Educational Insights Robot Face Race Game

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The first player with five tokens wins!. Find it first and collect a robot scoring token. Shake the robot identification device to reveal a robot's features. Scan the robot heads on the board until you find the match. It's machine madness! A crazy inventor has built dozens of robot bodies and he needs your help finding the perfect heads.

  • Fun pieces: Randomizer device and 20 robot scoring tokens
  • Match the features on robot faces to win
  • Not recommended for children under 3 - small parts
  • For ages 4 and up
  • Colorful, matching game with a robot theme
  • UPC: 086002028891
  • Brand: Educational Insights
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 2889
  • Age Range: 2 - 7 Years
  • Color: Assorted

Reviews (20)

  • Great for robot loves!
    5 stars

    12/16/2018 by JLaene

    Super cute my 7 yr old nephew LOVES robots so we got this for Christmas for him!!! He's going to love it!!!

  • This is an awesome game
    5 stars

    8/7/2017 by Meghan

    My daughter loves this game, she challenges herself how fast she can find the faces.

    5 stars

    4/18/2017 by Fine Motor Boot Camp

    Robot Face Race has provided our children the opportunity to build fine/visual motor skills, social skills, language skills and pre-academic skills However, this does NOT have to be a game!!! We all know the fallouts that can happen when there are "winners & losers" so we just avoid it all together! It is a great social turn taking and friendship building game without a winner and loser. We don't even know where to start on this games amazingness...So, we will break it down! Academic/Cognition: -Sequencing (find the red head first), Working memory (blue head, red mouth, purple nose, etc.), Colors, Facial parts, Numbers/Math (this one has 3 eyes and the other has 1, etc.) Vision/Visual Perception: -Visually scanning, Visual motor, Visual Orientation, Visual Attention, Visual Discrimination, Visual Sequential-Memory, & Visual Form Constancy Language (receptive/expressive) & Social Skills: -Tell a friend what to find, Prepositions & Sequencing Fine Motor: Shaking the randomizer & Finger isolation Differentiation (simplifiers and challengers): -We put a piece of plastic over the board with binder spring clips (an old piece of lamination we got out of the trash in the staff lounge) and we let the kids circle the robots with dry erase, connect all the red ones, etc.) -We gave the kids the 5 colors in crayons and paper and they created the robots they made with the robot randomizer (this was a favorite) -For our 2 year olds, we cut out the pieces with construction paper (laminated them later because it was such a huge hit) and they created the robots by orienting the pieces on a robot head (we didn't make them follow the sequence but they could have). -Projected the game board on a smart board with a document camera and the kids could use the pens to circle when they find them on a vertical surface. -Made the "face base" and kids made the eyes, mouth and nose out of floam, play dough or wikki stix!

  • Good Game - maybe for grades K and up
    4 stars

    10/19/2015 by PayCayH

    This is a great game. The pictures on the board are cute and silly, which is great for the little ones. The faces are very small though, so my 4 1/2 year old found it a little hard to quickly find the faces. As with some of their other games, it might be good to give different play options including one with a timer so that everyone is racing against the clock instead of against each other (especially if you're playing with kids of varying age/skill). Overall a great game that teaches colors, shapes, matching and PATIENCE!!!!

  • Great for the Whole Family!
    4 stars

    10/18/2015 by CLPE

    To make it easier for travel, consider designing velcro game pieces. It'd be a great game for the car if the pieces could stick to the board.

  • Great game to challenge multiple levels of memory
    4 stars

    10/14/2015 by Kavita

    This is a great game - the packaging, art and quality of production is fantastic. Solid, smooth and sophisticated. As a game its challenging - there are 4 aspects to look for and match up and my son (4.5) got frustrated with the multiple levels of search. He had no trouble processing the instructions but I think if the robot count on the board would have been fewer (and the art bigger0 it would have been more age appropriate for 4+. My daughter (6.5) took to it and loved it - and although some of the rounds proved challenging for her- it was more age appropriate for her. That said, we enjoyed playing with it as a family and would definitely recommend it.

  • Great for older preschoolers
    4 stars

    10/13/2015 by Dina

    This game is challenging for my three year old, but she is determined to keep trying. I think it would be perfect for 4 to 6 year olds. The game challenges players to find the robot face that matches what they come up with on the randomizer. Looking for each feature to match the randomizer really helps little ones with both memory and visual discrimination. The game is so colorful and engaging that I can see it holding the attention of little ones for a long time.

