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  • All Paper & Printable Media
  • Notebooks & Pads
  • Do: Include the model number (if applicable)
  • Do Not: Include personal information (such as your full name)
  • Paper notebook included
  • Do: Make sure your question is directly related to the product
  • Do: Write your question in English
  • For extra security, journal will record an intruder's voice to catch the culprit! Also can record a customized intruder alert to ward them off
  • Top Rated Products in Electronic Pets Robots & Toys
  • All Notebooks
  • Comes with 30 thought-inspiring prompts and the capacity to create 10 personal ones of your own
  • Includes invisible ink pen and dual black light that is also a reading light
  • Voice activated lock only opens to your voice
  • Journal with Lock
  • Stylish electronic journal offers the ultimate privacy and protection
  • Electronic Pets
  • Do: Be specific and provide as many details as possible
  • Features a hidden compartment to store extra secret stuff!
  • All submitted questions and answers are subject to the terms set forth in our Terms and Conditions
Interactive With Wheels With Sensors Moves Makes Sounds Controller Battery Operated With Instructions For 3 Years Old And Up For 5 Years Old And Up

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