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The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump is designed for occasional use away from your baby. The Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump helps you stay connected by providing whats best for your baby even when youre not there.. This comfortable and lightweight pump is ideal if youre looking for a portable and discreet alternative to your double-electric breastpump. This best-selling manual breastpump features 2-Phase Expression technology, which mimics a babys natural nursing pattern and is proven by research and moms to produce more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum in the Expression Phase.

  • Medela is the #1 Physician Recommended Breast Pump Product in the U.S*
  • All parts that come into contact with breast milk are made without BPA: Safe for mom and baby
  • Easy-to-use, lightweight design is portable and discreet
  • Convenient bottle stand to help prevent spills
  • Only manual breast pump with 2-Phase Expression® technology to help you produce more milk in less time when pumping at Maximum Comfort Vacuum in the Expression phase
  • Soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle makes manual pumping comfortable
  • UPC: 020451671864
  • Brand: Medela
  • Type: Manual Breast Pumps
  • Is BPA-Free: Y
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.89 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.58 x 7.33 x 8.71 Inches

Reviews (18)

  • Awesome!
    5 stars

    5/1/2019 by Kate111

    I'm writing a review because I relied so much on them when doing my research. If you're on the fence about this, definitely go ahead and give it a try! I'm so glad I did. I'm not a huge fan of pumping, but since I'm back to work part time, I had to do it. I have another brand hospital grade pump that I found intimidating and frustrating, so I started looking into manual pumps. I was getting overwhelmed, so I decided to go with the Medela Harmony. I knew Medela has a good reputation and that replacement parts and accessories are easy to grab at Target, so I figured I'd just go for it. I made a good choice! It's inexpensive, great quality, and so easy. I even use it at work. My double electric pump is in a box right now. The manual pump is more comfortable, there are more breast shield sizes available for my Medela than my other pump (I'm a 36F but actually needed a smaller size shield than it came with, which surprised me), and the flex breast shields are so much better than standard ones. It does take a little longer to use a manual pump, but if you factor in the setup and pumping bra switch that the double electric takes, it evens out. I had read that this pump has lost suction for some people, but I use it a lot and haven't had an issue. The one time it happened, I realized that it was because I had accidentally pulled the diaphragm loose, so I just pushed it back in and it was fine again. Also, I was initially confused about how often I needed to sterilize the handle, since you're not supposed to use the steam bags for that specific part. The FAQ answered my question-you don't have to do it every time!

  • Love this little pump~ mom of 6
    5 stars

    4/29/2019 by Kristina R

    I love this little pump. I have had two Medela Pump in Styles and two or three of these little pump. I ask for it in the hospital and have been given one with a few of my births. I am pumping for my twins now. I use it in the car on the way to pick kids up from school and back home...really anytime I'm taking a 10-15 min drive. I am preferring it over my electric most times I pump. It might even be quicker than the electric pump and it's more gentle!

  • So easy and convenient!!!
    5 stars

    2/25/2019 by Kksgirl

    I love this pump! I take it with me everywhere and get as much milk as I do with the plugged in pump. The ONLY complain I have about Medela - you don't make the flange size that I need! 17mm, or smaller....

  • Great alternative to the automatic pump
    5 stars

    2/25/2019 by J-nine

    I think the manual pump works better and is faster than the automatic medela pump I received from the hospital. Highly recommend this product.

  • broke after a month
    2 stars

    2/20/2019 by cheap

    I loved this product and it worked great for about month and then it suddenly lost its suction and couldn't work at all. I couldn't identify the piece that broke, but I was disappointed it lasted for such a short time. I'm going to invest in a different product for my next baby.

  • Disappointed
    1 stars

    1/27/2019 by lisajb

    I had this same pump with my first child 3 1/2 years ago and had no problem with it. Bought it again just a month ago for my 2nd child and it worked great when I first started using it but yesterday the suction started going. Very disappointed. Went out and bought a different brand pump.

  • Disappointed
    1 stars

    1/27/2019 by lisajb

    I had this same pump with my first child 3 1/2 years ago and had no problem with it. Bought it again just a month ago for my 2nd child and it worked great when I first started using it but yesterday the suction started going. Very disappointed. Went out and bought a different brand pump.

  • please add rubber gasket
    4 stars

    1/17/2019 by Machanic

    The first time I used this product it was nearly 9 years ago. I bought it over the electric because I felt it gave me more dignity. which is why I bought it again with my second child in 2017 and kept using it with my 3rd in 2018. Honestly, I love this product. However, I only have 1 simple complaint that I am surprised you no one has thought of telling you how to fix it. the Finish leaks when knocked over. You can fix this by adding a rubber gasket. Please add this. Thank you

  • Disappointed
    1 stars

    12/28/2018 by Kateric7

    PUrchased this as an alternative to the dual pump in hopes this would be an easy and quick way to pump milk and on the go. Unfortunately will not be using this as there is barely any suction, feels like nothing at all and does not do anything to produce milk

  • No suction. Handle falls off while using
    1 stars

    12/23/2018 by Mekk

    I'm so frustrated with this manual pump. I wish that I can upload a video for you all to see how terrible it has been for me. It does not suction whatsoever !!! and I have to move the handle up-and-down in order for it to semi work. And by semi I mean I might get a couple mls in 20 minutes Whereas I'll get up to 90mls in 20 minutes using the Medela Symphony electric pump.