  • very good game
    4 stars

    10/11/2015 by Guera

    I played with my daughter and was able to keep her attention. It helps with concentration and memory. Played several times and liked it more when more people were involved.

  • Fun educational matching game
    5 stars

    9/25/2015 by Nic

    Robot Face Race is a fun educational matching game for 4+. We are a board game family but often find it difficult to find a game that keeps everyone engaged. The concept is simple enough for my 6 yr old son but challenging enough for even the adults. It took a few games for my son to learn a strategy (matching the head first, then the features) but he was very encouraged to keep playing and improving. This game will help with memory recall and ability to discern small details. The board is colorful and the randomizer is very unique and not your typical dice shaker. The board background is black and makes it a little difficult to scan but that may be part of the visual discrimination training.

  • The Kids Kicked My Butt!
    5 stars

    9/18/2015 by Lindsay

    Robot Face Race is such a fun matching game! My 5 and 9 year old nieces really enjoyed playing this game. It is beautifully designed and the randomizer is super unique because it is much different from your typical dice and spinner games. We had fun racing to find each robot...although my nieces were better at the game than me! I highly recommend this game for family board game night!

  • inviting and engaging game
    4 stars

    9/16/2015 by sh

    The box is colorful and very inviting for children to want to open and begin to play the game. There are a few parts which make it very convenient: board, robot randomized, 25 tokens. The object of the game is to shake the robot randomizer and match it with the exact features on the board and place your token on the board. Whoever gets 5 tokens wins first. For example, I might shake a yellow head, red mouth, orange nose, and green eyes. I would then have to find the robot on the board with those exact features and place my token on that robot. I have a 2, 5, and 7 yr old. My 2 year old just liked shaking the robot randomizer, but I also just had her match the tokens to the colors on the board whenever I played it with her alone. Before playing, as a parent I would explain to your child how to look for the biggest feature (head), then the eyes, and then mouth or nose. Another thing that helped my girls is that I would verbally repeat saying I'm looking for something with a yellow head (pause), with red eyes (pause) with blue nose (pause) and purple mouth. This games teaches memory, order, visual discrimination, and careful observation/monitoring. I was looking at the game more from a fun perspective but as a former reading specialist I can verify the importance of having visual discrimination as a pre-reading skill. That's why kids may mix up the letters f or t because they just see a stick Instead of the curve feature of the letter. Also this game helps with visual scanning from left to right a skill children will need to help them learn in reading. I noticed my 5 yr old scanned randomly so I taught her how to look left to right and then a return sweep for the robot. I recommend those who may have children with different abilities to modify the game. The seven year old played the game according to the rules but our 5 yr old needed us to modify with her looking for two features (head and eyes), then three features (head, eyes, nose) and eventually worked up to four features as she improved on her skills. I would recommend this game to others. It is fun and educational too. My girls didn't get tired of playing this game. It was neat to see them all looking quietly for the matching robot.

  • Have to PLAY!!!
    5 stars

    9/10/2015 by gaby

    Absolutely loved this game. Had a blast playing with my daughters. So much laughter thank you Educational Insights for making a great game that I can play with my children.

  • Excellent Memory Game
    5 stars

    3/26/2015 by dl123sto

    This game is an excellent way for a children to use their memory skills. It makes them remember certain aspects of the robots face, such as, color, and what part of the robots face it corresponds to. It was very fun to play with kids and adults. I used the games pieces to make up other memory games for the kids and they enjoyed them so much. The best part is that the pieces of the game are made of a great durable cardboard material making them durable. The box is very sturdy and is not easily ripped or torn apart by young or older kids who are very rough with toys and accessories. Overall this game is highly recommended for children over the age of three in my opinion because even though they are young the colors and especially the round accessory used to choose the colors is super interesting to them. Especially my 4 year old wherever the balls landed she would love to just call out the colors and parts of robot face that it corresponded to. It would have been nice if it would of included a real robot in the set. It would have been a great extra.

  • Robot Face Race Game
    5 stars

    2/6/2015 by rambler001

    I got this for my grand daughter which is 7 years old. She very much enjoys this game. It is enjoyable for her but is easy since she is older, on the higher side of the age group. It has 120 robot faces so none are alike. It is a challenge and somewhat confusing at first, but is very challenging for the age group, and in my honest opinion isn't for children under 6 years old. It is a very good and fun game though for kids 6 and up to me. You match robot face colors. Overall a very good game, but not for the youngest children.

