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This stroller offers full convenience for both parent and baby — from comfortable grip handles and convenient parent cup to the large canopy with full coverage, trips are quick and easy! A large storage basket keeps all of baby's essentials easy to access.Additional features include: Multi-position recline, parent cup, removable arm bar, single front swivel design, adjustable foot rest.. This stroller fold comes together and folds down to make a small cube size for travel and storage. The Evenflo Cambridge stroller is a convenient grab and go stroller for an active family! The Cambridge has a 3D compact, quick fold that makes travel easy.

  • Easy rear access to large storage basket
  • Stroller for a child up to 50 lbs
  • Parent window for baby viewing
  • Adjustable footrest, for the right fit
  • Multi-position recline for endless comfort
  • Large canopy to shield from the elements
  • UPC: 032884191635
  • Brand: Evenflo
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Blue
  • Maximum Weight: 50 lbs
  • Stroller Style: Lightweight Strollers

Reviews (19)

  • Best traveling stroller
    5 stars

    4/19/2019 by Hbhimani786

    Our family constantly goes on vacation and this stroller is our savior. We've used it for our first born and currently using it for our second born. So light weight, convenient, and kid approved. Both of my littles loved taking naps in it when they were younger. Both my kids fight to sit in this stroller. Best part is it's available at an amazing price.

  • Not so great
    1 stars

    3/5/2019 by Jade87

    Pros: - Maneuvers great and pushes smoothly. - My 2 year old loves it. - The bumper bar is great for my baby to hold on to. - Basket is small but still useful. Cons: - Not lightweight. (19 lbs) just as heavy as regular strollers. - Difficulty unfolding and set up time for use isn't swift enough. If you're not careful you can injure you foot while stepping down on center bar. - Cup holder falls off. Don't put anything more than 8 oz it won't hold. I just threw mine away it was useless. Bought this to replace a bulkier stroller you get from travel systems. Was not impressed at all. Took my evenflo Cambridge and left it in my other vehicle for backup and went back to using my bigger yet useful one from graco.

  • love it
    5 stars

    12/12/2017 by davidzt

    ridiculously easy to assemble. light but sturdy! easy to maneuver

  • Love the stroller!!
    3 stars

    5/6/2017 by Marie

    Love the stroller but was wondering my father in law brought us a evenflo embrace carseat will the car seat fit in this stroller ??? Please let me know

  • Gets the Job Done at a Great Price!
    4 stars

    7/26/2016 by MidwestMom

    For the price tag, the Evenflo Cambridge is a great umbrella stroller. The things I really like about it include the 5-point harness which many umbrella strollers do not have, a very nice size canopy that fully covers my baby, and a reclining seat for napping babes on the go. Oh and the cup holder is a nice bonus since you don't have to purchase separately! My dislikes include the weight which seems to be on the heavy side for an umbrella stroller (my G-Luxe is much lighter), the maneuverability (I was having some trouble pushing it straight with one hand) and the rethreading of the shoulder straps was pretty challenging when I tried to adjust them lower for my infant. While I do think this is a great stroller for travelling, I might recommend something else for everyday use. Thanks to the WeeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this stroller to try out! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great for Travel
    4 stars

    7/25/2016 by NYC300

    I received this as a gift from the WeeSpring Parent Panel and I really do love it. It's very easy to fold and unfold, easy and comfortable to steer, and the seat has many positions. I especially love the peek-a-boo clear panel which makes it easy to check in on the baby to see how she's doing. The sun shade is nice and large, providing a lot of protection. This is a great travel stroller and I will certainly be using it a lot! The only reason I did not give it a full 5 star rating is that I thought the wheels could be a bit more sturdy, but overall I am very happy with the product. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • A Solid Stroller!
    4 stars

    7/25/2016 by JessDC

    I received this stroller as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel. It is a great mid-price umbrella stroller with a lot of really nice features characteristic to more pricy models (a generously sized sunshade, bump bar to attach toys, cup holder which I actually used for my phone, comfy reclining seat, basket that you can actually fit things in!). The handles are a great height for me (I'm 5'8) and it folds up easily and compactly. I won't use it for long walks since it doesn't seem smooth on bumpy sidewalks, but it's great for running indoor errands and traveling. Overall, very pleased! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Good stroller for the price
    3 stars

