Matchbox Elite Rescue Strike Hawk

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  • The chopper has "feet" to lift vehicles, room to store them safely and launch them upon landing
  • Whether it's a devastating earthquake, an impending asteroid, an uncontrollable wildfire or whenever ordinary rescue vehicles just won't cut it
  • Projectile attack "missiles" and sounds like helicopter blades rotating and aircraft moving up and down increase the lifelike thrills
  • Fly in and rescue Matchbox Elite Rescue cars in peril
  • That's when Elite Rescue (E.R.) steps in to save the day
  • Dynamic "flight" capabilities allow this chopper to enter isolated areas where regular aircraft can't go
  • Colors and decorations may vary
  • Each sold separately, subject to availability
  • Collect all the items in the Elite Rescue collection to build a team ready to take on any mega-disaster
  • Includes 1 Matchbox vehicle so the adventure starts straight out of the box
Makes Sounds Can Be Opened With Mini Figures Individually Packed Cars Working Metal Detector Dump Truck Sifter Scoop Dump Box Lights-Up Storage Case Plastic Material Steel Battery Operated

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