Philips AVENT SCD570/10 DECT Baby Audio Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode

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The Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor, SCD570/10 delivers a reliable connection to your baby. Data encryption provides a secure and private connection. DECT technology guarantees zero interference from any other transmitting product like other baby monitors, cordless phones and cell phones. A customized temperature sensor allows you to monitor the climate in babys room, immediately alerting you, through the digital display on the parent unit, if the climate changes, as your baby cannot regulate her body temperature as well as you can and will get restless even with a slight change in temperature.. The Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor, SCD570/10 also provides high quality, crystal clear sound so you can hear your baby anytime. Advanced monitoring for you and your baby, with night light and lullabies, and with vibration alert and docking station for the parent unit.

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  • UPC: 075020031686
  • Brand: Philips AVENT
  • Type: Movement
  • Model: SCD570/10
  • Display Technology: Color
  • Color: Gray

Reviews (20)

  • Great monitor for secure no-video option!
    5 stars

    2/12/2019 by Whitneychabu

    I received this monitor as part of the Weespring Parent Panel, and even thought I've used a video monitor in the past, I've started to worry about security and who has access to my camera. I was also apprehensive about not being able to see my LO, but just a few days of using this monitor, and my worries were gone. The sound is SO CLEAR, I felt like I could see my baby, even though it was just hearing if he moved. The two-way tall feature was also different at first, but once my LO figured out it meant I was coming— we soon had fun as I chatted with him on my way to his room. There are so many other features on this monitor, we are just scratching the surface trying them! But this monitor definitely has something for everyone. Outside of the security, I loved how long this held a charge! I can hardly remember to charge my phone, so the great battery life was a huge pro. Love this monitor, and I've hardly missed having video! It is so nice knowing that no one unwanted can watch my family, and this is a great option to feel secure!

  • Great Monitor, Lots of Features
    4 stars

    2/9/2019 by JessieLeigh

    We received this monitor as part of a WeeSpring Parent Panel and so far have really enjoyed using it. The best part is the nightlight and the clarity of this monitor. The sound is better than most monitors we've used, however, there are so many features that we have covered by other tech in our daughters room that it became a bit overwhelming to try and use all the buttons/features. We've been using it now for a few weeks and my overall opinion is great monitor, bu overload on different features.

  • Good monitor...but...
    4 stars

    2/7/2019 by momoflittlec

    Before I start my review, I'd like to thank the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this product. The Plillips Avent Dect Audio Baby Monitor with Projector is a fine device. I appreciated it sleek design and ease of use. My favorite feature was the battery life of this particular monitor vs the one I originally purchased for my little one. I also appreciate the security of knowing that no one else is listening in on my family due to the neat DECT features. I personal notifications are easy to use. My one complaint is that I missed actually SEEING my little one as he slept. I find my mind a little more at ease by having a visual. This monitor is a great purchase as long as you don't mind having a picture to accompany the sound.

  • Quick Reilable Setvice
    5 stars

    6/30/2017 by Rosevia

    I bought a Phillips Baby Monitor for my Nephews baby and they were really happy with it.

  • LOVE this monitor.
    5 stars

    12/18/2016 by aguajulie

    I love this monitor. I can go 100 yards to my barn or chicken coop and it still works. We LOVE being able to talk to our kids through it too, especially if I can't get there immediately. My son loves the little songs and the night light is helpful. Our only problem is that I don't have money for a new one and our dog dropped the parent device into a bucket of water and it did not survive. I wish I could just purchase an extra monitor.

  • This was a great pick!
    5 stars

    12/8/2016 by pardesey

    We are so glad we purchased this monitor. We had picked another one before just because it had a camera but it did not work in the basement when the baby was upstairs in the bed room. Though this monitor does not have a camera, but the reception is excellent and crystal clear. When you turn on the receptor and the transmitter is turned off, it beeps to inform you. It also has night night feature, which we probably will not use, but it's there. The 4-5 lalabye rhymes are good and soothing. It provides temperate option, if you want to use it. The best thing we like about this is the clear voice quality and reception.

  • A lifesaver
    5 stars

    10/29/2016 by Caregiver91

    Have had this monitor for over two years. I have had at least 10 monitors in last 25 years none work with the clarity of this I have a 25 year old totally disabled son on oxygen and a noise machine going also a pump feeding. I hear if a Machine goes off during night or my son gagging because he needs succtioning I could not sleep at night without this. Wish I had this when he was a infant. I would of been a lot less worried about hearing him. There is no interference at all. I wish I could by another parent unit to keepin living room to hear him when he goes to bed and I'm still up. Have to bring the one out from bedroom. Do invest in this has been a lifesaver for us and our son thank you. Sorry it took so long to write this Melissa jimmys mom

  • Excellent Performer
    5 stars

    10/26/2016 by DWG1

    Purchased to monitor elderly patient in downstairs bedroom. Works very well... Sound is very clear, monitors room temperature well, and has a night light. Best feature beyond sound quality is the rechargeable batteries in the receiver that you carry with you.