    7/22/2016 by malakeyegeorge

    I received this stroller as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel. It definitely has its upsides. It folds up very small and easily, the handles are set at a great height for anyone over 5'5, there is lots of storage underneath it, the brakes work really well and are easy to manage, it is very narrow and short which makes it great in crowds, shopping or for the grocery store, and my daughter found it very comfortable in both the sitting and reclining positions. At 2.5 she could also get into it and out of it on her own which is a bonus for me. On the negative side, it is quite difficult to steer when compared to our phil & ted's smart, it does not handle the bumpy lumpy sidewalks of Seattle well at all, and would be impossible to take off road, and for short people like myself the handles are set a little high which makes it extra awkward to handle. It is a great stroller if you're looking for something small and easily transportable, but aren't looking for something that needs to handle any rough terrain. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great stroller!
    4 stars

    7/19/2016 by Shirley

    I received this stroller as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel. It is stylish, easy to use, practical and comfortable. I really like the canopy/sunshade which is important. The only con is the thin handle bars, thicker ones would make it feel more sturdy and easy to push which is the only reason I give it 4 stars. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Nice umbrella stroller
    4 stars

    7/16/2016 by theresad25

    I got a chance to try this stroller as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel - it has a lot of great features that I appreciated, such as an included cupholder and belly bar, easy assembly/collapse, sleek design, a roomy storage basket, and smooth steering. It was a bit heavier than I expected but otherwise this is a great stroller! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Solid folding stroller
    5 stars

    7/16/2016 by Sudzyrules

    I really enjoyed trying this stroller as part of the weeSpring parent panel. After I finally figured out how to unlatch it to fold down things went smoothly! The wheels clicked in easily, the hood folds and locks in place. My little boy really enjoyed crushing the neighborhood and loved having the arm bar to rest on! The Carey basket underneath is fairly small, but would hold a few toys and some snacks. This stroller is much more robust than a typical umbrella stroller and I feel worth the price. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Wonderful stroller!!
    5 stars

    7/14/2016 by LeslieS

    Thanks weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this stroller! It's perfect for taking to the park and keeping in the back of my car. The sun shade is great. I like that I can fit the diaper bag underneath really easily. It's easy to maneuver. Great for using in the suburbs!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Sturdy little umbrella stroller!
    4 stars

    7/14/2016 by Nauhaus

    This stroller is a solid, sturdy, affordable option. It has decent maneuverability (it can get caught up on bigger bumps), a comfy seat (the recline is a really nice function in an umbrella stroller), and a nice, big sun shade/canopy. It opens and folds easily and the bar in the front is a nice bonus, although I wish it had the option to attach a snack tray or something similar. The parent cup holder is okay--it fits a wide variety of cup sizes, but didn't actually stay put that well, so we just took it off. Up until now we have been using the Maclaren Volo, which we have loved for almost 5 years. The biggest difference is the weight--this is pretty heavy for an umbrella stroller, which can make lugging it around (even with the handy handle on the side) with a toddler or two in tow a tad cumbersome. Also, we are outside quite a bit and the Volo came with a wind/rain cover that we used all the time. (Evenflo, we would totally buy a wind/rain cover if you made one!) One other thought is that the canopy is so substantial, it would be nice to have a peek-a-boo window on the top to check in on your little one while riding, especially if they've dozed off. Overall, this is a great stroller; awesome price point, the tot loves it, and looks pretty snazzy, too. Thanks, weeSpring Parent Panel for the option to test it out! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great travel stroller
    4 stars

    7/13/2016 by CarlyF

    Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this stroller! The canopy is great and covers a large portion of your little one. I just wish it had a viewing window. Setup is fairly simple, but it took me a minute to figure out how to unfold it. It's hard to collapse with sandals on, but I've found most strollers have that flaw. I have The First Years umbrella stroller, and prefer this one as it feels more sturdy and my 2 year old says it is more comfortable. I wish it had a single handlebar instead of double as it would be easier to steer on long walks. That said, the cushions on the handles are extremely comfortable. Would be great if they were adjustable but they come up to a more comfortable height than my other stroller. I also wish it had a zipper pouch somewhere near the handles. Those were my only reasons for not giving it 5 stars. Under carriage isn't huge but big enough for basic necessities. Overall, awesome umbrella stroller! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great umbrella stroller!
    5 stars

