Street Dogs, Interactive Puppy - Buster

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  • They're rough, they're tough, they're a kid's best friend on 4 wheels
  • Knows 11 tricks
  • They love to play with your child and respond to their commands
  • Kids love puppies
  • Wireless control
  • Kids love trucks
  • Street Dogs bring you the best of both
  • Backing up
  • All the love of a pet
  • Racing
  • Street Dogs are your ultimate friends and companions
  • Wiggling
  • Tail wagging
  • Begging
  • They know 10 fun and exciting tricks, plus they have minds of their own just like real dogs
  • 360-degree super spin
  • Guard dog
  • Street Dogs will be your child's new best friends
  • Tug-o'-war
  • All the fun of a truck
  • Coming to you
  • Going to sleep
Lights-Up Makes Sounds Four Rotors 160 Feet Range 200 Feet Range 250 Feet Range Foam Material Adjustable Volume Rolling Cage Catch Stick Battery Operated Remote Control Hand Controllable Rechargeable

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