NERF N-Strike - Recon CS-6

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  • Shoulder stock steadies the shot and stores an extra clip of ammo (sold separately)
  • Tactical rail maximizes precision
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  • Flip-up sight for aiming precision
  • NERF Elite Blasters
  • NERF NERF & Blaster Toys
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Includes: blaster, quick-reload dart clip and 6 Clip System darts
  • Dual-mode light beam with red-dot accuracy that's perfect for night missions
  • NERF Modulus Blasters
  • Top Rated Products in NERF & Blaster Toys
  • Barrel extension with top and bottom tactical rails
  • Comes with instructions
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Bow Arrows Darts Missiles Motorized Blast Detachable Stock Lights-Up Makes Sounds Bipod Battery Operated
About Nerf

Nerf means Non-Expanding Recreational Foam. Unknown to many, the first Nerf wasn’t actually a gun. The Parker Brothers used a four-inch polyurethane foam. They called it as “the world’s first indoor ball.” The ball made its debut in 1969. It quickly became a hit. The brothers asked inventor Reyn Guyer to develop other toys that are also made from foam. By 1972, the brand debuted the Nerf football. Over the years, the company has changed. The Kenner Parker Toys, the company that owned the Parker Brothers Brand, was purchased by Tonka in 1987. By 1991, Hasbro bought Tonka thus, making Nerf under Hasbvro. With a new leadership, the Nerf made a strong comeback. As a matter of fact, 2010 Business Week reported the brand’s revenues is more than $100 million.

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