Evenflo Symphony LX All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Kronus

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The headrest of this convertible baby car seat is adjustable to five different heights to accommodate kids as they grow. It accommodates children ranging from 5 to 110 lbs and is easy to install and adjust. The infinite slide harness moves to the correct position for a kid's individual size so that there is no need to rework it each time they grow. Keep little ones safe and comfy in the car with the Evenflo Symphony LX All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat in the Kronus design. The car seat can also be reclined at three possible angles. The Kronus Evenflo Symphony LX All-in-1 Convertible Car Seat keeps young passengers safely strapped in for long and short trips..

  • Infinite slide harness easily slides for an accurate fit every time
  • 5-position height adjustable headrest to support your growing child
  • 3 positions of recline for optimum comfort
  • No need to rework the harness of this convertible baby car seat as your child grows
  • Supports children from 5 to 110 lbs
  • Quick connectors: simply click, click and pull for a super-fast, super-snug installation of the Evenflo Car Seat to the vehicle
  • UPC: 032884187577
  • Brand: Evenflo
  • Assembled Product Weight: 21 lbs
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 34511714
  • Gender: Boys
  • Color: Red

Reviews (19)

  • Platinum Symphony DLX
    5 stars

    4/9/2019 by Olga

    We have Platinum Symphony DLX car seat for over a year now and I m ready to share my experience. We really love this car seat!!!! I think it's one of the best quality car seats for very reasonable price. The quality of material from plastic to metal to textiles is great. The car seat is a little bit bigger than other brand car seats, but it's gives a little more protection to your little one. The textile of the car seat is easy to wash, and it's been in a washer and dryer with no problem and still like new. Its fit car seat very snug and never gonna go out of place. I love that cup holders has a rubber band-like material, so it's easy to put any size bottles. And over a year now and this rubber band like new. It's take a minute to install a car seat, so if you need to switch cars a lot this car seat is definitely what you want. Overall My daughter feels comfortable in this chair and she can take very long rides with no problem. We love this car seat so we purchased another evenflo car seat for our second car.

  • My daughter love this carseat
    5 stars

    3/28/2019 by Critney

    My daughter loves this carseat. She will set in it till she out grows it.

  • Happy mama!
    5 stars

    3/28/2019 by HolcombWifey

    This is thee Cadillac of carseats!!! My 8 month old loves hos new seat... as does the rest of the family! We are ALL jealous LOL.

  • Great Car seat!
    5 stars

    3/28/2019 by MomOfBoys2

    This is probably one of the best car seats I have ever owned. It fits my child super snug, he is very comfortable in it, and loves to go buh-bye! Installation was stress-free. It is somewhat heavy but other than that it was super easy to put in the truck. It also fits well in smaller vehicles as well. It has great color contrast and is just a very well-made car seat. You can use it for infants or toddlers as it is a multi-use, multi-functional car seat. It saves money on purchasing two different car seats for the different stages. The seat clicks into the base very easily and it isn't a struggle to remove from the base like some are. I plan on purchasing another one of these for our other vehicle so we don't even have to move it from car to truck. Overall I am very pleased with this car seats functionality, look, and overall structure. This is a very sound product and would recommend it to any new parent or round two parents. I have tried several different car seats in the last ten years and this is by far my favorite to date. Highly recommend.

  • Easy and secure install
    5 stars

    3/26/2019 by Callmegranny

    After reading many reviews, we decided on the Symphony Elite. We needed a car seat for the times we pick up grandkids. I love that it adjusts easily to the different ages we have to accommodate. The install was easy and the seat is very secure. In fact, my daughter was impressed and is going to turn her car seat in for this model. Great job Evenflo.

  • We love this seat!!
    5 stars

    3/22/2019 by kaileeh

    We absolutely love this seat! We have one for my 6 year old son and just bought this one for our 9 month old daughter! I know my children are safe in these seats! They are easy to install, the fabric is so breathable and i love not having to take apart the harness straps to adjust! My mother heard how much I loved the seat so she bought one also!

  • Easy installation
    5 stars

    3/17/2019 by Danielle1229

    My daughter used to hate her infant seat. She gets in this car seat no problem. It looks so comfy and installing it into the car was super easy. The only downfall is it's bulky but other than that it's amazing!

  • Easy and comfortable!
    5 stars

    3/16/2019 by Jessica H

    Easy to install, very comfortable, and the straps pull from the bottom so they don't rub my daughter's shoulders. Love the feature to keep the buckles from heat exposure.