  • Extra Features
    5 stars

    3/21/2016 by ElizabethK

    The DECT monitor range for reception is amazing! We live in a two-story house with the nursery on the opposite side of the master downstairs, and the sound quality is still great. We got the monitor to review and have been very pleased. There are so many extra features on this monitor that are amazing, including the nightlight, temperature display, vibration, and lullaby music. No assembly was required and plugging is is simple. A second unit would be nice, but would bump the price up and the price on this is perfect. This is a great first-time parent monitor to last through several kids!

  • Love the lullaby & night light feature
    5 stars

    3/5/2016 by Laurie0111

    My husband and I are very pleased with our Philips Avent Baby Monitor. We have had quite a few baby monitors in the past with our four children and this monitor is by far the best we`ve had. The sound quality is excellent, nice and clear with no interference. We love the night light and lullaby feature. It is very nicely made and the design is also very attractive looking. The temperature sensor is also a nice plus. I was very fortunate to receive a free sample of the Philips Avent Baby monitor in exchange for my honest review

  • An amazing monitor
    5 stars

    3/1/2016 by AndyM

    For full disclosure, please note that I received this product as a free sample in exchange for agreeing to write this review. I really love this monitor. First, it is crystal clear, and I have no problems either hearing the baby or the baby hearing me. It must be that DECT Technology. I also love the fact that it uses an encrypted connection, so I don't have to worry about any possible intruders listening in. Not only that, but this monitor doubles as a nightlight, and it even soothes the baby to sleep with lullabies. Highly recommended.

  • Easy to use monitor
    5 stars

    2/29/2016 by CarrieC

    I received a free sample of this monitor to review. Overall, I liked this monitor. It was easy to set up and use. I found that I enjoyed the new features (as compared to our current older monitor).

  • Great for all parents
    5 stars

    2/23/2016 by CandiP

    I highly recommend the Philips Avent Monitor!! I received this monitor to test and review and I must say I was impressed. This monitor picks up the smallest sounds and sends them through very clearly. There is a vibration feature that allows you to feel sounds without interrupting things around you. I really like that you can speak into the reciever to console your child without entering the room. There is a nightlight, but it doesn't emit much light. The light would be perfect for a very small room, but not so great for a larger room. I didn't have a need for the temperature readings, but it was accurate. This monitor is easy to set up and use. I definitely recommend this monitor to anyone wanting to keep an extra ear on their kiddos.

  • This monitor is Great!
    5 stars

    2/22/2016 by AbbeyC

    I received this Philips Avent SCD570/10 ECO DECT Monitor free in exchange for my review. I LOVE this monitor! The monitor was super easy to set up I don't think I even had to read the instructions to do it. I love that it has the room temperature and that there is a talk back feature for the times you are unable to get right in there. I like the sensitivity range and being able to set it to not go off with "every crinkle and roll" noise. The cry alert will increase in sound on the parent monitor to alert even when you are dead asleep. It even has a night light which is awesome. Overall This monitor is the best!

  • Great monitor!
    5 stars

    2/22/2016 by Tina1811

    I received this monitor in exchange for an honest review. I really liked this monitor! I love all the features it offers such as the music, the ability to have the parent base be plugged in or on batteries for portability and the temperature display. My favorite feature is the talk back option! It is so nice to have this option! The only reason I won't be using this as my primary monitor is we already have a video monitor and I prefer being able to see my kiddos over just hearing them. Overall, great monitor and will be holding onto as a back up!

  • Finally allowed some sleep
    5 stars

    2/22/2016 by StephanieB

    I received this monitor as a sample in exchange for an honest review. When I read the monitor features I thought we may end up using it as a walkie talkie for my 3 year old instead of a monitor for my 13 month old. Boy was a wrong. This monitor is excellent! We had been having trouble getting my 1 year old to settle at night each time he woke and therefore my husband and I were taking turns all night long comforting him. I set up the monitor right away, tested the walkie talkie feature with my 3 year old and gave it a shot! The ability to talk into the parent monitor and it sound in the baby`s room is amazing! At the first cry I calmly talked to baby from my bed and he calmed immediately! And the next time he woke and cried he calmed just with the sound of my voice again! It`s amazing. I also see how the other features could be good if my baby was younger like the feeding timer. Also, I like that I can see what the temperature is in my baby`s room. That is another great feature

  • Best Baby Monitor
    5 stars

    2/19/2016 by GinaA

    I received a free sample of this Philips Avent Monitor in exchange for agreeing to write a review. I can not begin to express how grateful I am to have received this. It came at a perfect time. I was looking to replace the cheap monitor that I had with one that was actually worth it, this was heaven sent! The reception is very clear, as if I was actually in the room with my baby, great distance range, it plays music and lets me talk or sing back to my baby, lets me know what the temperature is in the room, and has a night light. I am very pleased with this monitor and I highly recommend to anyone looking. Well worth the price.

