Dreambaby Nelson Expandable Wooden Walk Through Gro-Gate

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The single-hand operation makes this baby gate easy for adults to use, but it cannot be opened by children. You can accommodate a large opening by mounting two Nelson Expandable Wooden Walk Through Gro-Gates together. This gate can be used to block off stairs, hallways, a kitchen or another room to keep your child safe and secure. This Dreambaby Gate is JPMA and ASTM certified.. Featuring a four-point hardware mounting system, this gate will help to ensure your child is safe. The Dreambaby Nelson Expandable Wooden Walk Through Gro-Gate comes in a dark wood finish to match almost any interior.

  • Dreambaby Gro gate will help to ensure your child is safe
  • Durable wood construction
  • JPMA and ASTM certified
  • Fits openings 30 to 48 inches
  • Single-hand operation provides ease of use for adults
  • Two gates can be mounted together to accommodate a larger opening, from 30" to 86.5"
  • UPC: 878931008293
  • Brand: Dreambaby
  • Installation Type: Hardware Mounted
  • Features: Baby Gates for Stairs
  • Material: Wood
  • Finish: Wooden

Reviews (20)

  • This is a great looking gate
    4 stars

    1/22/2018 by Mya's Mom

    This is a great looking gate. Installation was a breeze, and its easy to open and secure. The wood stain was a perfect fit for my decor. My only concern is that it isn't as sturdy as I would expect a wood gate to be. My grandson might end up crashing through it someday as he grows. He is just over a year old and you can see the gate bow as he leans against it. I received these products free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review

  • Dreambaby Expandable Gate
    1 stars

    2/14/2017 by 8822

    Looked nothing like what was shown on website. Paint job was bad and color nothing like what was shown. Not very sturdy.

  • Not Sturdy
    3 stars

    9/22/2016 by DLH26

    I bought this to keep our dogs out of the dining room. It was easy to install but is super flimsy. I wouldn't buy this to stop kids at stairs. A hallway entry is fine but if not latched (sometimes it looks latched but hasn't slid back into place), the gate easily opens again. The latch doesn't slide in that well, I have to mess with it a few times before it clicks. The bottom bracket, to stop the gate from swimming in the opposite direction doesn't serve a purpose. Once the gate is open about 1 inch, it can swing both ways. Again, not something I'd put at stairs. It'll be fine for us but we are not using it for its true intention. I do like the height and how it can adjust for wider hallway entries. It can also completely slide off from the swing brackets if you need to remove it temporarily. When open, the brackets swing wider than 180 degrees so the gate is clear of the hallway. The color is nice but the wood itself is rough, it needs to be sanded.

  • Yes. Just yes.
    5 stars

    6/9/2016 by Arjs

    This is the 2nd one I've bought. Easy to install and never breaks!

  • Toddler Proof!
    5 stars

    5/3/2016 by Becca

    I placed this gate at the bottom of our stairs. My daughter is 2 and my niece who is here a lot is 1, and we don't want to spend all our time chasing toddlers up the stairs and carrying them back down! So glad I made this purchase. Because of the layout of our home I had to place it a few stairs up on the staircase, and because of the width of that we had to add a little bit of wood to the side to make it fit but my father was able to figure it out and set it up and it works great. It's very sturdy and once you get used to the latch it becomes a second nature. Our bathroom is upstairs so we go through it to use that but other than that it's not in a high traffic area. Some other reviews have said it's not for a high traffic area and I can see their point there, it takes a bit of effort to open it, not a lot but it would be annoying if you had to constantly do it to go from the living room to the kitchen, etc. For what we use it for, though, it's great, and I love that it's a pretty wooden gate and not an ugly plastic thing in our living room lol

  • Not quite what expected
    1 stars

    4/4/2016 by Evelmom

    The color was off, more of a cherry look than expresso. Then we put it together. The locking mechanism is not that great. I was looking for something that closed on its own, this one does not. Not good for a high traffic area. Also when you slide the gate open you have to watch for little fingers. The slats will shut on them. I did like the height, but will be going to get a different gate.

  • Gate
    5 stars

    3/8/2016 by Jopjmp

    Looks really nice sturdy and is a very good price!