  • Perfect for my son and vehicle
    5 stars

    2/26/2019 by BreBre

    I love this car seat. I read through the reviews before buying and was a little on the edge but so glad I got it. I have an SUV so this does fit fine for me, however, I can see why people with smaller cars would have an issue as this car seat is huge. My son is 4 and half months and fits very comfortably. The recline feature is great. As far as installing it, I only spent 10mins getting it hooked in my car and I did this by myself. The latch belt is easier to clip onto the hooks, however, my only complaint is that the belt isn't very long. I had to completely loosen the latch belt to make it hook into both car hooks. The seat belt part, you do have to feed through under the fabric of the seat but it isn't as difficult as some people on here are making it seem to be. I have not tested out the cup holders but they don't go very deep so I can see why people have issues with cups falling out of them. As far as adjusting the straps, the shoulder straps move up easily and stay in place once moving up to the adjusted height. The buckle is easy to clip the straps in and release and is all adjusted easily from the front. After adjusting the harness straps to my son I did push the car seat forward and my son did not move at all so as far as safety goes I am confident this will hold him in place.

  • I bought them twice
    5 stars

    11/16/2018 by Chrissy

    I bought these 3 years ago for my twin boys. Last month a man ran a red light and T-boned my husband and the boys on their way to get donuts going 55 mph. All of the impact was on the backseat. Both of my boys did not have a single injury. Some slight bruising on the collar bones from the harness but they were totally fine. I am so grateful for a great carseat. The insurance had us buy new ones so I bought another set of the same ones. They are worth every penny.

  • Just the Best car seat... hands down
    5 stars

    11/9/2018 by Todd D

    We have used a symphony in both our cars for the last eight years and the only reason we got another one is because grandpa needed a “new” car seat.. so he got our old one and we got a new one Hands down the best car seat you can find on the market… Bar none The padding is extremely plush and the plastic is extremely durable and rigid, unlike most or all others I have seen or bought The sure latch system is by far the best system on the market without any question and without any doubt ... it makes installing, uninstalling, and tightening so unbelievably easy and trouble free that it is just unmatched by any company and by any other system even from EvenFlo Click it on and off like a seatbelt and then just push down on the seat and it tightens down for you.. the most brilliantly designed system out there. And, lol, no I don't work for or get paid by EvenFlo.. it's just that good, you will see. It is worth every single penny and then some Buy without hesitation. The extra money is worth it for the comfort and convenience and safety for your kid

  • Its great
    4 stars

    11/9/2018 by Rob brown

    Its a great car seat. It looks nice. Its easy to use.

  • Easy to use
    5 stars

    10/23/2018 by msuvet2006

    I bought this for my 11 mo old when he got too big for the infant seat. Easy to install and adjust. Comfortable. I like the quick release latch connectors.

  • Amazing seat!
    5 stars

    10/4/2018 by MWiest

    Bought this seat last year, and its been amazing! Easy to install, easy to take apart as the cover just slides off and over the cup holders, and an easy adjustable no rethread harness. Only thing I wish it came with was strap covers! My son loves it and so do I! He rearfaced for a little over a yr until he decided to forward face and now this momma is upset because I wanted to keep him rearfacing since he is still within the limits but I am allowing him to make his own decision on this one since we made it to 2yrs and 1week rearfacing! Thank you so much Evenflo for providing such amazing car seats! Been a dedicated Evenflo Customer for 8 years!

  • We love it but had to replace
    2 stars

    9/20/2018 by Lindseyloo25

    It's a great seat, but we live in Florida and unfortunately the sun has made the cover peel . We tried to order a new cover but they are out stock so we ended up having to get a new seat because our son would have the shavings of the leather all over him.

  • Pain
    1 stars

    9/10/2018 by Frustrated mom in a hurry

    This car seat is huge and an even bigger pain to put in and out of the car. I've actually had to skip things because of this car seat. A lot of money for a lot of hassle.

  • He loves it
    4 stars

    8/30/2018 by Glkl

    The one thing I don't like is when lo is sleeping lo head goes forward. I don't drive so it's not terrible

  • Nice seat
    4 stars

    8/29/2018 by Mommaof2Boys

    Nice seat, just a little wide. My son seems to be comfortable in it. It is also hard to tighten the latch system, took a lot of force and time to tighten properly. Love the quick release for the latch though.

  • Awesome seat
    5 stars

    8/3/2018 by Mars

    I absolute adore the Evenflo platinum symphony delux DLX. I went out and bought this seat to take my niece and nephew or friends children around town, it's the best. I have thus far convinced 3 other people to purchase the all in one car seat for their infants. The auto tightening anchor system is amazing and installation takes me 30 seconds! And the easy adjusting shoulder straps makes it extremely convenient for transitions and going between children, as well as the easy change between forward and rear facing. Being able to switch from rear to forward facing is so wonderful and the convenience is well worth the cost. I will definitely continue to tell all of my friends and family members about this car seat and encourage them all to purchase this seat for their children!

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