Barbie Rainbow Cove Princess Castle Playset

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  • At the top, sparkly clouds can hold a fairy doll as she spins and overlooks the entire cove (dolls sold separately)
  • Barbie rainbow castle features spinning clouds and comes with a mermaid pool, a dining table, a tea table, 2 chairs, a canopied bed, pillow, tea cups, cupcakes on plates, perfume bottle and brush
  • Colors and decorations may vary
  • Double doors are decorated with rainbow hues and cutout butterflies
  • A gorgeous canopied bed has a purple pillow perfect for sweet dreams and vanity accessories like a brush and perfume bottle to add to the fun
  • 3 colorful floors highlight the rainbow theme with brightly colored backdrops, details and accessories
  • Rainbow-colored stairs lead to the second floor with a vanity, closet and bedroom
  • Enter a kingdom of rainbows and storytelling fun with the Barbie rainbow castle
  • Doll not included
  • Tell all kinds of fairytales with this brightly colored rainbow castle, the possibilities for happily ever afters are endless
  • A dining room on the first floor has room for a table you can set for 2 with cupcakes, tea and themed chairs for princesses, mermaids and fairies from the kingdom
  • A shell-shaped mermaid pool creates outdoor space below, while a rooftop deck is a fabulous spot for tea
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About Barbie

For more than 50 years, Barbie has been part of most childhood memories and that tradition continues today. She has come a long way but remains as popular as ever. There is a wide variety of dolls compatible with a child’s fantasy such as eye and hair color, skin tone and different attire that reflect the ever-changing roles of women today. Wardrobe includes gowns, sporting outfits, as well as attire for a number of professions. We also carry a huge assortment of Barbie accessories and playsets where children can create their Barbie experience!

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