Mousetrap Game

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  • Mouse Trap board game includes:
  • 3 mouse figures
  • Cardboard spinner
  • Reset the trap in this kids' board game when it misses a mouse
  • Hungry Hippo, Elefun, Jock Croc, Chasin' Cheeky and Giraffalaff figures
  • 2 marbles
  • Trap
  • Cheese wedge spinner and base
  • Designed for 2 to 3 players
  • Trap includes character figures like Chasin' Cheeky, Hungry Hippo and Giraffalaff
  • Contraptions connect together to make a trap for any mouse in the cheesy trap space
  • Boot
  • Tub
  • Branch
  • Ladder
  • Tree trunk
  • Seesaw log
  • Cheese wedge slide
  • Tree leaves
  • Instructions
  • Try to trap opponents' mice in the wacky trap in the Mouse Trap board game
  • Banana branch
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