Educational Insights Read My List! Game, Party Pack

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  • Category cards: listen to a list of things and be the first to guess their category
  • Score 5 points to win the game
  • Lightning round: take turns naming things that fall into a specified category, get stumped and you lose
  • List cards: race to name 3 more things that fit in this category
  • Storage box
  • 2 levels of play, beginner and advanced
  • 200 double-sided list cards
  • Game guide
  • How to Play:
Board Game Pie Throwing Hand Virtual Reality Pack 2 To 4 Players Unlimited Players Power-Up Tokens Safety Zones Requires Smartphone Customizable Includes A Preview Reel With Instructions For 5 Years Old And Up For 7 Years Old And Up For 8 Years Old And Up
About Educational Insights

Toys and products carried by Educational Insights not only help to develop senses but teach a number of skills that are utilized into adulthood. Our role-playing games allow children to explore a number of careers like science and visual arts. Kids will also enjoy learning how to read, do mathematical calculations, tell time, and study the human body and the solar system. Educational Insights also has kid-friendly globes and map puzzles that educate children about geography and nature. We also carry a wide variety of arts and crafting kits, board and interactive games. At Educational Insights, we believe in developing a child’s natural talents so they can be confident and smart in school.

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