Graco Duet Oasis Baby Swing with Soothe Surround Technology, Davis

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Ultimate Soothing From the synchronized vibration and sound to the extra plush fabrics, the Duet Oasis is designed soothe and comfort your baby. Plush Fabrics and Carry Handle Extra plush fabrics cuddle your newborn and keep her cozy, while the carry handle makes it easy to keep baby by your side. 2 Recline and 3 Seating Positions Two recline positions provides optimal comfort space, while 3 seating positions allow baby to sway side-to-side or swing front-to-back.. 10 Soothing Settings Baby swings naturally soothe, but the Duet Oasis Swing with Soothe Surround offers 10 soothing environments so you can find the right combination of sound and vibration to suit your babys mood. Choose from Car Ride, Heart Beat, Lullaby, Stroller Ride, Playful, Twinkle Twinkle, Waves, Raindrops, Wind, and Bells settings. Removable Rocker Seat Swing seat doubles as a rocker, giving you flexibility to move around the house while keeping baby comfy and close-by.

  • Innovative seat shape with 2 recline positions provides optimal comfort space
  • Swing seat doubles as a rocker, giving you flexibility to move around the house while keeping baby comfy and close-by
  • Soothe Surround Technology is the only swing technology to sync sound and vibration to bring to life time-tested soothing methods
  • Soothe Surround offers 10 soothing environments to customize for baby's preference: Car Ride, Heart Beat, Lullaby, Stroller Ride, Playful, Twinkle Twinkle, Waves, Raindrops, Wind and Bells
  • Plush fabrics cuddle your newborn to keep them warm, cozy, cuddled, and plush body support can be removed as they grow
  • UPC: 047406137701
  • Features: Side to Side, Mobile
  • Brand: Graco
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Age Range: 3 - 64 Months
  • Power Type: Battery Operated

Reviews (20)

  • Great features
    5 stars

    3/27/2019 by GmansMom

    I got this as a baby shower gift and I love it. We use it all the time since it is a swing and a bounce seat as well. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Terrible right out of the box
    1 stars

    3/26/2019 by Tyler1991

    I can't get the frame to sit square. I've gone through the instructions a dozen times and their is no other way to assemble the frame. I haven't even attached the bassinet yet because the frame is warped and is not stable. I've tried contacting costumer service but they won't answer just keep me on hold forever. It is so incredible frustrating this is terrible product.

  • Wonderful for young babies
    4 stars

    2/14/2019 by Chalgal87

    We used this every morning for our first baby. She loved it. It was soothing and would help put her to sleep in no time at all! But the clicking when it swings will drive you mad. The only downfall, but worth it if she sleeps

  • Superb comfort
    5 stars

    1/11/2019 by Komsum

    This changed my entire Routine.. I was so relieved and my Baby is Happy too.

  • A necessity!!
    5 stars

    12/29/2018 by Jay_zee14

    Received this swing as a gift when my daughter was born, and it was everything I needed in a swing. It swings both directions, vibrates and plays music, and the swing doubles as a rocker! Love this product!

  • Broken vibrations
    1 stars

    11/30/2018 by Disappointin

    We just got this swing for our new baby and the vibration and noise doesn't stay on. When you turn the power on it will stop inconsistently whenever it feels like it. Also, as the swing goes back and forth there is a click in it. Very annoying when it is on.

  • Was very disappointed
    1 stars

    11/10/2018 by Saddmomma

    This was bought for me as a baby shower gift. Was put together and ran fine. Now that I've had the baby and I put her in it, it will no longer swing. It tries but seems to be stuck. I've tried everything. I love this swing for all its different functions and hate that I'll have to buy a new one.

    1 stars

    10/28/2018 by Disneymamaoftwo

    I received this swing as a baby shower gift after I added it to my registry. I”love admit, didn't do much research on the reviews as I was a first time parent and building a registry can be very overwhelming. I used it with my first baby and within a couple days the Vibration/music functioned sounded like it became possessed so we just didn't turn it on. Unfortunately my 1st didn't fit so well in the seat so it was only used 2-3 times. Fast forward to the second baby 1 1/2 year later. He actually fits great and loves the swing but after a couple days of using it, it stopped swinging, the motor still runs but sounds like an airplane taking off but doesn't swing. I am completely disappointed with this especially because of the price. There are so many better swings out there, don't waste your time or money on this one!