  • This monitor has numerous helpful features
    5 stars

    2/16/2016 by LindseyD

    I received this monitor as a free sample in exchange for my honest opinion. This monitor is great! It is very easy to use. The base has a night light on it and it plays music. The base as well as the hand held can either be plugged in for use or you can use batteries to take them remotely. The sound quality is outstanding and the hand held only goes off when it detects noise. You can also use the hand held as a walkie talkie to sooth your child from the other room. You can change the sensitivity if you only want to be alerted if your child is really upset. It also shows the temperature of the room. The only con is that you can not control the music from the hand held. Overall I would definitely recommend this monitor, it's great quality for a lower price.

  • Great audio only monitor
    5 stars

    2/16/2016 by CheriS

    When we received this monitor (free in exchange for a review), we already owned an analog audio monitor as well as a video monitor that uses wifi. Therefore, this was our first time testing a digital audio monitor, and our first comment is that we were very impressed with the DECT technology. The connection is encrypted, there is truly no interference, the sound is very clear, and it doesn't interfere with our wifi like our analog monitor does. The monitor has several other really nice features. The sounds are fine, but you can turn the sound down and just have lights that show the volume in the room, and the whole receiver will vibrate if there is a sudden loud cry ("cry alert"), which is a nice option when you want the volume turned down (during a movie or something). One feature that we initially thought was overkill was the temperature reading, but we find ourselves using it surprisingly often. Our nursery is in the corner of the house with several walls to the outdoors, and we've discovered that the temperature fluctuates quite a bit changes in weather. The one word of caution that we'd mention is that if the power goes out then turns back on, the transmitter does not automatically power back on (as it would if the on/off switch was physical). The receiver does give you an alert if it loses its contact with the transmitter, but if you had the unit silenced I'm not sure if it would override the mute or not.

  • Quality Monitor with Great Features
    5 stars

    2/15/2016 by JessicaM

    I received the Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode in exchange for an open and honest review of the product. This is a wonderful and reliable baby monitor! I have had no issues with it and there are many nice features that are included. The set-up was very easy and only took a few minutes. This monitor has a great range and we have not had any problems even through several walls and distance in our split bedroom house. We have also not experienced any issues with interference thanks to the DECT technology. The sound on this monitor is crystal clear and my favorite feature is the ability to set the sensitivity. Our little one often makes noises throughout the night and by setting the sensitivity level, I can get a good night's sleep and not be bothered by every little sound. We also use a sound machine and by using the sensitivity settings, I can eliminate the sound machine coming through the monitor. Another great feature is the nightlight and lullabies. I often turn on the nightlight while I'm rocking our little one. It provides just enough light but is not too bright. I will say that the light is more of a yellowish tone versus the white light that is shown in the pictures. We have also used the lullaby feature while rocking to soothe our little one. It's so nice to have quiet lullabies at the touch of a button. The temperature sensor is a nice feature but we did not find that necessary or extremely useful as our house stays at a nice temperature and we seldom experience power outages or find that the temperature in our house fluctuates. The two-way capability is another nice feature but at this point when our son cries, he wants us there in person and talking through the monitor does not help. This feature may be a nice feature as he gets older and you find a need to talk back. The two improvements I would like to see is the parent unit have a clip to attach it to your pants or pocket as you move about the house. It does have a neck strap that you can connect and hang the parent unit around your neck but it is not very comfortable to have a large, heavy thing hanging around your neck and getting in the way as you try to clean, empty the dishwasher, etc. This hasn't been a huge problem as I usually just set the parent unit on a table or counter nearby but a clip would be nice so I don't forget it as I move around the house. The other improvement I would make is the ability to turn on the lullabies from the parent unit. Sometimes my son is fussing and I would like to turn on some soft lullabies to help soothe him without entering the room. In addition, if the lullabies rotated through instead of playing the same one on repeat until you manually switch it would be another nice improvement. Overall, I am very happy with the Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode, the features that are included and the quality of the product. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality sound baby monitor.

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