Apples to Apples Freestyle

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  • Includes 216 cards, 5 writing slates, 5 dry-erase markers and instructions
  • Each round, a different player is the "judge" and turns over a card to reveal a fill-in-the-blank statement
  • The judge selects the best answer and decides the winner of that round
  • Branching out from classic Apples to Apples game play, Apples to Apples Freestyle introduces a whole new kind of creative fun — players get to make up their own hilarious answers
  • Everyone else comes up with a word or phrase to fill in that blank and writes it down on their personal apple slate — and what they choose to write can be as crazy as they want it to be
  • First player to win 4 rounds wins the game
  • The sky's the limit in Apples to Apples Freestyle game
  • Colors and decorations may vary
  • Offering customization, creativity and constant laughter, Apples to Apples Freestyle game is perfect for the whole family
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