  • Nice game for children!
    4 stars

    1/10/2015 by Jeanette93252

    This is a very nice game for children over four years old and their families. I played it with my niece and we had a lot of fun! The different robot face combinations make it challenging for you to find just the right one that matches the colors that are randomly chosen. It's a great game for children that are still learning their colors and recognizing the differences in the unique faces on the board. It's even a little challenging for adults, so the whole family can have fun finding the different combinations possible. The only drawback to this game is that it is possible, but not likely, to get the same combination of colors for face, mouth, nose, and eyes of the robot face. It's also a nice game because there aren't a lot of parts to keep track of. The only small parts are the little markers of different colors that each player uses to mark the face combinations that they found first. I like the device that is used to pick the combinations of face colors. It has five different colors, that after being shaken, pick the combinations that everyone looks for. We played this game with only two people, but it can be played with 2-4 players. Since I don't have small children anymore, after playing it once, I gave it to a friend with three children. My friend and family were thrilled to get the game!

  • great & simple to keep kids attention
    4 stars

    1/10/2015 by MRSJYSPEIGHTS

    I go this game for my three year old son. The box states for ages 4+ but it was not a problem. My Son absolutely loves this game. The instructions are very simple to follow, no parts of this requires batteries. Its like the traditional old fashioned board game. My son was so excited every time we shook the play piece to find a robot that matched the colors indicated. Just like the instructions say there is basically no chance to repeat a robot match with over 200 different combinations. My husband even got caught up in playing this game. My sons response when he, my husband, or I got a match was to tell us good job and give a high five. For this game I would recommend it as a simple game to get you to interact with your child on a level that they understand. Its amazing watching the look on their face figuring out where their robot is and the joy of when they find it. I love that this game has no batteries. The only thing I was not a fan of was the material the board is made out of. It is basically pressed cardboard. Its is sturdy to begin with, but remember that this is a game for children. My son broke the board the first night trying to fold it back up to fit in the box. We just used some clear packing tape to fix it but as an improvement I would like for the board to be made out of more sturdy material.

  • Love this game!
    5 stars

    1/8/2015 by SassiCajun

    I received this game with my nephew and nieces in mind as they are younger. I remembered playing memory as a child, and figured it might be worth trying out with them since they are of the appropriate age. It took a few minutes to explain the matching concept, and help them with the rules of the game, but once they got the hang of it, they had a blast! They played the game for hours, laughing and giggling, and I was satisfied with the fact that it was helping to improve their cognitive and memory skills. Great educational and fun game to have in your collection!

  • Great Game for Boys & Girls
    5 stars

    1/5/2015 by Phylma

    As I do not have any young children, I gave this to my 3 nephews. The youngest is 4 and the oldest is 12. They had a great time trying to find the robot and beat their brothers! The youngest had a more difficult time than the oldest of course, but there was a lot of laughing. The older two helped the youngest until he got the idea of how the game worked. Then it was everyone for himself! I would recommend the Robot Face Race game for girls as well as boys. It says age 4+ on the box and that seems about the right age. My nephews said it was a lot of fun to play and they got hours of entertainment trying to beat each other and it did teach at least the youngest.

  • Fantastic Game for Families or Kids
    5 stars

    1/5/2015 by BigSr

    I chose this item to use in an early-childhood educational setting. The game play is simple to understand and helps kids to develop their memory recall and ability to discern small details. I find that young kids are actually way better and finding the robots than me! It's kind of like an interactive "Where's Waldo" where you use the robot randomizer to select colors for facial features, and then race to find the correct robot face. The product is durable and well made. I highly recommend it for parents or grandparents with young children as a learning and fun way to have a game night or just among the kids.

  • Ok but short lived.
    2 stars

    1/4/2015 by twiceamom

    Robot Face Race is a game on a board (but hardly what I would call a board game). You may have 2-4 players. On the board are many different color combinations of robot faces. You "roll" to see what color combination of eyes, nose, mouth and face you are looking for. Then the players see who can find the representative face first. It's a bit like Where's Waldo or I spy.. But hardly a board game in the traditional sense. It's for ages 4 and up- you will always win against a 4 year old.. It's just not a "luck" game like Candy Land. The most fun we had with it was just letting the kids play it by themselves. It lasted for about 3 faces and got boring very quickly as its basically the same idea every time.

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