18" Dynacraft Girl's Outburst Bike

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  • Removable handlebar messenger bag, sparkling streamers and a coordinating 2-piece pad set
  • Training wheels? yes
  • Tires: knobby
  • Seat: padded saddle
  • Weight limit: 89 lbs
  • Wheel type: 18"
  • Cushion grips, padded seat and pneumatic tires
  • Pedals: resin
  • Frame: steel
  • Age Range: 6 to 9 years
  • Beautifully decorated with soft swirls and accents
  • Brakes: front caliper and rear coaster
  • Sturdy steel frame and rims
Bicycle Tricycle For Kids Rides 2 Persons Aluminum Frame Steel Frame Basket Linear Pull Brakes Power Brakes Coaster Brakes Hand Brakes Pedal Brake Caliper Brakes V-Brakes Disc Brake Cruiser Saddle Padded Saddle Adjustable Seat Adjustable Handlebars Single Speed Gear 3 Speeds 7 Speeds 18 Speeds 21 Speeds Fenders Water Bottle Mount Kickstand Push And Steer Handle Suspension Training Wheels Needs Assembly Foldable Speed Gear
About Dynacraft

Dynacraft is a market leader in producing quality bicycles for children and adults. The brand has more than 30 years of experience in wheeled-goods manufacturing. The goal of the company is to give consumers with better choices in the market. In their range are quality bicycles and even innovative battery operated vehicles. In order to meet your expectations, the brand takes pride in their design development and creative process. Dynacraft’s bicycle collection includes different options that meet the needs of all bikers. There are also a wide array of colors and styles to choose from. You can also find a variety of features and bikes for children. All of Dynacraft made products are guaranteed durable and high quality.

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