby
  • 3 AAA batteries needed; not included
  • Baby Bath & Skin Care
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About Itzbeen

Sometimes taking care of your children can lead to forgetfulness. When did you last changed his diapers? Did you gave him his vitamins? When was the last time that he ate? If you are one of the many parents who are always experiencing guesswork, you will need an Itzbeen product within your reach. The company specializes in providing a handy and portable device that helps you keep track on everything about your baby. From his sleeping, breastfeeding to even changing his diapers, their innovative products helps you to stay on top of things. In just one touch, you will instantly have access to your baby’s last medication, feeding, sleeping and more. There are even optional reminder alarms to make sure that you stay in schedule. If you need to give his medicine late at night, you don’t need to open the lights. There gadget includes a night-light feature so you can easily find it even in the dark. Aside from timers, they also offer a wide range of baby monitors that are equipped with the revolutionary features.

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