Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown Play Set

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  • The Hot Wheels Toy set comes with a Color Shifters car
  • Shark is ready to trap your vehicle in his chomping jaws
  • Launch the captured car into safety
  • Race from the top of the tower down the ramp
  • 2 color-change zones: dunk tank and splash pool
  • If trapped, send another vehicle down the ramp to hit the release lever
  • The Hot Wheels Play Set offers an exciting, action-packed, color-changing thrill ride
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About Hot Wheels

For car replica models and exciting racing games, Hot Wheels is one of the most popular choices of parents. The brand is under the large American toy manufacturer Matel. It was initially a competitor of Matchbox but in 1997, Matel bought Tyco Toys, the owner of Matchbox. With license from car manufacturers, Hot Wheels is able to produce small-scale diecast versions of the car brands’ existing and previous models. Today, Hot Wheels offers adults and kids alike with lifelike and collectible diecast models of their favorite vehicles. Whether it be a Lamborghini or a Porsche, Hot Wheels made sure that every model lives up to their standards and most importantly the strict requirements of parents and car enthusiasts. In addition to their wide collection car diecast models, they also offer the most exciting race tracks.

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