Evenflo Easy Walk-Thru Gate, White

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The neutral styling blends well with any home decor and no tools are required for installation.. Simply squeeze the handle and slide back to open the door. The Easy Walk-Thru Gate helps parents keep children safe from household dangers. To close and lock the gate, just give the door a gentle push and watch the slam-latch feature take over. A quick glance at the red-green lock indicator will tell you if the gate is securely locked. As a metal pressure gate, it is ideal for high-traffic areas because the swinging door allows for quick and easy pass through.

  • Red/green lock indicator
  • No tools required for installation
  • Pressure-mounted
  • Model# 4486100
  • Great for pets too
  • 1-hand release handle: easy for parents, but too difficult for children
  • UPC: 032884187201
  • Brand: Evenflo
  • Installation Type: Pressure Mounted
  • Features: Slam-Latch
  • Material: Metal

Reviews (19)

  • Lifesaver
    5 stars

    4/9/2019 by Karen

    We use this gate in between our livingroom and kitchen for my twins. It keeps them corralled while I'm cooking so.i dont have to worry about them coming out around the hot stove. The easy walk thru is a great feature so clumsy me doesnt have to step over the gate and chance on my face.

  • Easy to Use
    5 stars

    3/28/2019 by RachelleW

    Nice gate that is easy to use. The one buttons is easy to navigate with one hand and not easy for little one to figure out. It is just high enough for children to not be able to climb and small dogs to stay inside. I love this gate. It looks great in my kitchen and was easy to install.

  • Great fit
    4 stars

    3/9/2019 by JessicaM

    I bought this to help keep my toddler out of my older girls bedroom and bathroom. It's been so helpful! It was a little tricky to install but I got it done and it doesn't budge at all. It's very sturdy even when he's pushing or pulling on it! It's very easy for my kids to open/close and lock. This is helping keep my home toddler proof so very thankful!

  • Perfect gate for kids or dogs
    5 stars

    7/4/2018 by Marie

    We bought this because our other gate broke. Ordered it and the gate arrived early. Perfect for large opening

  • Trick to install
    4 stars

    4/25/2018 by Chelle

    If your having trouble getting it to tighten because the white bumper wont "unscrew" from the tan bumper. Take something rubber, like we used the underside of a bath mat and use that to pull and unscrew the tan bumper from the inside white bumper. We thought it was broke, it was stuck!

  • 3.5 stars - not a gate that can be moved around ea
    3 stars

    3/22/2018 by Sparkmonkey

    At first glance this is a sturdy metal gate, which would likely do the trick for someone who wants something like this for a doorway where they never plan on moving it. It does have it's share of problems though - upon unpacking it I found that I was missing parts: one of the plastic adjustment wheels were missing. I was wanting a gate that could be placed on the front door so the dog would not get out and, while this works, it is a pain to install compared to other doorway gates. There's nothing that holds in the adjustment pads so they are constantly falling out. If you have a soft wood door frame (such as pine) this will leave dents as it needs to be tight enough so it does not move when the gate is opened, otherwise it mars the paint on the door frame. I solved this issue by placing a piece of wood between the pads on the sides and the doorframe. For some reason the company also built this so that it springs out when not installed. The top section by the gate lock will bow out at least 6-8" when it's not in a doorway and takes some force to get it in place. They even ship it with a heavy-duty tie-strap around it with a warning because it's so hard to bend it back. If you have just one doorway in mind that you want to put up a gate and leave it there all the time then this would work for you. If you are wanting a doorway gate that you are planning on putting up and taking down then this may be more of a problem than it's worth.

  • Design flaw - never even got this thing attached
    1 stars

    8/27/2017 by lousy

    We bought this twice and never even got it into place. Both gates same problem - the screw in pressure bumpers just slide into the frame - no catch to tighten or loosen them. Couldn't believe that it would be the same problem for 2 different gates. Will not buy this product again - very inconvenient to have to box this thing back up and bring it back twice.

  • Doesn't Fit
    1 stars

    8/6/2017 by NickName5489

    Just to confirm what others had mentioned - this doesn't fit 33" to 35" openings. I wish I'd read these reviews before buying at a retailer. And golly, it'd be nice if this gap in fit was somewhere on the package, or in the instructions, or the website...

  • Pleasant surprised
    5 stars

    2/19/2017 by mommyshappy8714

    I have always been skeptical about tension gates. Because of the layout of our stairs this was our only option. I put this gate at the top of our stairs which I was even more skeptical about. But after our very large labrador climbed over the gate and got himself stuck on the other side, I was reassured with this gates sturdiness. I tryst that my child will not be able to push the gate open or make it lose its position on the wall. It was very east to set up and is very secure. Very happy with this purchase. And you can't beat the price.

  • Stay out of mommy's kitchen!
    4 stars

    10/22/2016 by Daniellef

    Sturdy and reliable. No hardware required and the ease of a walk thru. Keep little people out from under my feet while I'm cooking

  • Durable
    5 stars

    10/15/2016 by BrittanyS

    Keeps the kids safe

  • Easy setup
    5 stars

    10/4/2016 by Kelso

    Very nice colour. Sturdy. Extremely easy to set up especially compared to mountable gates. My 3 1/2 year old can open and close it no problem so it's easy for him to get in and out. i love that feature but some may not depending on why/where you need the gate.

  • Sturdy, easy to install, looks good
    5 stars

    10/3/2016 by larissacks

    Love this gate! It's sturdy, attaches well to the walls and is easy to use. I like that it opens both ways. It looks good too.

  • ease of walking thru without having to take down
    5 stars

    9/16/2016 by the NiPster

    we are babysitting an "old kitten" for our son and didn't want to wake up each morning with her sitting on our pillow. Order arrived on time as promised and was easy to position between railing and wall. We did place the gate at the top of the stairs (which works well for a small kitten) and did so knowing she wouldn't be pushing too hard to dislodge it otherwise everyone else should follow the suggestions to ONLY place in doorways. Really appreciate the fact that we can now easily travel between floors without having to wedge in then remove other types of expansion gates being offered. If using for this type of application, make sure the openings on the ends are not too large to allow pass-thru. Great product.

  • Almost perfect
    4 stars

    9/14/2016 by Mssky

    I love that this gate is easy to open that my 6 year old can go up and down stairs with out needed help to open the gate and even tho it's not screwed in to the wall it a good tight fit my husband pulled on it and it didn't budge from where it was installed I just wish it could fit in wider door ways I still have to use my old baby gate (thats hard to open and close) on my kitchen because the door way is to wide

  • Wonderful gate
    4 stars

    7/11/2016 by Cb5710

    Very adjustable. Keeps my pup out of mischief .

  • Evenflo gate
    5 stars

    6/27/2016 by deecam

    Bought this to keep the dog away from the front door. It works great!

  • Loud
    2 stars

    6/3/2016 by Shawoona a

    I hate how loud and and annoying this gate is to open and close. It's door/opening is also very small. Already want to replace it.

  • Great Product
    5 stars

    5/31/2016 by

    Easy to install, easy to use, good quality!

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