    7/12/2016 by kellygreenlife

    I found this umbrella stroller to be easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to open and close. I love that it has a 5 point harness, which none of my other strollers have. The basket underneath is a good size and the cup holder is a nice edition. And I love the blue color of the sunshade. My one caveat is that the description that says it folds into a small cube is incorrect and misleading, especially if you are looking for a stroller that folds very small for travel and other things. I would definitely recommend this stroller for everyday use and for traveling. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this stroller to try out! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great little stroller!
    5 stars

    7/12/2016 by kassidybl

    I got this stroller through the WeeSpring Parent Panel to try out. My toddler loves it! It behaves great, super easy to open and collapse (once you realize there's no mid-seat strap to pull). The arm/shoulder straps could be easier to move and/or remove. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great stroller at a good price
    4 stars

    7/7/2016 by omaetoy

    I received this stroller as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel. Putting together the stroller was straightforward and I love that it comes with the arm bar and the parent cupholder (our more expensive stroller did not come with these). It unfolds and folds up very easily. The storage basket is a respectable size and I am able to keep the diaper bag in it. We have been using the Baby Jogger City Mini with our 10 month old son since his birth. The Cambridge is about half the cost but has many of the same features - multi-position recline, large canopy (though the City Mini's is bigger), and peek-a-boo window. My wife even prefers the style of the Cambridge's handles to the City Mini's. At this price, the Cambridge is a great stroller! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Perfect in between stroller!
    4 stars

    7/6/2016 by KHLMullis

    I received this stroller as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel, and was excited to compare it to my infant frame that the car seat fits into and the high tech jogging stroller I received as a shower gift. This is the perfect in between. Its sturdy enough for heavy use but lightweight and fold-able for on the go. Easy to assemble and to fold up but I did, and still do, have trouble unfolding the stroller. There is a clip that you have to squeeze the whole stroller together to get it to unhook, its a two handed unfold for sure. Also the canopy coverage is great as it unfolds in two sections but only pushes back up into one, so there is no halfway which a small piece of Velcro could fix. Love the fold-able footrest, it's a genius addition and the grab bar which comes on and off with ease. Much better quality than most 'umbrella strollers' on the market and price wont break the bank as you will get lots of use out of it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Great Upgrade to an Umbrella Stroller
    5 stars

    7/6/2016 by longll45

    I got a chance to try this stroller as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, and it is pretty great. This is a more robust umbrella stroller, and I definitely would recommend it for the price point. I have a 30 month old, who weighs approximately 30lbs and is 34” tall. When the stroller arrived, it was simple to set up and the instructions were easy to follow. I did have some problems getting the cup holder to latch, but that may have been user error. This stroller has a harness that can either be used as a 5 point harness or a belt latch. I chose to stick with the 5 point harness. This is my only objection with the setup, you can adjust the shoulder height of the 5 point harness, but I found it extremely frustrating and difficult to do so. While taking the straps out of the holes was not difficult, getting them through all the layers into the new holes was hard. I ended up using a pen to push through the hole and keep the fabric in place while I forced the buckle through. Otherwise an easy set up. Pros: - The easiest to fold stroller I've used. Not a problem to do it one handed, and the canvas side handle makes it easy to carry and take in and out of cars. - The stroller is easy to maneuver and can take all but the largest sidewalk bumps without lifting. I did find it possible to push one handed, but it is a little heavy and got tiring after a while. - The canopy has two sections – one which locks in place and then an extension. I found the locking in place extremely nice to keep my toddler from playing with it. - The parent cup holder is large enough to hold a re-usable water bottle, or a phone in a case. - My child loved the adjustable footrest. He prefers it up so that there is plenty of room for him to sit cross legged. Cons: - There is no parent or child tray. I did not find this much of an issue as I would not expect one in an umbrella stroller, and the parent cup holder did provide a little space - I am 5'2” and found the handles to be a little high for use for an extended period of time. - The under the stroller storage basket is very small, but again any under the stroller storage is an upgrade over a normal umbrella stroller. Overall, I would recommend the stroller to anyone who is looking for something a little more robust than a cheap umbrella stroller, but something that is still easy to fold, transport and carry. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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