Barbie Rainbow Cove Dolls Gift Set

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  • Build out an entire rainbow kingdom and tell all sorts of colorful tales with these seven Chelsea dolls in all the colors of the rainbow!
  • Cute shoes and a fun hair accessory complete the looks
  • The brilliantly colored dolls represent red, orange, yellow, teal, blue, pink and violet
  • Each doll wears an adorable, brightly colored outfit and has vibrant matching hair in a unique hairstyle
  • This colorful pack of Chelsea dolls is a band of color with the entire rainbow represented!
4-Piece Doll Set Interactive Doll Three Level Play Set Brushable Hair Lights-Up Plays Songs And Sounds Talks Moves With Crown Loaded With Games Battery Operated For 3 Years Old And Up For 5 Years Old And Up Accessories Included With Transforming Features Compatible With Barbie Accessories

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