  • Dissappointing
    2 stars

    8/17/2018 by Ian U

    We received this swing as a baby registry gift. The swing itself works great and soothes our baby well. However, the vibration and sound features don't work at all. When batteries are installed, the unit vibrates and can't be controlled.

  • My baby loves it!!!
    5 stars

    7/19/2018 by Rena

    Great swing, my baby will not let me put her down even when she falls asleep so I bought the swing to help and she falls asleep almost every time I put her in it

  • Terrible swing
    1 stars

    6/22/2018 by Pinktux

    Purchased this swing a few months back. My twins weren't due until June but I got them a little early so I wasn't rushed to buy them closer to my due date. Just set both swings up and the vibration/music malfunctions on both swings. Unfortunately, I no longer have the boxes to return them. These are expensive swings and are expected to work properly when taken directly from the box. A waste of money!

  • Baby likes best
    5 stars

    6/1/2018 by KrissyT

    I've tried a MamaRoo, Bright Starts swing, and this one. Baby has been most content in this swing. We've been using from 2 months and he is 5 months now. I've had no problems at all and only have positive things to say about this. We love it!

  • Must Buy Perfect For Newborns
    5 stars

    9/17/2017 by Northsmommy

    I recently had my swing broke on me. It left me scrambling for a new one and I found this graco one and so i decided to try it. I love how its a two in one swing. the swing comes off of base and becomes a rocking seat. Highly Recommend

  • Great Experience
    5 stars

    5/14/2017 by Anna G

    Product came on time and was much cheaper than purchasing at a big store retailer. Would definitely purchase from jet again. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Awesome! Second base available?
    4 stars

    4/10/2017 by Molly15

    We absolutely love this swing, but would love it even more if we could buy an extra base to dock the seat in? I'm constantly having to move it from the kitchen to the living room. It would be really nice to just have to take the seat and click into an additional base. Just a recommendation. PLEASE contact me if that is an option somehow!!

  • Just ok
    2 stars

    3/26/2017 by Scott_whitson

    Swing preforms as expected but the vibration soother barely if at all works. Batteries do no seem to make connections. Fresh batteries in it and it wont stay on more than a second. Im sure there is a good reason but this product would be much better if you could also plug that part in.

  • Terrible, I am livid!
    1 stars

    3/25/2017 by Justwantsonhappy

    I chose the swing because the reviews weren't bad. This was my second swing I took the first one back because it wasn't what I wanted I wanted one that was a bouncer and a swing. So I chose this one I just picked it up from the store today. I got home and I put it all together put the batteries in plugged it in and I used it one time and now I can't get the bouncer to work it's as if the power button is stuck and won't get unstuck. I will be taking this back to the store to get a refund. And now my son has to wait a whole nother week for his new one to get here which is a whole nother brand.

    1 stars

    3/20/2017 by Lexie

    I received this swing as a baby shower gift. I started using it when my son was 5 months old for his afternoon naps. Within one month the music and vibration started to malfunction. If you turned on the music or the vibration the entire seat would start to shake violently and the music would make a rumbling noise. A month later I tried to use the music again and now nothing will even turn on. The swing clicks the entire time it is in use. My son somehow sleeps through that, but it is very annoying. I would not recommend this product to anyone. I have only used this swing for two months for all of this to already be a problem.

  • Graco Comes Through
    4 stars

    3/14/2017 by AJ Studios

    About a month into using the swing, the highest setting (6) slowed down tremendously to about a 2. My LO loved her swing and we used it about twice a day, but I didn't think the motor should go that soon. I contacted Graco and they were happy to help. They not only sent out a new motor, but because they grey motor was on back order they sent us out a tan one while we waited! I own my own business and work from home a couple days a week and don't know what we would do without this swing! It keeps her happy and entertained, and has also become a great place for her to nap. The ability to keep her sleeping, and move her around the house with the release rocker chair is a MAJOR bonus! We did have to buy an head insert because she was to small for the one that it came with.

  • Grace swing
    5 stars

    3/10/2017 by Ladyni

    I just love it and my son really loves it

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