  • Great pump that keeps breaking.
    1 stars

    12/10/2018 by Tanya1992

    My very first hand pump was given to me by a hospital in which I delivered my first baby 3 and a half years ago. I absolutely loved it! I had an insane amount of milk and needed to pump often as I was working on decreasing my supply. I also was a working mom. So this pump was used in the office, on the air plane, airport, car, home. You name it. One thing kept breaking though. The handle that holds the silicone part that creates suction, somehow it kept ripping every few months. I tried other pumps and hated they way they felt. I actually bought like 5 pumps because it kept happening. Two months ago, I had my second baby. I got this pump again hoping I'll have better luck, two months later am once again in need of another pump. I love this pump so much but so frustrated!!!!! I can't be buying a whole new pump every time. I think I'll try to get used to a different brand.

  • Where do I get replacement pieces?
    4 stars

    12/9/2018 by WashingtonHiker509

    I like the hand pump very much, especially great for substitute teaching when your daily schedule is different and you are at different schools and not always know where an outlet is located. However, I need to replace a part that is critical for suction. I always take the pump apart to clean it and now the yellow piece in the handle has stopped creating adequate suction. I need a replacement piece and am not sure where to get it. It would be great if Medela had a site where replacement pieces could be purchased.

  • Stopped working after a month
    1 stars

    11/17/2018 by Meghand123456789

    I bought this as a way to relieve pressure on my breasts when my daughter eats on the other side. I've only used this less than 10 times and it had stopped working. The suction no longer helps to express breast milk. Disappointed as I thought I was getting a quality product.

  • Not enough suction
    1 stars

    10/10/2018 by Tootie

    My baby is 10 months old, and I was hoping to use this pump while on a trip. I tried it once and it only pulled a few drops out. I ended up hand expressing.

  • It's okay
    2 stars

    10/9/2018 by Jacks

    I bought this because I wanted to have it just Incase I had trouble breastfeeding and it turned out I did , I've been using it for almost 2 and a half weeks now and at first it was great I felt the suction and I was getting a lot of milk now I don't feel the suction and I think it's because the silicone that is in the handle part has a hole that seems to be getting bigger which is making it super difficult to get milk I'm having to pump forever I'm trying to make it work until I buy a electric pump but I'm so disappointed that this has happened in just a short amount of time.

  • Defective Productive
    1 stars

    10/5/2018 by Danny

    I bought this pump a few months ago after I returned to work. It worked well for a few weeks until I suddenly lost suction. Instead of pumping 5 oz I would only manage to get 1 oz. It turns out Medela is aware of the o ring defect and doesn't supply extras. I tried to replace the o ring with o rings from the hardware store, none fit. This is a waste of money, buy something else that is built to last. I know I am.

  • Great for on the go
    3 stars

    9/12/2018 by Tiggajo15

    I was given this at the hospital with the birth of my son who was struggling with regulating his sugar and temperature and being to tired to nurse properly. I've used plenty of pumps before, this being my 3rd child. I absolutely loved it. Easy to use, quiet, great for on the go pumps and I felt like it drew out more milk than an electric one. I actually liked this pump more than the electric one and I was able to easily pack it in a diaper bag or in my pump bag for work in case my electric one wouldn't work for one reason or another. Its lasted up until now. This past week I'd lost suction and I couldn't figure out why. Today throughly inspecting it, I found the diaphram part had cracked along the seam. It was allowing air in and losing the suction. In looking up the product information I'm disappointed the warranty is only for 30 days. For something so integral to our busy mom lives I feel like they would back their product up a little bit better. But in reading other reviews it seems they know it has a limited time use. In short, I loved the pump but I wish it held up better in the long run.

  • I love the hand pump--but there is a defect
    3 stars

    9/8/2018 by Julie I

    This is my second harmony hand pump and I absolutely LOVE the hand pump option for travel or quick pumping when you don't want to take out all the parts and pieces of the electric pump. When I had my second child last year I bought a new harmony because I accidentally threw away the handle of the old one. BIG MISTAKE. I thought something was wrong with my supply but then I realized that the new handle was missing a part/piece and the suction was totally off!!! I threw away my receipt and I can't remember where I got it (mom brain) or I would return it. There is a noticeable difference between the suction on the first pump I had and this second one. AND I remember the silicon piece firmly attaching to the old one where this new one is so flimsy. SEE PICTURES... SO if you buy a Harmony pump make sure you check that it is not defective before you buy it.

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