Huffy BMW X6 6-Volt Battery-Powered Ride-On, White, White

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  • Requires one 6V battery (battery and charger included)
  • The 6-volt ride-on toy has a realistic dashboard with steering and fun car sounds
  • Maximum speed: 2 mph
  • Assembly required for the white Huffy BMW X6 6-volt battery-powered ride-on
  • Working doors and chrome accents
  • Charge time: approximately 12 hours
  • Run time: approximately 1 hour at full charge; varies by rider
  • The BMW X6 ride-on features 1 speed forward plus reverse
  • Maximum weight: 65 lbs
  • BMW X6 design in black
  • Huffy BMW ride on has a durable resin body
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About Huffy

Finding a reputable bicycle brand that you can actually trust can be daunting. With Huffy bicycles, you can finally get your kid a beautiful and sturdy bike. The American bicycle manufacturer’s history dates back to 1887. The brand’s founder George Huffman bought the Davis Sewing Machine. He moved the factory to Ohio and by 1892 the company has produced its first bike. Several firsts were introduced by the company. One of which is the handy training wheels which Huffy offered in 1942. In 1955, the company also introduced a radio bike, which ultimately is a bicycle with a built-in radio. With decades of experience, many parents trust Huffy. The brand is also well-admired for pushing the boundaries of innovation to provide children with a safe and comfortable ride all the time. As a matter of fact, they have designed the most iconic and trendsetting bicycles available in the market today.

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