KidsEmbrace Friendship Combination Booster Car Seat, Batman

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With KidsEmbrace Friendship seats, kids aren't just riding in a car seat, they're traveling with a friend.. KidsEmbrace Friendship Combination Booster car seats are safe and offer something nobody else can — Friendship. Kids want to stay in this seat because KidsEmbrace has brought their favorite character to life.

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  • UPC: 811722010273
  • Brand: KIDSEmbrace
  • Features: Washable
  • Assembled Product Weight: 20 lbs
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 71900BAT
  • Gender: Unisex

Reviews (13)

  • All around AMAZING
    5 stars

    5/10/2019 by Shannon

    Extremely cute, easy to put together and install, I love the head protection, and most importantly my son absolutely loves it!!

  • Batman car seat
    5 stars

    4/7/2019 by MamaRose

    I absolutely love this car seat , with the two cup holders makes it perfect to sit a snack and drink in . The cape my son use at a blanket sometimes . He is two and a half and loves it .

  • Batman in the rearview
    4 stars

    2/26/2019 by Mscoleman

    Great safety featues, easy to install, very well liked by child

  • Too Cool!
    5 stars

    1/8/2019 by Whatever789

    I bought this Batman carseat for my son who at 2 1/2 years old was already close to the 40lb weight limit of his old carseat's shoulder straps and height limit as well. I didn't want him to be in a booster yet, so I searched for a seat with a higher weight limit on the harness. The KidsEmbrace carseats allow for up to 65lb in harness before having to switch to booster! It allows for plenty of room for him to grow. This should be the last carseat we have to buy which makes it worth the money. The hardest part was choosing between Batman and Spiderman! We went with Batman which has a cape that doubles as a blanket/wrap (although he hasn't used that part much) but it easily tucks away with velcro. We have been using it for around 9 months now and my son still loves it, so does everyone else who see it! I have taken it apart to wash it several times and it washes up very well. It is not too difficult to put back together and the colors stay true. Great purchase, highly recommend!

  • Love love love
    5 stars

    2/24/2018 by Ilovemymomma

    My grandson absolutely love his new car seat!! His face was priceless when he saw glad I ordered it for him

    5 stars

    12/27/2017 by MitzyR

    My 3 year old son loved it!! He wants to sit on it and buckle up, and that never happened before!! Excellent!!

  • Love it
    5 stars

    8/23/2017 by Victoria

    My son was absolutely excited to see his brand new car seat. He loves all things batman and I knew this would be a must have.

  • New Love
    3 stars

    3/6/2017 by DWill

    My son has been wanting this for a couple months now and I finally got it. I love it. It's fun looking and it's very secure. My son loves to get in this. The instructions are easy and simple. Highly recommend!

  • Happy with it
    5 stars

    3/6/2017 by NaturalFamily

    My son who is about to turn eight has been in a booster for a bit and other harness type seats he was over in weight class. I was happy to see that even with this harness he could still use it for weight. I like the look of it of course and so does my son. We got it on sale which was nice but I was willing to pay it in full price. I came back to leave reviews just to see that all of this brand were sold out. (it's tax season) but wow i didn't realize how popular they were. I'm new to this line I was just unsatisfied with our old car seats. They just didn't feel safe enough to me. I really liked the side impact testing and head protection look of this seat. I purchased three and have no regrets for the amount of money we spent. safety is everything!

  • We love it
    5 stars

    3/5/2017 by Mooo

    It's a great product

  • Grandson's First Car Seat.
    5 stars

    2/23/2017 by

    This is my Step-Grandson's first car seat purchased for him for his first birthday. He has been nicknamed Batman by his Grandfather and he loves his car seat although he has yet to ride in it, he still a bit too small for it. He enjoys sitting in it for now. It's a great product, great car seat, reasonable price.

  • Awesome car seat! A++
    5 stars

    1/2/2017 by SunshineV

    Car seat looks good and son loved it! Great quality and great price!!

  • Awesome seat!
    5 stars

    12/15/2016 by Awesome

    Love this car seat so did my son!

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