  • Nice Look, but not as sturdy as I'd like
    4 stars

    3/3/2016 by myanjazz

    This is a very nice looking gate and matched the wood in my home well. Easy to mount and easy to open and secure. The only problem I have is it isn't sturdy and when my 14 month old leans on it, it bows under the weight. It hasn't open or broken yet, but I can see it happening as he gets bigger. Overall this is a quality product, but needs to be a little sturdier, in my honest opinion. I received these products free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • lyric escape
    1 stars

    2/21/2016 by dog4321

    The state did not come with all the pieces I am not satisfied with it and you do not have the cake for the rest of the pieces that I need so I do I make this card ever when he will not get all your pieces to that states the skeet it's not worth money do not purchase anybody I only got the gate I did not get the other pieces to screw into a wall so I am NOT find a silent night and I would appreciate that you that's what if something all the freakin pieces to it

  • Its fine, good price
    4 stars

    12/21/2015 by person

    It works fine, good for the price. The bars are a little farther apart than I was hoping for. my pets can still slip through

  • Good product
    4 stars

    12/11/2015 by mloz

    I bought this to keep my young dog contained to an area of the house. After reading reviews on Amazon and Walmart.com I was hesitant on purchasing this item but I decided to give it a try. I have been happy with the purchase. The instructions were a bit difficult to follow. The template is intended for flat surfaces so when I was installing to a door frame I had to bend the template. The locking mechanism could be a little softer but I'm sure as the spring becomes looser with time this will fix itself. I was debating on removing the spring completely but I'm going to wait on that. Other reviews mentioned the door not sliding or it being hard to slide. I only come across difficulty with that when I push down on the gate, not intentionally. When I gently lift the door before sliding it has been moving without hesitation. I feel as long I work around the few issues the gate has it will last a while and perform well.

  • Not so sturdy
    2 stars

    6/3/2015 by Sarah

    We purchased this baby gate and installed into the drywall with the drywall anchors. after very little use the anchor started coming out of the wall from use. And the more you used it the looser the gate because. it looks nice but doesn't work very well.

  • Doesn't look like it's safe.
    1 stars

    2/27/2015 by Jenc0209

    The end that goes into wall mount is on to far to the end of the gate so when u close it the gate part isn't in the mount. The clip only catches the mount. It's also very hard to slide. Debating on returning to store.

  • Not Durable
    2 stars

    1/27/2015 by Danielle

    It came with everything I needed to set it up, but upon opening the wood felt cheap and not durable. Once put up, the door handle that you are supposed to be able to open with one hand was very hard to open. It kept getting stuck and didn't line up right. We measured everything exactly and used all the stuff we needed to, but the door would just keep getting stuck and we couldn't open it.

  • Sterdy and elegant
    5 stars

    9/2/2014 by JSR4

    I love this gate! It goes with my decor and it sterdy enough to withhold the strength of my 1 year old shaking it. Great product!

  • Very pliable material
    3 stars

    8/25/2014 by sjkreg

    It does reach across my stairs but seems to be a little lacking in durability. I dont think it will last very long.

  • Product is very nice looking..
    4 stars

    6/4/2014 by FlaBobcat

    Haven't had this installed yet, but compared to what I am using right now, this is going to be GR8888888...Having a 7 mth old puppy and trying to keep her from getting out of the door is not an easy chore with the gate I am currently using. Being able to just 'unlock' this gate and swing it open will make my life a lot easier.

  • nice gate
    4 stars

    1/25/2014 by DanHammer

    nice gate

  • Great price, but get what you pay for
    3 stars

    3/6/2013 by minnshopper

    Contemporary look that blends well with woodwork. However, unlike some other models, you cannot adjust each bracket length to fit the wall. We have baseboards along the stairs so had to drill some wood blocks on the top half to make the "wall" even. A little stiff when opening the gate and it can be loud when it locks into place. Like that you can lift the gate totally off the brackets and easily put back on. This is not the case with other models.

  • Not for high traffic areas
    5 stars

    2/6/2013 by JoWii

    I installed this gate to block a doorway that we rarely use. The gate doesn't slide close very easily so I'm glad I don't have to open and close it very much. It looks really nice and was easy to install. It also says you can link two together to cover wider opening but I wouldn't recommend that, it seems to wobbly just over a 48" span.

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